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Dewalt Chainsaw Review: Highly Rated Tools For Your Landscaping Needs

When you think of high-powered chainsaws, few people think of battery operated designs. However, if you need an affordable and reliable cordless chainsaw, consider choosing a DeWalt chainsaw. There are several styles, and plenty of factors to consider when choosing a chainsaw. This review will give you all the information you need to compare the DeWalt chainsaw series with other competition. Whether you’re trimming trees, cutting firewood or clearing downed limbs in your yard, these chainsaws have plenty to offer.

What Is a DeWalt Chainsaw?

DeWalt Chainsaws

DeWalt offers three options for battery-operated chainsaws. They are 20-volt, 40-volt and 60-volt, with different bar lengths. Many other features are the same as well. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a chainsaw for your projects.

Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are known for being more affordable and less powerful than gas-operated chainsaws. Loggers and tree service professionals use only the most premium 2-stroke engine gas-powered chainsaws, so consider one of these models if you are looking for serious power and high cutting efficiency.

However, many homeowners prefer an electric chainsaw for a few reasons. First, electric-powered chainsaws are more affordable than gas-powered options. If you are only using your chainsaw for trimming branches and small trees, you won’t need a chainsaw more powerful than an electric chainsaw. The energy cost of these chainsaws is also less than gasoline, so you’ll save money over time as well.

electric chainsaw

Some electric chainsaws also come with power cords rather than battery packs. A power cord chainsaw is the cheapest option available, so it’s a good choice if you don’t plan on using a chainsaw very often. Of course, you’ll need to do all your cutting close to a power source and may need to purchase long and bulky extension cords. Long cords can also be a tripping hazard, making the dangerous activity of running a chainsaw even more hazardous. Battery-operated models are far more portable and convenient to use.

Bar Length

Chainsaws come in a range of sizes, and most are described by their bar length. A chainsaw bar is the long piece that guides the cutting chain. A longer bar gives you a larger cutting area, while a shorter bar offers a smaller cutting area.

While it’s tempting to choose the biggest chainsaw with the longest bar, consider the typical project you want to accomplish with your chainsaw. A longer bar length may be more effective, but it’s also more unwieldy and dangerous. Choose a chainsaw with a bar just long enough to cut through your desired wood. It’s better to have more than one chainsaw than to use an overly large chainsaw for small trim work. Experienced chainsaw users can perform a variety of cuts with almost any bar length, but you’ll want to stick with an appropriately long bar for your specific project.

DeWalt chainsaws range from a 12-inch bar to a 16-inch bar. These are the most common sizes for medium and small chainsaws, but gas-powered chainsaws can offer even longer bar lengths. Gas-powered chainsaws commonly offer an 18-inch bar but can include up to a 72-inch bar. Because electric chainsaws are less powerful, you usually won’t find a battery-operated chainsaw with a bar longer than 16 inches.


DeWalt chainsaws range from a 12-inch bar to a 16-inch bar. These are the most common sizes for medium and small chainsaws, but gas-powered chainsaws can offer even longer bar lengths. Gas-powered chainsaws commonly offer an 18-inch bar but can include up to a 72-inch bar. Because electric chainsaws are less powerful, you usually won’t find a battery-operated chainsaw with a bar longer than 16 inches.


DeWalt also offers a range of outdoor equipment that uses the same 60-volt batteries. Check out the electric lawn mower, leaf blower or string trimmer for greater flexibility with your lithium-ion batteries. While the smallest DeWalt chainsaw only uses 20 volts, it isn’t compatible with DeWalt’s standard 20-volt batteries.

You’ll need to use this battery with Max voltage battery-operated tools, like drills, circular saws and more. If you already have a few DeWalt tools, a battery-operated chainsaw will be a great addition. Because you already have Flexvolt batteries, you can even save money by buying the tool only. However, DeWalt battery-operated chainsaws are usually sold with the battery and charger, so they come with everything you need even if you don’t use another DeWalt Flexvolt tool.

Chainsaw Safety

Whether you are a first-time buyer or not, there’s plenty of safety considerations to make before using a chainsaw. Battery-operated chainsaws are less noisy and easier to use, but that could increase the chance of accidental use. Always consult your owner’s manual before use, and become familiar with your particular chainsaw and all its safety features. However, here are some general safety tips for effective use of any chainsaw.

Be sure to clear the area of any debris before operating a chainsaw. You don’t want to have any tripping hazards, whether its branches, bushes or extra tools. A battery-operated chainsaw is a great electric chainsaw option, because it avoids having a long cord that could become a tripping hazard.

man with chainsaw saw dust around

Make sure you have the proper gear. Even an electric chainsaw emits plenty of noise, and it sends wood chips flying. Eye, ear and arm protection are essential to proper chainsaw use. The DeWalt chainsaw grips are extra-large and are designed to be used easily even when wearing gloves.

Choose the right bar length. Whether you are cutting small branches or entire trees, you want to use the smallest bar for the job. A smaller bar means less chance of accidental cutting, and it also can dramatically decrease the length and bulk of your chainsaw. Thankfully, electric chainsaws are typically lighter than gas-powered models, so you’ll enjoy a lighter chainsaw for longer use.

Never use a chainsaw when you are fatigued, as it greatly increases your chances of kickbacks. A kickback is when the chain catches on wood or debris. Because of the speed at which the chainsaw is operating, this can often cause the chainsaw to jerk back towards you at a fast pace. This is the greatest chance of injury and even death when using a chainsaw. DeWalt chainsaws have a chain brake designed to decrease the chance of injury during a kickback, but you should still take extreme caution.

