Do Mosquitoes Sleep? Shedding Light On The Mystery


Do mosquitoes sleep? Many of us have wondered about it but only a few of us have actually dared to ask this question. While a lot of us know where they lay eggs, or why they need to have a blood meal, not many of us actually know where the mosquitoes are while they are not biting you.

Discovering how mosquitoes behave is actually quite important especially if you are serious about getting rid of them, and about finding ways to get them out of your home or out of your property. More than just an interesting question, it can actually shed light on where mosquitoes hide during daytime.

I’ve put up this article not just to answer the question, but also to help you know more about this deadly enemy. If you truly want to get rid of mosquitoes in order to protect your family, then one of the best ways to do it is to use the right tools to kill them while they are unaware, when they least expect it.

The Simple Answer

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Yes. Mosquitoes do sleep, unfortunately, they are very active at night, which is why they are mostly asleep or hiding during the day. Resting allows the mosquito to conserve its energy, this is actually a strategic move simply because it allows them to attack while the rest of us are tired or asleep.

Mosquitoes sleep mainly away from direct sunlight and heat. There are many who suggest that direct sunlight, or being exposed to heat can kill mosquitoes because it can easily dehydrate their tiny bodies. This is the reason why a lot of mosquitoes will hide under the leaves, or use trees, or tall grass as shelter.

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If there are none around, then they will use the next best thing. They will rest inside the structures that we built. These insects will use sheds, basements, cabinets, and even gutters just so they can stay away from the sun in order to have quality rest. The will focus on resting somewhere dark, cool, and peaceful.

Scientists have also proven the fact that many mosquitoes will rest in areas that are secluded. Mosquitoes will rarely go to areas that are bright and open, but they tend to congregate in areas that are dense. They have also observed that mosquitoes like to rest in shelters facing west away.

When Do They Sleep?

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While most mosquitoes sleep during the daytime, some mosquitoes can bite all day and all night depending on the specific conditions of that particular day, or on whether the mosquito was able to feed properly or not. This is why in some cases, the mosquito will rest at different times.

The Aedes mosquito, the type of mosquito that carries deadly diseases, will typically rest during the middle of the day, this is why they tend to be very active early in the morning or late in the afternoon. These mosquitoes also tend to rest indoors, and they prefer to rest on towels, clothes, or dark rooms.

The Asian tiger mosquito however, tend to bite during the day, this is why they will most likely try to find shelter late in the afternoon so that they can rest at night. This mosquito can vectors for deadly diseases like the yellow fever, dengue fever, and chikingunya.

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During the winter, a lot of mosquitoes will hibernate. They are cold-blooded insects, this is why they will find a deeper, warmer, and more secure place for them to rest, These insects will also sleep very deeply, and will try to put their bodies as close to the warm surface as possible. They wake up during spring.

In some cases, the mosquito will wake up in winter if it is a warm winter day. It will try to look for warm blood, and they go back to hibernation for the rest of the winter afterward. Not all mosquitoes are able to hibernate, some will just die, but first lay eggs during fall so the eggs can hatch during spring.

Are They Harmless During Sleep?

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Scientists have found out that mosquitoes are much easier to catch when they are asleep. This simply means that they are more vulnerable. But it does not mean that these mosquitoes will easily fall dead because they are not completely aware of their surroundings while they sleep.

You need to know that these mosquitoes can easily sense disturbances while they sleep. As a matter of fact, slight vibrations will easily wake them up. These mosquitoes will also readily bite you if you happen to disturb them. They can also smell blood for miles and they can detect the presence of carbon dioxide.

What Should I Do With This Information?

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Since mosquitoes are not actively feeding during their resting time, and because they are more vulnerable while they rest, it might be the right time for you to launch your attack against them. You will need to use aerosol insecticides or foggers so you can kill them in places that they might be hiding in.

Instead of laying traps, or trying to poison their breeding ground, try to actively kill them during the day time, keeping in mind that mosquitoes can flock inside shelters that can give them the most comfort. You should also consider spraying insecticides or setting mosquito traps in your home at the right time.


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Mosquitoes are deadly insects that have to be dealt with as soon as possible. Since they typically rest during the day time, in places that are not open, dark, and well protected, you should consider spraying in areas that meet the criteria inside your home or property.

You should also consider minimizing their possible resting places by getting rid of tall grasses in your lawn, by removing clutter inside your home, and by getting rid of junk, fallen leaves, and trash in your property. You should also consider using the right killing tools at the proper time for best results.

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