Do Roach Bombs Or Foggers Work? Getting A Practical And Effective Product


Whether we like to admit it or not, roaches are actually quite difficult to eliminate especially if they have already joined together to make a full blown infestation in your home. In order to kill them, you will have to make use of products like baits and sprays. But in most cases, these products are not enough.

This is why there are many homeowners who will opt to use roach bombs or foggers in order to do a lot of damage to the roaches. While these products can easily be used to treat entire rooms instead of just one small spot, roach bombs actually have a serious flaw making them ineffective in some cases.

If you want to use this product properly and make sure that they will be able to help control the infestation, you need to understand the roach bomb’s strengths and weaknesses. But first, you need to know how roach bombs or foggers work.

What Are Roach Bombs And How Do They Work?

Roach bombs, also known as roach foggers are products that when activated, will release all of its contents in the air. Although they work much like roach sprays, this product cannot be used on specific spots and it cannot be directed towards different areas since its contents has to be released upwards.

Upon activation, the fog will go out of the container and it will be suspended in the air for a certain period of time depending on its formulation. It will fill the entire room with the insecticide fog and it will slowly go down and coat the different surfaces in the room or house with all the roach killing chemicals.

In order for the roach bomb to do this effectively, it needs to be placed in the center of the room and on a chair or an elevated flat surface. This will allow you to cover the entire area better with the fog. The fog contains droplets of insecticides that can slowly kill the roaches that are exposed to it.

The Limitations Of Roach Bombs

Since roach bombs have to be released in a specific way, you need to know that it cannot easily penetrate the cracks and crevices that most roaches are known to hide in. You need to understand that roaches are also known to nest in dark or damp areas that will most likely be inaccessible to the fog.

This is probably why after using one in a particular room, you might still end up seeing very active roaches running around it. It can also happen if the residue left behind by the fog on the different surfaces is no longer potent enough to kill all of the roaches that have just come out from their hiding.

In most cases, these are the reasons why many people think that the roach bomb or the roach fogger does not actually work. Add in the fact that roach bombs are flammable and that they can also have a negative effect on human health, you will now have a product that a lot of people will not recommend.

Do Roach Bombs Or Foggers Work?

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When it comes to its effectiveness, roach bombs do work. These products can kill roaches that come into contact with the insecticides and other active ingredients that it can contain. However, you should know that these products are not actually the most effective and they are also not the most practical.

This is simply because you need to fully expose the roaches to kill them and I do not think the roaches will be willing to stay put while you fog the area. This type of product has a serious limitation and they are also known to be flammable. The residue that they leave behind is also dangerous to humans.

What this means that in order for you to use this product, you will have to make a lot of preparations. While it is working, you will have to evacuate the area and you will not be able to use it in areas that have fire. The residue will require a cleanup. You need to go through all these for unguaranteed results.


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Roach bombs and foggers do work. They can actually kill roaches especially if they are fully exposed in a closed room. However, these products do have a serious flaw and the way they work makes them dangerous and less effective especially when the roaches are well hidden inside deep cracks in the walls.

These factors make the roach bomb quite impractical especially if you have no idea where the roaches are hiding or nesting. For this cause, most people will not recommend it for home use and many people doubt its true capability to properly deal with roach infestations at home.

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