Cub Cadet VS John Deere: Which One Performs Better?

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A riding mower is a huge step-up especially if you are used to cutting grass using a grass cutter or if you have only tried using a walk-behind lawn mower. Aside from being a huge investment, they are also quite large in size and you will need to learn how to use them properly and safely.

A lot of people also find it very hard to use riding tractors because of its complicated controls and because it needs a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Because of all these, it is imperative that people who want to buy one should try to find a product that will best suit their needs.

The most popular riding tractor manufacturers today are the Cub Cadet and the John Deere. Both manufacturers are highly respected in the industry especially with their entry-level models. Read the rest of the article so you’ll know which one is more reliable and which one will perform better.

The John Deere D130

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This product is an entry level riding tractor that is ideal for those who are first time buyers and users. This product has a V-twin engine and its attachments are designed with simplicity for ease of use. It also offers a high back seat so you will be able to use the mower comfortably for hours.

This product has a two-year or 120-hour warranty and it is designed to have dependability and durability. With its Briggs and Stratton engine, as well as its steel frame and cast iron axle, this is ideal for tough mowing jobs. It also has quality headlights that you can use for your safety at night.

The D130 also features an ergonomic design that allows you to control the mower easily. You can select the ground speed of the motor through the operator station. This product is also designed for hassle-free maintenance. You can buy it for $1899.00, which makes it a bit pricier than most lawn tractors.

The Cub Cadet XT1 LT42

With a professional Kohler Courage engine and a single cylinder, this entry-level lawn tractor can provide you with adequate power. It also has LED headlights so you can work late or during a dark or overcast day. This product also offers high back seats which you can recline and slide for comfort.

This product is available for $1499.99 and is significantly much cheaper than other lawn tractors without sacrificing the quality of the motor. It also has a 42-inch twin blade that will allow you to do a deck cutting height of 1-4 inches. The XT1 LT42 also has a reverse mowing technology.

To protect your lawn, it is installed with turf saver tires. It can hold as much as 3 gallons in its rustproof and is easy to fill tank. It has a 3-year warranty with unlimited hours, a 5 – year warranty on its front axle and chassis as well as a lifetime warranty on its fabricated deck shell.

Which One Performs Better?

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When it comes to engine power, a head to head match between The Cub Cadet XT1 LT42 and The John Deere D130 will definitely show how significantly powerful The John Deere D130 is. When it comes to comfort both lawn tractors get equal scores. The same thing goes for their drive system.

The two products also have washout ports that will allow you to clean the deck easily through a hose. In cutting, however, the Cub Cadet is capable of turning grass clippings into very small pieces in the mulching mode. The two lawn tractors are able to cut the grass properly in the side discharge test.

For the handling and control, the John Deere can easily provide a much better performance. The D130 is able to provide a smoother ride since it can easily brake and do sharp turns. The steering capability of the John Deere is also more refined. The difference however, is only minimal at best.

Which One Is More Reliable And Cost-Effective?

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When it comes to reliability, you need to know when these lawn tractors will typically need repairs. According to a recent study, they were able to find out that most of the lawn tractors of both companies will stay in good shape for at least three years. Repairs will typically be needed after four years of use.

Only 22 percent of the John Deere lawn tractors however, will need repairs by the end of the fourth year. While as much as 37 percent of the Cub Cadet Lawn tractors will need to be fixed after four years of use. This simply means that the John Deere lawn tractors are more reliable and durable.

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However, even if the Cub Cadet’s products get easily broken, you should know that in most cases, their products will only require moderate repairs using affordable parts. The average cost for most of these repairs is only $109 and you should also keep in mind that cub cadet has warranties on many of its parts.

When it comes to the cost, I highly recommend the Cub Cadet if you have a very limited budget. Keep in mind that you do not have to be extravagant when it comes to cutting grass. You should also consider the fact that you might have to spend more money if you need to buy other accessories for the mower.


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When it comes to their entry-level lawn tractors, you need to understand that both manufacturers are able to provide reliable products that you can use for large properties and lawns. When it comes to performance, both the John Deere and the Cub Cadet has a lot to offer for first time riding tractor users.

If you are looking for efficiency when it comes to cutting and mulching grass, you will have to opt for the Cub Cadet’s entry-level lawn tractor. This is because it can effectively cut grass for side discharge and turn them into small bits when using the mulching mode with the help of its sharp 42-inch twin blades.

But if you are looking for performance in terms of power, handling and control, then you should opt for the John Deere D130 since it has a slightly better steering, braking and turning capabilities. Both manufacturers can provide you with a lot of comfort, easy access to controls and easy maintenance.

Although the two manufacturers each have slight advantages over the other when it comes to the performance of their entry-level products, they actually have a huge price difference. This is probably because of John Deere’s more powerful motor and some of its materials.

When it comes to finding out which is better between Cub Cadet VS John Deere, I highly recommend that you check what the two manufacturers can offer by analyzing the strengths of their entry-level lawn tractors. This will give you a good idea of how the two of them will stack against each other.

Do you own a John Deere or Cub Cadet lawn tractor? Tell us more about why you think the John Deere or the Cub Cadet performs better than the other in the comment section.

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