Champion 7000 Watt Generator Review: One Of The Most Unique

Having a generator around your property can really do wonders especially during sudden power outages or emergencies. You need to know that having a reliable unit at home will make you feel more confident that you can easily keep your family safe and comfortable.

This is why I always recommend homeowners to buy one before they actually need it. However, with all the brands and models available in the market, doing so can be a bit complicated. To help you choose a suitable generator, here is my Champion 7000 watt generator review.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Champion 7000 Watt Generator Review

Buyers need to know that this generator is ideally for heavy duty use. This is a very large, bulky and heavy model and it might not be ideal for those who are trying to look for small and very portable ones that they can easily use for small and basic appliances. This unit is quite big because of its power output.

I do recommend that you take a look at what this generator can offer if you are in the market for one that can easily power up most, if not all of your appliances at home. With its wattage rating, you need to know that this generator can easily give you a lot of allowance to run large refs, heaters and even ACs.

In some cases, it might even be able to help you run all the appliances in a small cabin or a medium-sized home. With that said, it is not ideal for those that are travelling outdoors by foot and its lack of inverter technology makes it not suitable for sensitive devices.

The other things you need to consider before buying this model include:

  • Your budget
  • The sensitive appliances that you might want to use during an emergency
  • Champion’s reputation as a generator manufacturer
  • The fact that their products are made in China

The Champion 7000 Watt Generator

This generator offers as much as 7000 running watts and 9000 surge watts. It is quite large and heavy, but it does offer a wheel base so you can easily transport it. This generator model is actually quite unique simply because it can run on 2 fuel types, gasoline as well as LPG gas or propane.

This allows you to easily run the generator depending on what fuel type is most available in your area. With its power output, you can easily attach this product to your home through a transfer switch. You can also take this product along with you for your outdoor adventures with the help of an RV or a truck.

You can also take this model with you on the jobsite. Its power output is high enough to easily help you run large power tools and other heavy duty electronic devices. This product can also be used inside commercial establishments since it can power up lights, freezers and centralized AC systems.


  • It is powerful enough to run large home appliances, numerous outdoor electronics and heavy duty power tools
  • It can run on two types of fuel
  • It can easily be attached to power up an entire house
  • It is one of the most unique because of its dual fuel capability


  • This generator does not use inverter technology and it is not ideal for sensitive electronic devices
  • It is not suitable for those that are going outdoors without a truck or RV
  • It might be too loud for the camping grounds or for use in crowded neighborhood

What Can The Champion 7000 Watt Generator Offer?

The Power Output

Power Generation Features

The Fuel Tank And The Dual Fuel Feature

The Safety Features

Features For Portability

The Alternatives

The Sportsman GEN7000

This is a good alternative to the Champion generator simply because it can provide almost the same specifications. The main differences between it and the Champion model include the following:

  • It only produces 6000 running watts and 7000 surge watts
  • It is much cheaper
  • It has a larger fuel tank and a longer run time
  • It can only run on gas

The PowerSmart PS48

This generator is also another alternative that you can buy in case the Champion generator is not available. This generator can provide you with 7000 running watts. The different features between two models include:

  • It only has 7500 surge watts
  • It has a 7.4 fuel capacity and a 9.5 hour run time at 50% load
  • It is much more affordable
  • It only runs on gas

The Briggs & Stratton 30663

This generator can also provide you with 7000 running watts, making it a good alternative that you can buy in lieu of the Champion generator. The main differences include:

  • It is not a dual fuel generator
  • It is more expensive
  • It is not CARB compliant


The Champion 7000 watt generator is a very powerful portable generator that you can purchase for power backup at home during an emergency or a power outage. With its high power output, it can also be used for outdoor activities as well as for the jobsite or commercial establishments.

While I do recommend this product to those that are looking for a lot of power without the cost, you need to consider the fact that this unit is quite loud and bulky. You should also consider the fact that it is made in China and you might not want to expect it to have superior quality and durability.

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