Finding Yourself The Best Carbon Filter For Grow Room

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As someone who owns a hydroponic system, one of my common problems is having the smell of plants all over the room. Although the smell of crops, plants and flowers provide enjoyment for some, others may find it a bit distracting and often times causes allergic reactions.

One effective solution that I’ve found is using carbon filters within the air system of my hydroponics. While it is essential to find the best carbon filter for grow room environments, one should be careful about buying the ideal one that suits specific needs.

In this article, we’ll share with you the top 5 carbon filters used in grow rooms. We’ll also provide you with hints on how to find the ideal choice using some considerations.

Rank Product Name Image Score


Phresh Filter 6 In x 16 In 400

97/100 Review


iPower GLFILT4M Carbon Filter

92/100 Review


Phresh 4 In x 12 In Carbon Filter

87/100 Review


TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter

82/100 Review


Phresh 701200 Duct Silencer

80/100 Review

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Finding Yourself The Best Carbon Filter For Grow RoomImportance Of Using Carbon Filters For Grow RoomsChoosing The Ideal Carbon Filter For Your Hydroponic System1. Size2. Thickness3. Compact4. DurabilityTop 5 Grow Room Carbon Filters1. Phresh Filter 6 In x 16 In 4002. iPower GLFILT4M Carbon Filter3. Phresh 4 In x 12 In Carbon Filter4. TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter5. Phresh 701200 Duct SilencerConclusion

Importance Of Using Carbon Filters For Grow Rooms

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Prior to making a purchase for a carbon filter, it would be best to understand its benefits and importance.

One important point of using a carbon filter for your grow room or hydroponic system is that it makes use of carbon which is a highly reliable absorbing agent with regard to odor and smells. It can effectively filter and absorb the most pungent of odors as well as the unnoticeable scents.

In addition to eliminating smells, it also disintegrates pathogens found in the air which can cause damage to plants and harm to humans – especially those whom are sensitive to allergens.

In addition to eliminating smell, it also decontaminates the air from toxic odors coming from used fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals and soil contaminants. While it provides comfort by making strong smell emitted by plants go away, it also provides safety from being exposed to chemicals and pathogens.

Choosing The Ideal Carbon Filter For Your Hydroponic System

With the wide array of carbon filter choices available in the market, it’s not easy to find the perfect option for your needs. To relieve you of the daunting task of going through each product, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to find your ideal carbon filter.

Follow these few considerations and you’ll be sure to have the best hydroponic carbon filter suited for your needs.

1. Size

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One thing you need to consider when buying a carbon filter for your grow tent or grow room is the size of the filter. Air conditioning system, exhaust system as well as lighting system requires a specific size of carbon filter prior to installation or set up.

It is important that you consider the size of the carbon filter and make sure it matches all your other components. While the size is prerequisite to the compatibility of the components, it is also an important consideration seeing that some spaces may be compact or tight which larger sizes of carbon filters may not fit.

2. Thickness

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When it comes to thickness for your carbon filter, there is only one thing to bear in mind – the thicker filter means more carbon. This means that if you have a thick layer of carbon, you will have a more efficient air filtration out of your carbon filter. However, there’s one thing to note when the thickness increases is that its price can also go up.

3. Compact

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As much as possible, go for a carbon filter that is compact and doesn’t have air pockets in between. Having a compact carbon filter means odor and smell are deeply filtered through the very small spaces around the carbon granules.

Also, having a compact carbon filter provides reduced noise as well as vibrations.

4. Durability

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Just like when buying any other machine component, you would want to make sure that it is made from durable materials to ensure long life of use. With regards to carbon filters, you may want to make sure that its top, base and flange is made from durable materials.

One common preference of material for these parts is aluminum. This is for the reason that while it is much lighter than other metals, it is durable and is resistant to rusting and corrosion.

Top 5 Grow Room Carbon Filters

Among those carbon filters for grow rooms available in the market, only a chosen few are proven to be reliable and efficient without putting too much increase on its price. Here are 5 reputable carbon filters that you can consider for various grow room air filtering requirements.

1. Phresh Filter 6 In x 16 In 400

If you want a much bigger version of the Phresh 4 in x 12 in Carbon Filter, you can upgrade to the Phresh Filter 6 in x 16 in 400.

This product comes with much bigger length and diameter for heavy-duty types of filtration on grow rooms and tents. It comes with a virgin carbon bed certification and is designed with light and durable top and base.

Although it has a substantial increase in size, it is still much lighter than other brands seeing that it is manufactured from aluminum material which is not only known to be a light metal but also a rust and corrosion-resistant one.

It is also compressed with carbon to provide lesser movement and to reduce noise as well as vibrations. In addition, it is also designed with a cone-shaped base to provide better air movement in the system.

Just like any other product from Phresh, this product is also designed with an ‘anti-air bypass’ system which provides clean and odorless air. Also, its package comes with a pre-filter along with a flange to fit any installation and setup requirements.