Specifications of DeWalt Chainsaws

chainsaw specifications
  • $229.00 to $449.00
  • 20, 40, and 60-volt lithium ion models available
  • 12-inch and 16-inch bar lengths
  • Automatic oiling
  • Chain brake
  • Weight: 9, 12.2 and 13.3 lbs.
  • Three-year warranty

Dewalt Chainsaw 

No products found.

No products found.

DeWalt electric chainsaws offer some of the most flexible and powerful battery-operated chainsaws on the market. Use your Flexvolt batteries with a variety of tools in order to get the most out of these efficient and high-voltage batteries. These chainsaws are rugged, with large rubber-covered grips. They weigh similar to gas-powered chainsaws, with a full tank, a gas chainsaw will be heavier.


  • Range of voltages
  • Powerful
  • Durable


  • Short warranty
  • Inconvenient chain adjustment






No products found.

Like most battery-operated chainsaws, the DeWalt series uses a brushless motor. This allows the chainsaw to not only run more efficiently, but it also dramatically increases the lifespan of these rugged tools.

Although DeWalt chainsaws don’t require gas, you’ll still need to add bar oil to ensure smooth operation. The cap is easily opened and conveniently located. Once your chainsaw is oiled, you’ll need to tighten the chain. The adjustment lever on these chainsaws is easy to use but doesn’t offer the same torque as a traditional bar adjustment tool.

The 60-volt chainsaw has 3 amp hours and can make up to 70 cuts on a single charge. This makes it one of the more efficient electric chainsaws.

Each DeWalt chainsaw comes with a safety switch and chain brake. This not only prevents the chainsaw from turning on accidentally, it also protects you from dangerous kickbacks. All gas-powered chainsaws feature a chain brake, but it’s an important feature that is sometimes missing on electric chainsaws.

All of these chainsaw models are backed by a three-year warranty as long as you keep up with proper maintenance. Be sure the chain is always sharp, the oil tank is full and you only cut through approved materials. There are many other safety and care considerations when using a chainsaw, so be sure to read the owner’s manual before use.


DeWalt battery-operated chainsaws range from $229.00 to $449.00. The 20-volt DeWalt chainsaw is the most affordable on the list, while the 40-volt chainsaw is the most expensive. Consider choosing the most appropriately sized chainsaw for your project. Don’t be tempted to purchase a small chainsaw if you are cutting larger trees and limbs. If the bar is too small for the project, there’s a greater chance of the chainsaw becoming stuck, which is dangerous for both you and the chainsaw.

You can purchase DeWalt chainsaws at a variety of home improvement and outdoor equipment stores. Whether you choose a local hardware store or a large department store, such as Home Depot, DeWalt is a popular brand that is easy to find. You can also purchase any of these chainsaws online from a variety of third-party sites, like Amazon.

Comparing Chainsaw Brands

Ego 16-inch Cordless Chainsaw

No products found.

The innovative Ego chainsaw series uses an impressive 5 amp hour battery for an excellent run time. Ego chainsaws come in several different bar lengths, so choose the chainsaw that best matches your needs.

The 16-inch Ego chainsaw offers some of the best value for its size. At only $299.00, it’s the least expensive chainsaw on the list. While it’s designed for use in all weather conditions, it’s not as durable as other chainsaws, such as the DeWalt series.

An Ego 56-volt battery powers not only cordless chainsaws but also other affordable Ego products, including leaf blowers and lawn mowers. Ego products are supported by a five-year warranty, which is the longest warranty on the list.

Choose this option if you need a large chainsaw at a great price. It may not have the same power or battery compatibility as a DeWalt chainsaw, but it’s reliably effective for most projects around your home.

Ease of Use

Build Quality

Build Quality

Makita Cordless Chainsaw

The most compatible of all the cordless chainsaws, the Makita 14-inch chainsaw uses two 18-volt batteries at once. While the combined voltage is still lower than most DeWalt and Ego chainsaws, it allows you to use these batteries with the entire range of Makita battery-operated tools.

Makita cordless chainsaws have some of the most comprehensive safety features. You’ll be protected by a chain brake, safety lever and on/off switch that turns the chainsaw off when it isn’t in use. It’s not only a great safety feature, but it saves on battery life.

In order to tighten the chain, Makita chainsaws feature a flip-out lever that is more convenient than the DeWalt option. In terms of power, however, this chainsaw is only comparable with the smallest DeWalt model. Makita tools are backed by a three-year warranty, but the batteries are only covered by a one-year warranty. Choose this chainsaw if you want an affordable, versatile chainsaw and don’t need the long-lasting power of a higher voltage option. For more power, Makita also offers a line of gas-powered chainsaws at a variety of bar lengths.

Ease of Use

Build Quality

Build Quality


Choosing a DeWalt chainsaw means choosing a trusted brand of battery-operated tools. While it may not have the same cutting power as a gas-powered chainsaw, the DeWalt series has plenty of size and voltage options for any small or mid-sized project. DeWalt chainsaws are more versatile than Ego battery-operated chainsaws and offer a higher voltage than Makita chainsaws.

Whether you are a landscaping professional or homeowner, there’s plenty of projects that need a good quality chainsaw. Consider choosing a battery-operated chainsaw in order to avoid the noise and emissions of a gas-powered chainsaw and to ditch the cord of a power-cord electric chainsaw. Determine the size of your project, and see if there’s a DeWalt chainsaw that fits your needs.

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