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Can Rabbits Eat Pears? Is This Fruit Good For Your Bunny’s Tummy?

cute tiny rabbits by a pear

Rabbits are not very picky when it comes to their food. Although it is not actually good for them, many of these cute and cuddly little animals will relentlessly eat sweet treats. Fortunately, you can actually make sure that the treats that they eat are healthy even though they are quite sugary or sweet.

When it comes to giving treats to rabbits, most owners will want to surprise their pets with a few pieces of fruit. This is mainly because fruits can help provide a sudden burst of sweetness to the rabbit’s meal. Although they do contain sugars, most fruits do not contain as much sugar as commercial treats.

But not all fruits are good for the rabbit. In order for a fruit to be considered a good treat for the bunny, they have to contain nutrients. Of course, they also have to be good for the bunny’s tummy. This is why there are rabbit owners who want to know if they can give their pets some pears as a healthy treat.

Can Rabbits Eat Pears? Is This Fruit Good For Your Bunny’s Tummy?

What Is In A Pear?

rabbit and a pear

Pears are actually known to be good for our tummies. This is because it contains soluble fiber that can help cleanse our digestive system. It also contains fermentable fiber that supports the growth of good bacteria in our intestine. This makes it a great fruit for rabbits since rabbits do have sensitive tummies.

Their tummies work by fermenting the food that they eat with the help of good bacteria. This allows them to extract as much nutrients as they can from their food. Pears are also known to contain a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help improve the rabbit’s immune system.

Pears contain polyphenols and flavonoids that can help fight aging, inflammation and cancer. It also has high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K as well as copper and potassium. This makes pears great not just when it comes to your rabbit’s tummy, but also for the rabbit’s muscles, organs and overall condition.

Things To Consider When Giving Pears To Bunnies

a rabbit eating a pear on grass

Although your rabbit can enjoy all these goodness and health benefits from eating pears, you should also know that pears do contain a lot of sugar. This is why you should use it as a treat in moderation. Pears are known to cause bloating or gas buildup and it might give your rabbit a bad case of diarrhea.

This is why whenever you plan on giving your rabbit a few slices of pear, make sure that you introduce this fruit into your pet’s diet first. This will let you see how your bunny’s tummy reacts to it. If your bunny develops stomach problems, you will have to stop giving your pet pears from now on.

As a rule, treats should only make up 5% of the rabbit’s regular diet. This will ensure that your rabbit can focus on eating grasses or hay and still be able to enjoy small treats safely at the same time. You should keep in mind that even if they are indeed healthy, pears should not make up the bulk of your pet’s diet.


rabbit smelling pear salad

Pears are amazing fruits that can provide you and your bunny with nutrients and antioxidants. You can use this fruit as a treat so that your rabbit can have some protection against health problems and common illnesses. Pears are also great for your bunny because it can be used to aid in digestion.

However, because pears also contain a lot of sugar, it can cause bloating or gas buildup in rabbits. You will have to introduce this fruit slowly to your rabbit’s diet so you can make sure that your rabbit will not get diarrhea. Always use fresh pears as a treat in moderation so your rabbit will stay healthy and happy.

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