Echo VS Stihl Chainsaw: Which Manufacturer Should You Pick?


Picking a reliable and durable chainsaw is very important. This is simply because many chainsaws cost a lot of money and you would not want to spend on something that will easily get broken. In order to do so, many buyers would look at the redeeming qualities that each chainsaw manufacturer can provide.

You should understand the fact that today, many companies in the chainsaw manufacturing industry are judged mainly as a whole and not based on one model. This is because most companies typically try to provide the same level of quality and service features for all of the chainsaw models that they will make.

When it comes to chainsaws, both Echo and Stihl are known to have their own proponents simply because many like the performance and build designs of most, if not all, of their chainsaws. This is why first time buyers end up confused over which one they should pick. Here’s what you need to know:

The Echo Chainsaws

an echo

Echo chainsaws are built for heavy duty tasks. They offer chainsaws that you can use for simple gardening tasks, for cutting logs and making firewood as well as for felling large trees. Their chainsaws are also known for the smooth startups and reliable performance that is said to last for several years.

Echo’s chainsaws are known for their 2 – stroke engine that is great when it comes to providing a lot of power to their different chainsaw models. Echo also offers their patented Pro fire ignition system that will allow you to easily start your saw. This makes it ideal for those having trouble starting a pull-on.

Their chainsaws also notably have reduced vibration technology that can help users maneuver or wield the chainsaw better. Their new chainsaw models also offer more comfort since users now have easy access to the controls. The parts use in their units are made from professional quality components.

The Stihl Chainsaws


Stihl chainsaws on the other hand are known for their superior build and very durable components. Since their chainsaws are German-engineered, you can rest assured that they have been designed with your comfort and the chainsaw’s efficiency in mind. Stihl chainsaws are also proudly American made.

Stihl also custom makes their own guide bars as well as chainsaw chains, this allows their clients to get exactly the right parts whenever they need replacements from continued use. Stihl is also known for their exacting standards when it comes to the design and performance of all of their chainsaw models.

Instead of offering the different features that their chainsaws have, Stihl offers first time buyers many of their users’ feedback. This is because many of those that have tried their chainsaws say that Stihl products are very dependable and that they are also easy to operate as well as easy to maintain.

Which One Should You Pick According To User Feedback?

an echo chainsaw

When it comes to picking the right chainsaw manufacturer, you will have to see what each company can offer for your needs. In most cases, these companies can offer warranties just in case your chainsaw gets damaged. Echo chainsaws are known for their 5-year warranty but other people do not like it at all.

This is because some have reported that it is very hard for owners to have their Echo chainsaws fixed under warranty. Most users also say that Stihl can offer more when it comes to the weight and power ratio. But they also say that echo chainsaws are much more reliable when compared to the Stihl units.

But in general, most people say that both manufacturers are able to provide very decent chainsaws. They also say that depending on what specific type of chainsaw you need to buy, there might be slight differences in performance. You should also consider the dealership offers and service center locations.


stihl chainsaw

When it comes to choosing between an Echo VS Stihl chainsaw, you will have to take into consideration what each company has to offer. These two companies have their trademark build designs that make their chainsaws better than the other. Keep in mind that both makers are well respected in the industry.

I on the other hand, recommend that you go to each of their dealerships so you will be able to get a firsthand experience of how a Stihl and an Echo chainsaw performs. You need to take into consideration what other people have to say about these manufacturers and also ask the dealers what they can offer.

Have you tried using an Echo chainsaw or a Stihl chainsaw in the past? Tell us more about what each company can offer for their clients when it comes to their chainsaws so that first time buyers can choose wisely, in the comments section.

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Brian Owen says Apr. 2018

I’d pick the Echo. I cut and climb trees for a hobby. I run 5 Echo saws. They are the P series models. I also repair a lot of saws. I have zero issues with the Echo saws. A lot of the smaller Stihl have parts from China like their carbs. I believe Echo are all made from Echo part from Japan. Plus all Echo saws are made in IL. Stihl forces you to go to a dealer for parts, not so with Echo. Stihl is also the highest priced saws in the market.

Take care!

Thomas Hasenour says Feb. 2019

My experience with Echo has been absolutely fantastic!! I bought a new Echo CS-650EVL in 1981 and it still performs like it did the first day…Perfectly! I wore out many chains, sprockets and bars. The weakest part is the clutch spring. I’ve had to replace it 5 or 6 times. The saw is only on it’s 3rd spark plug. I’ve had to clean the “chain oil” and “fuel” pick-up filters a few times. The on-off switch failed last year which I took apart and cleaned. One of the shock mount rubber grommets had to be replaced. There has been no other service, repairs or adjustments done on the engine!
Two of my brothers started using Stihls about the same time I bought my Echo and they are on their 2nd and 3rd saws.
If today’s Echos are anywhere as good as they were in 1981, you won’t be able to find a better saw!
Also, I find Carlton chains to be far superior to Oregon…not familiar with Stihl.

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