Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon? A Summer Treat For Rabbits


Rabbits are herbivores, but before thinking that they can easily consume all kinds of fruits and vegetables, you should understand that they are not actually frugivores. This means that although they can consume fresh hay or grass, they are not supposed to consume fruits as a main source of nutrition.

You see, the rabbit’s stomach are specifically made to ferment and process the cellulose found in fresh hay or grasses with the help of good bacteria. Although they can eat fruits when used as small treats, you should know that if you give them too much, their tummies can easily get upset.

What’s more, if you are not careful, your rabbit can get bloated or develop diarrhea. This can actually be fatal to these small animals. As a treat, one of the fruits that you can give to your rabbit is a watermelon. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you feed it to your pet.

What Are The Benefits Of Giving Watermelon?

rabbit eats watermelon

Watermelon contains small amounts of vitamins and minerals. Although it is mostly made up of water, it also contain some amounts of fiber and sugar. The nutrient that it contains is what makes it a beneficial fruit that you can use to help your rabbit stay healthy and happy especially if used in the right amounts.

But what makes the watermelon very useful is its water content. With the help of all the fluids in the fruit, your rabbit can stay hydrated especially during summer where the heat can be fatal to these small and fragile creatures. You can even cool watermelon slices in the fridge before serving it to them.

It can be very easy to introduce watermelon to your rabbits. This is because watermelons are typically sweet and they can be quite refreshing especially if your rabbits are a bit thirsty. In some cases, you can also allow your rabbits to eat the rind since it contains less sugar and it also has some nutrients.

Things You Need To Consider When Giving Watermelons To Your Rabbits

a rabbit eating watermelon

Rabbits love eating watermelon a lot. This is why you should try to make sure that they will only be able to eat small portions of it per day. Keep in mind that too much watermelon can cause gas buildup and bloating. The sugar in the fruit can also cause diarrhea in rabbits if you are not careful.

As for the seeds, you might want to remove them first since they might choke your rabbits. If you want to give your rabbits the rind, you should only buy organic watermelons so your rabbits will not suffer from any unexpected illness. Aside from cutting the fruit into bite-sizes, you should also cut it thinly.

This will allow the rabbit to eat the rind properly. You should also make sure that the watermelon is still fresh and that it is not rotten since molds can easily give your rabbit an upset stomach. Since watermelons can be used to help increase their weight, you should never give one to overweight rabbits.


rabbit eating watermelon

When it comes to watermelons, you should know that they are highly recommended treats during summer when the environment is too hot for the rabbits. They can contain some vitamins and minerals but since they contain a lot of sugar, you need to be very careful not to give too much of it to your pets.

This is because watermelons might cause diarrhea in rabbits and because the rabbits might no longer have the appetite to eat their regular diet if you give them watermelons too frequently. Although they can eat the rind, rabbits can choke on the seeds. Slice the fruit thinly so the pets can eat it properly.

Have you tried giving watermelon slices to your pet rabbits? Tell us more about it in the comment section.

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