  • Long lasting
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Lightweight and durable
  • User friendly


  • Too large for light range of air filtration needs and components
  • Doesn’t filter all plant smell

2. iPower GLFILT4M Carbon Filter

One popular Carbon filter for grow rooms that I’ve personally tried is the iPower GLFILT4M Carbon Filter with its Australia virgin charcoal component which is known to eliminate even the smallest of scents and odors that are unnoticeable to the human nose.

Knowing that pathogens and chemical odors may not be noticeable by the human nose, it can cause harmful effects when ingested directly especially by people with allergies. This product is designed especially to fix all that. It comes with a high grade filter that eliminates the nastiest of odors to those that are unnoticeable.

This choice of carbon filter for grow rooms is also a common preference by beginners because it is much easier to use compared to others. It can also be reused for another year by simply interchanging the positions of the top mount and flange to the bottom mount and flange. While it delivers a long time of use, it is also an inexpensive choice of carbon filter.

It also features an odor control in its pre-filter and cleans air in addition to filtering it for odors and smells.


  • With Australia virgin charcoal
  • Reversible flange for reusable option
  • Comes with pre-filter
  • Promotes better health through cleaner air
  • With odor control


  • Cannot filter all smell
  • Doesn’t last very long

3. Phresh 4 In x 12 In Carbon Filter

The Phresh 4 in x 12 in Carbon Filter is likewise an excellent choice to consider when looking for a grow room carbon filter that is much lesser and is made from durable material.

One thing that I personally like about this product is that its top and base are made from aluminum material which ensures that the product is resistant to rusting as well as corrosion.

With aluminum construction, this carbon filter is also much lighter compared to other options and can be installed or joined with connectors and other accessories in the grow tent without worrying about added weight.

It also comes with a certified virgin carbon bed that is compacted thoroughly for less movement. Its base is designed to be cone shaped to provide better and more convenient air flow.

Also, this carbon filter is sealed to maximize lifespan as well as performance. it also features a unique anti-air bypass system which delivers odorless and clean air and is manufactured in many different sizes to fit any size requirements of grow tents.

Despite the heftier price compared to other conventional carbon filters, it provides optimum performances that definitely tops cheaper alternatives.


  • Very light
  • With pre-filter and flange included in package
  • Sealed
  • Comes in many sizes
  • With compact carbon bed for less movements


  • Expensive
  • Requires frequent maintenance and cleaning

4. TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter

Lastly, if you want a carbon filter that is thick and large for heavy-duty air filtration requirements in your grow tent or grow room, the TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter could be your best option.

This product is a common preference by experts and professionals because it makes of of RC-48 grade of Australian virgin carbon which is highly effective in totally eliminating smell and harmful pathogens in grow tents. It makes use of granulated high-quality carbon which makes the compact and devoid of spaces where air can easily pass through.

With the much smaller granules of carbon, air is deeply filtered and ensures clean air as a result. Compared to other carbon filters that have carbon beds that are 38 mm thick, this TerraBloom carbon filter is much thicker with 46 mm thickness for longer life span and better performance in eliminating odor.

Along with the carbon filter, its package also includes a pair of machine washable pre-filters. Also, this base as well as its flange is made from aluminum for lighter set up and for resistance against rusting and corrosion.


  • Thicker than other filters
  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • Deeply filters odor and smell


  • Expensive
  • Needs frequent maintenance

5. Phresh 701200 Duct Silencer

This specific carbon filter is also a personal favorite of mine because it comes with a unique design that reduces any noise by 50% during operation. Furthermore, the Phresh 701200 Duct Silencer makes use of light systems and fans that are made from high quality materials that ensures long life for the product.

The same with the previous option mentioned in this list, this product is also designed with a lightweight aluminum body for better portability and for better resistance against rusting and corrosion.

Compared to other carbon filters, this product is designed to be more compact for better flexibility and versatility for any kind of connectors, exhaust system and air conditioning system for grow rooms and tents. It also comes with a silencer which totally reduces sound on both ends of the carbon filer.

Also, this is a favorite choice by beginners because it is easy to install and use and can be purchased at a much lower price compared to others.


  • Silencer reduces produced sound to at least 50%
  • Compatible with exhaust systems, fans and lighting systems from other brands
  • Compact and flexible
  • Durable and light
  • Aluminum body which is resistant to rusting and corrosion


  • May not be long lasting
  • Doesn’t totally eliminate plant smell and odor


So which carbon filter do you think can work for your grow tent or grow room? As a personal choice, I would recommend the Phresh Filter 6 in x 16 in 400 for the simple reason that while it is much bigger compared to other filters, it is still lighter and also durable.

Also, when it comes to Phresh carbon filters, you can choose between a wide range of sizes to fit specific dimension requirements out of your exhaust or air flow system in your grow tent.

So how did you find the options mentioned in this list? Do you think there are better alternatives of carbon filters that need to be mentioned in this list or do you have reviews to share with us on a specific product in this article? If you do, reach out to us through the comment box just below this article.

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