Can Rabbits Eat Potatoes? A Dose Of Carbohydrates

cute rabbit eating sweet potato

Rabbits tend to be quite voracious when it comes to eating food items that are sweet or ones that have a very nice odor and texture. Although they are meant to eat grass or hay, rabbits can actually consume fruits, vegetables and other food items. However, they will have to do so in moderation.

This is because most food items that do not contain a lot of cellulose can be very bad for the rabbit’s stomach. Food items that also contain a lot of sugars, even natural sugars, can also cause diarrhea in these tiny animals. This is why it is very important for rabbit owners to choose their treats carefully.

Some owners will prefer to use common vegetables as treats simply because they are cheap and readily available. One of the vegetables that they might want to use are potatoes since most homes will purchase a couple of them almost every week. But can rabbits eat potatoes?

What Is In A Potato?

potato harvest

Potatoes are known to be quite abundant all over the country and they are fairly cheap and affordable the whole year round. These vegetables are also known to be quite healthy simply because they contain vitamins and minerals. This makes it a practical and ideal treat that you can give to your rabbits.

Unfortunately, most experts say that you should never give your rabbit raw potatoes. Simply because it might be too hard for them to eat properly and it might give them hard pellets as well. You can opt to give your rabbit chopped ones but experts recommend that you try to give them boiled ones instead.

However, most rabbits will no longer like its texture when it is boiled. It is also safe for rabbits to be given potato peels for as long as they are not given too much of it. When giving potatoes, you need to keep in mind that as a root crop, it contains a lot of starch which will then be turned into sugar.

Things To Remember When Giving Potatoes To Your Rabbit

Since rabbits can easily get diarrhea whenever they consume too much sugar, you need to be very careful whenever you plan on giving your pet some potatoes. I highly recommend that you try to give your pet a few slices of boiled potatoes and then put the rabbit under observation for the next few days.

If the rabbit gets an upset stomach or if the rabbit have lethargy or diarrhea, you will need to take the rabbit to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Although potatoes are nutritious, you should never try to use it as a part of the rabbit’s regular diet since it does not have all the nutrients that the rabbit needs.

Although potatoes are generally safe for rabbits for as long as it is given in moderation, many experts recommend that you try to look for other treats if possible simply because the potato does not really have that much to offer to your rabbit and its high starch content can easily give them health problems.


cute rabbit by the sweet potato

Rabbits can safely eat potatoes for as long as it is in moderation. While they can enjoy it raw, the potatoes have to be sliced into small chunks so that your rabbit can easily eat it. You can also try to boil the potatoes if you do not want your rabbit to get stomach problems or constipation from eating this vegetable.

If your rabbit suffers from diarrhea or lethargy as a result of potato consumption, you will have to take your rabbit to the veterinarian as soon as possible. While potatoes are safe for the rabbit’s tummy, experts think that you should opt for other treats that do not contain as much starch and sugar.

Have you tried giving pieces of potato to your rabbit? Share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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