Can You Cut Wet Grass? Trimming Your Lawn During A Rainy Spell

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Mowing the lawn is best done during sunny days when the grass is dry. But during a rainy spell, you might not have a choice but to mow the lawn. Otherwise, you will end up having to wait until the rain stops and the grass gets too tall. People in areas with high rainfall have no choice but cut wet grass.

Wet grass is difficult to cut simply because it can easily clump together, making it very hard for the lawnmower blades to cut it. Water can also press the grass together especially if they are already very long. This can make it difficult for the blade to cut the grass properly and evenly.

Nevertheless, cutting wet grass is not impossible to do but it can be very difficult. So to do it successfully, you will have to follow the guidelines carefully. Hopefully, the information below can help make mowing the grass in your lawn much easier even if it is all wet.

Can You Cut Wet Grass? Trimming Your Lawn During A Rainy SpellIs Cutting Wet Grass A Bad Idea?How Can You Cut Wet Grass?Conclusion

Is Cutting Wet Grass A Bad Idea?

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You’ve probably heard a lot of people telling you that cutting wet grass is a bad idea, and you need to know that there are practical reasons why you should not do it. Aside from being very difficult to cut, the wet grass is also very dangerous as you might accidentally slip and injure yourself outside.

Forcing to mow the grass while it is wet can also damage your lawn especially if you try to let the blades dig into the ground. While there are valid reasons why you might want to mow your lawn even when the grass are still wet, you need to know that you might not like the results since it will surely be patchy.

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This is why you might as well avoid mowing the wet lawn if you are just trying to impress people who will be coming over. The presence of water can also make the chlorophyll stain your clothes, and the cuttings can clump and clog the motor of your mower. Cutting wet grass truly involves a lot of risk.

With all that said, people will definitely think that it is just not worth it. I also highly recommend that you try to weigh the pros and cons properly before deciding. Frankly speaking, cutting wet grass can be a very bad idea especially if you can always opt to do it at another time.

How Can You Cut Wet Grass?


First of all, avoid using an electric mower on wet grass especially if you need to use an extension cord so you can avoid hurting yourself. Secondly, you should raise the mower deck so you will be able to avoid damaging the blades and the motor. This will mean that you won’t be able to cut it as short as before.

For those who need to use gasoline-powered mowers, you need to know that ethanol will absorb moisture from the air. If the moisture finds its way into the combustion chamber or the carburetor, you will have diminished performance. Moisture can also cause parts of the mower to rust over time.

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You should also consider spraying the underside of the deck with silicone. This will allow you to easily remove the wet grass clippings later on. You can also use a stabilizer to the fuel before using it in wet conditions. This will help you avoid fouling the engine by not allowing moisture to settle down the tank.

It is very important that you use sharp blades before trying to cut wet grass. After mowing the lawn, disconnect the cord and remove the spark plug wire. Clean all the important parts of the mower and make sure that they are dried properly after. You should also consider re-sharpening the blades.


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Can you cut wet grass? The simple answer is yes. You can definitely cut wet grass. Unfortunately, doing so might actually put you in a lot of danger. You can electrocute yourself or you can end up slipping on the wet grass. You can also put your expensive mower at risk for rust and damage.

Since wet grass does not cooperate very well, it will be very hard for you to cut them evenly. This means that you will probably end up having ugly patches of grass in your lawn even with all the effort you put into cutting it. Gasoline-powered mowers are also known to not work well when used on wet grass.

What you should consider knowing therefore is whether cutting grass wet is worth all the hassle. With all the dangers and risk involved, I highly recommend that you wait for sunshine to arrive. If you do not have a choice, please take all the necessary precautions and try to clean the mower properly after.

You should also be prepared to settle for not-so-spectacular results. Considering the fact that the conditions are not ideal for cutting grass, that the grass are all limp, that you need to cut high and will have to spend a lot of energy trying to cut even a small portion of your property.

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