Do Tractors Have Titles? Having A Certificate Of Ownership

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Tractors are very important farm or ranch implements since they can be used for a wide array of projects. Tractors are basically built to provide a lot of traction. And to do this, this engineering vehicle needs to sacrifice speed so that it will be strong enough to do different tasks.

The tractor can be used to haul machineries and for construction purposes. It can also be used to transport trailers. But most of the time, it is used in the farm in order to mechanize different farming implements by either towing it at the back or giving it power.

These are the reasons why tractors can be very expensive and they are actually huge investments that you need to be very careful of. They are also the causes for tractor owners wanting to know if they can get a tractor title, like any other motor vehicles.

Why Is It Important For You To Have A Certificate Of Ownership?

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Titles are meant to help identify who the owner of a particular thing is. And when it comes to tractors, you need to have one to prove that you bought it. In some cases, the title can be used to help you whenever you want to buy a secondhand tractor so that you can avoid buying stolen ones.

People who are concerned about legal issues would also want to have a title for their tractors. Without it, it can be very easy for dealers to try to sell stolen tractors simply because the buyers will have no other choice but to take the dealer’s word without actually getting a tangible proof of ownership.

You should understand that although having your tractor stolen can rarely happen, it does not mean that there is an assurance that it will never happen to you. Keep in mind that these tractors are quite expensive and in the past, the police have tracked down stolen ones to unsuspecting buyers.

Do Tractors Have Titles?


With all the dangers involved, it is actually quite alarming to know that tractors do not actually come with a title. Although construction tractors might have one, in most cases, the typical tractor do not actually come with any certificate of ownership except for a receipt that proves that it is fully paid.

As a matter of fact, you can buy a $200,000 tractor and you will only get a receipt for it as if you only bought a lawn mower. But if you try to buy a car even for as little as $100, you will need to get a lot of paperwork to prove that you own it with the use of a title.

So what most buyers will do instead is to make sure that they will keep the receipt and get the serial number of the tractor if they are buying something brand new. This will help them prove ownership in some way, and it can also help them when it comes to tracking down the tractor if it gets stolen.

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To help prove ownership, some experts recommend that you try to put identifying numbers on specific parts of the tractor and then try to register it to local authorities. This will allow you to show proof that you are the owner of the tractor just in case something bad happens to it.

Another thing that you can also do is to go to a notary public and try to get the right paperwork. You can also put the receipt on a postcard and send it to your own home address so you can be able to get a federal date stamp that you can use as evidence in case you have to prove ownership in court.


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When it comes to buying a tractor, you need to make sure that everything is in order especially when it comes to the receipt or to any other paperwork. Tractors are a very big investment and are very expensive. If you do not take the proper measures, you can easily get into huge problems.

This is particularly true if the tractor gets stolen and you have no way to prove to the authorities that you own it. When buying a secondhand tractor, you should try to check its serial number so you will know if it is stolen. You should also try to get as much paperwork and documentation as possible when buying one.

Since there is no title given to tractor buyers, you will have to be very creative. You can try to register identifying numbers with the police, you can try to go to a notary public so you can get some paperwork, or you can mail the receipt. Always keep the receipt and get proof of ownership before problems arise.

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