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When Are Moles Most Active? Understanding Their Behavior

Are moles infesting your home? Moles are considered pests especially in agricultural properties. Although they rarely bite, or expose themselves on the surface, they can actually carry rabies. In terms

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do mosquitoes sleep

Do Mosquitoes Sleep? Shedding Light On The Mystery

Do mosquitoes sleep? Many of us have wondered about it but only a few of us have actually dared to ask this question. While a lot of us know where they lay eggs, or why they need to have a blood meal,

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When Do Mosquitoes Go Away

When Do Mosquitoes Go Away? Knowing How You Can Keep Them Out

When do mosquitoes go away? A lot of people end up asking this question if they get too tired of having to deal with mosquitoes night after night. Well, if you are currently staying in a warm, tropical

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How To Keep Rats Away

How To Keep Rats Away: Getting Rid Of These Pests In 5 Steps

If you want to know how to keep rats away, then you should know what rats like, and do not like. Rats are very cunning creatures, and aside from the fact that they bite, these rats can also carry deadly

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what smell do rats hate

What Smell Do Rats Hate? Using Their Keen Senses Against Them

A lot of homeowners who have had the displeasure of having rats in their homes ask me, what smell do rats hate? We all know that rats have a keen sense of smell and they are also very cunning when

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what to put on a mousetrap

What To Put On A Mousetrap? Making A Simple Tool More Effective

Have you ever used a mousetrap to catch vermin? Mousetraps are designed to catch rodents. Aside from invading your pantry and your kitchen, mice can also destroy different parts of your home, and they

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