Does Boric Acid Kill Roaches? Finding A Product That Truly Works

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Killing roaches can be quite difficult especially if you lack the knowledge about the arsenals you can use against them. You need to understand that in most cases, roaches will never wait until you can fully poison them. This is because they are built with one thing in mind, their survival.

In fact, when it comes to poisons or insecticides, you should know that these pests are actually capable of increasing their resistance against them. What this means that for as long as the product you use does not kill them off right away, they will be able to withstand its effects better the next time around.

This is why many homeowners are desperately trying to look for a product that will work for them with deadly potency. Since many roaches are now resistant against the common roach sprays and roach bombs available, people are back to using the old boric acid products. But does boric acid kill roaches?

Does Boric Acid Kill Roaches?

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Boric acid has always been known to work effectively against roaches. In fact, it’s been used for several years to combat roach infestations as well as to help control their growing numbers. Boric acid has been a great ally of exterminators simply because for as long as it is used properly, it can give good results.

This substance has been used for as long as 60 years for the elimination of roaches. And more than just hearsay or speculation, a decade ago, scientific studies were able to prove that roaches that were given boric acid easily died from its effects. This is why today, it is still being sold all over the country.

Boric acid is known to kill a wide array of roach species and there has been no report of roaches having resistance against it. This product is affordable and it has low toxicity to humans. Although it will not kill roaches right away, roaches will ultimately succumb to its effects once they come into contact with it.

Finding Out How Boric Acid Work Against Roaches

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Boric acid is basically a white powder that you will need to apply to areas where roaches frequently pass by. Scientists speculate that boric acid works by destroying the stomach lining of the roaches. The roaches ingest the powder one they try to clean off their contaminated limbs with their mouths.

This results in the roach dying of starvation. It is also very possible for boric acid to have a direct effect on the roaches’ body or exoskeleton. There are speculations that the roach absorbs it through their exoskeleton much like how diatomaceous earth will work to lacerate the exoskeleton of the roaches.

Using Boric Acid

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While most people want to kill as many roaches as possible by sprinkling a small area with a thick layer of boric acid powder, you should know that this technique might not be effective. You need to keep in mind that the only way for the roaches to die is to make sure that they will walk past the powder.

This is why most experts recommend that you use a bellow or the nozzle of the product to slowly put a thin layer of boric acid on a wide area. This technique will allow you to kill the roaches as they ingest the powder or as they try to clean themselves by licking their own limbs after walking on it.

It is also possible for you to use baits in order to make the boric acid more effective. You can try to put pieces of food or fruit near their hiding spots and surround the food items with a thin layer of boric acid in order to easily entice the roaches to go out of their hiding and walk past the powder.


Boric acid is a very popular product that’s been used for several decades for the elimination of roaches. Many homeowners attest to its potency and scientific studies have also proven the fact that it can kill roaches by destroying their stomach linings upon consumption until they will die of starvation.

Boric acid is very effective when it comes to killing roaches. However, you need to use it properly so you can get the best possible results. You will have to put a thin layer of it on surfaces where roaches frequently pass through. This will allow them to come into contact with the powder and to ingest it.

Have you tried using boric acid to kill roaches? Tell us more about how well it worked for you and what you did to attract the roaches towards it in the comment section.

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