Echo VS Stihl: Which Is The Best $200 – $240 Trimmer?

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Weed whackers, are quite useful when it comes to cutting grass and different kinds of weeds on uneven terrain. What I like about this piece of lawn equipment is that it is very versatile and can be used to cut grass even in inaccessible areas. Trimmers actually use a monofilament to cut grass efficiently.

Trimmers can also be given different types of heads to deal with bigger plants. Aside from the monofilament, you can actually attach a variety of metal heads to the trimmer and even a chain trimmer head that you can use to cut shrubs and thick weeds. It can also be used to remove grass around trees.

Trimmers are built for efficiency and durability. They can last for years without having to require major repairs or too many maintenance checks. When it comes to trimmers, especially in the $200 - $240 price range, Echo and Stihl are some of the best brands that you can choose from.

Echo VS Stihl: Which Is The Best $200 – $240 Trimmer?

The Stihl FS70r

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This is actually the most popular Stihl trimmer available simply because it has a well-built motor. As a matter of fact, its motor is the most widely produced one in the company. The engine of this trimmer model is known for its durability as well as power which they say are second to none.

The FS70r only weighs a very light 10.5 pounds and it can easily be used to cut grass effectively. This trimmer is also very efficient when it comes to gas consumption. Many who have tried this product are amazed at the power that this trimmer can provide despite being so lightweight.

This product is typically sold in retail for only $240, making it a great deal for those who want to buy and use a trimmer for the first time. It also has a quality bump head. Although it will need changing with continued use, it can still outlast most of the ones that are available today.

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The Stihl FS70r’s guard is not just well built, it is also well designed since it can offer more visibility when compared to the trimmer guard of other brands. Its use of molded rubber as well as its sleek design can actually help minimize the vibration.

Another important fact that you need to know about this product is that its 27cc motor is actually built really tough. Its superior design ensures that it will not get easily snagged even when going through thick weeds. The spark plug is also housed securely, making sure that it will stay dry.

The Echo SRM-225

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If you think that the Stihl F750r’s motor is exceptional, then you should know that the SRM-225, in its entirety, has actually earned the respect of both experts and first time users. As a matter of fact, out of all the trimmers that Echo has made, this one is still the most sought after model.

It is also one of the top-selling trimmers in the U.S. This is because its trimmer head is one of the best heads available in the market. Aptly called the “Speed feed”, it weighs just 12 pounds with the guard attached and it can easily cut grass with a lot of speed and power, making it an effective trimmer.

Although its motor can run very fast, it is actually quite small since it is only a 21cc motor. Compared to other weed whackers or trimmers, this product from Echo is hands down the most efficient when it comes to gasoline consumption. Its motor is also built with durability and reliability in mind.

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The Echo SRM-225 trimmer also has an upgraded handle design that is molded, this will allow the unit to significantly minimize the vibration. This trimmer is available for also $240 retail, but if you want to buy it for less, you can wait until springtime as they are typically sold at $200 during this season.

All these features make this trimmer from Echo a great companion when it comes to cutting grass and weeds without having to spend a lot of time. As a matter of fact, with the help of this trimmer, you can easily cut stubborn bushes in lesser time than when you are using other trimmers.

Which One Is Better?

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When it comes to string trimmers, both Stihl and Echo can offer you with a very reliable product at similar retail prices. This is why it can be very hard for first time users to decide which one is best for their own lawns. As a matter of fact, many online reviewers still can’t figure out which one is better.

This is why instead of looking at each product’s strengths, many of them will just say that the best one is the one that has the best deal or the one that is readily available. I, on the other hand, do appreciate the engineering design that was put into each product and I do recognize each product’s strengths.

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While some are amazed at Stihl’s design and torque, some are finding it very hard to start up especially if gas gets into the air filter. There are also those who say that Echo can provide speed and compactness, while there are those who say that Stihl is lighter and that you don’t really need that much speed.

For me, the deciding factor would have to be the user’s own unique requirements and needs. If the user has tall grass that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible, then the product from Echo should definitely be your best option. Go for Stihl if you want a good motor that can work for years.


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If you really want to know which is better between Echo VS Stihl, you need to take a closer look at the specifications of each product. Understand what each has to offer and try to figure out which one is best suited to help you cut the grass, remove weeds or get rid of the bushes in your own property.

For example, if your property has areas that are damp or wet, then forego the speed that the Echo SRM-225 can offer you. Instead, opt for the Stihl FS70r since it has a secure motor and spark plug design that can help keep the motor running despite the presence of moisture or water on its exterior.

On the other hand, if you want something that can be easily used for quick and easy grass cutting jobs, go for the product from Echo since it has an overall superior design. With that said, you should know that both companies are highly reputable and well respected in the industry.

It can be very hard for people to decide which one is better than the other especially when both products are sold at similar prices. You can also try to handle both products personally to see the design and weight differences so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Have you tried using Stihl or Echo string trimmers? Tell us more about which product you think is better than the other in the comments section.

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Greg says May. 2018

I bought my stihl fs80r from a friend of mine 2 years ago. It is 11 years old now and i had to put a new ignition module on it last year around $35,replaced the throttle cable 2 years ago and replaced the primer bulb last weekend $2 and 2 pulls it fires right up. No complaints.

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