The Best Fire Pit Kit for All Seasons: Everything You Need to Know

Fire Pit

Looking for a beautiful fire pit kit to transform your backyard into the perfect hang out spot? A fire pit is a great way to enjoy your yard throughout all four seasons.

Shopping for a high-quality fire pit kit can be intimidating. Fire pit kits are an investment and you have to assemble them yourself, so you need to be sure you’re getting what you want.

Fortunately, once you understand what you’re doing the process is really quite simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we’ve got answers.

Why use a fire pit kit?

While it’s true you can purchase parts separately and save a few bucks, most people will find that the time and energy you save by getting a kit is worth the money.

All blocks within a fire pit kit will fit together perfectly without the need to cut any of them yourself. Not only that, but they will look great because they were professionally cut.

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What comes in a fire pit kit?

The exact tools and materials included in a kit will vary from kit to kit, especially when comparing kits from two different companies. However, every fire pit kit should contain the stones needed to construct the pit, and many will include the adhesive to glue them together.

Some kits will also come with a steel ring insert for placing inside the pit itself. The insert is not 100 percent necessary but it can help keep the inside wall of the pit from scorch marks.

Finally, the tools included in a kit vary; For example, fire pit kits with the steel ring insert will have the nuts and bolts or screws needed to assemble the ring, but might not come with a screwdriver or wrench.

Gravel or sand for the bed of your fire pit is rarely included.

Fire Pit
Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels

What do I need to assemble a fire pit kit?

Depending on the kit, you may need some basic tools like a screwdriver or a monkey wrench. You probably have these somewhere in your house or garage.

You’ll definitely want gloves to grip the heavy blocks and protect your hands from scrapes.

Most kits will require you to purchase concrete block adhesive separately, but some include it.


Where you plan on putting your fire pit may present its own challenges.

If the ground you are building the fire pit on is concrete or asphalt then you should be fine (although the fire will leave burn marks on the ground inside the pit, so keep that in mind).

But if you decide on placing your fire pit in the grass, for instance, extra steps must be taken.

For grass, you need to measure out the size of the fire pit and convert the area into compact dirt, and then cover it in gravel. Alternatively, you could use a paver kit to make it look really nice.

Is assembling a fire pit kit difficult?

Once the space is set up for your fire pit, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours to put it together. The stones are heavy, but the process is simple. Moreover, you can always look up a video on youtube to guide you if needed.

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What should I look for in a fire pit kit?

Every fire pit on this list is high-quality and guaranteed to get the job done. Therefore, which fire pit kit you choose really comes down to personal preference.

Kits generally range in size from 40 to 60 inches in diameter. The size of your space will determine how large of a kit you need or want.

Fire Pit
Photo by Sindre Strøm from Pexels

Can I convert my fire pit into a gas one?

Absolutely. You can convert any fire pit into a gas one with a burner, hose and propane tanks.

However, the size of your pit will determine exactly which parts you buy, so we suggest doing research on that after picking out a kit.

What kind of accessories should I get with my fire pit kit?

Here are a few ideas of items you may want to buy with your fire pit kit:

  • A lid for keeping the inside of your fire pit dry and in good condition (make sure to buy the right size)
  • Chairs for sitting around the fire
  • Tables for setting drinks and snacks on
  • A firewood rack for storing firewood
  • A grill for using your fire pit to cook
  • String lights (learn how to hang them here)
Fire Pit
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The Best Fire Pit Kits

Without further ado, here are our top 10 picks for best fire pit kits.

Oldcastle Hudson Stone 40-inch

This Oldcastle Hudson fire pit is a compact fire pit kit that works well in smaller spaces.

One benefit of smaller pits is that they put less distance between people sitting in a circle. And with just 42 blocks, this kit is quick and easy to install.

The blocks are made of concrete and designed to look like stone. Because of this, the blocks are both durable and pleasing to the eye.

This kit also includes an insert to protect the inside of the pit from scorch marks.

Customers who buy this fire pit frequently purchase a lid to go with it. You will also need to buy adhesive.

Anchor Weston Northwoods 52-inch

This Anchor Weston Northwoods is much larger than the Old Castle, although the inner ring is only 35 inches.

The blocks on this kit are quite large, which is great for keeping kids and pets safe around the fire. You can also safely use the blocks to set things on provided the fire is low enough.

This kit comes with an insert that protects the top half of the inner ring from scorch marks, which is the part that is most visible.

If you prefer a smooth stone aesthetic over a rough cut, then this might be the fire pit kit for you. 

Grand 48-inch Fire Pit Kit

The Grand 48-inch Fire Pit Kit is another kit with a large outer ring and wide stone blocks.

This kit is a nice value because it comes with everything you need to assemble it, including adhesive and gloves. It also comes in three color varieties; They are, Bluestone, Desert, and Santa Fe.

On the other hand, the inner ring is four inches smaller in diameter than the Northwoods kit.

Otherwise, the Grand 48-inch and Northwoods 52-inch are very similar in style. Like the Northwoods, the Grand 48-inch comes with an insert that protects the top half of the inner ring.

Pavestone RumbleStone 46-Inch

The Pavestone RumbleStone is an average-sized kit that comes in three varieties; They are, Cafe, Greystone, and Sierra Blend.

Some customers say this pit is a little pricey. However, percentage-wise it is not that much more expensive than most other pits on this list. So if you like aesthetic then we say go for it.

The RumbleStone has a weathered cut stone appearance with two different sizes of blocks that give this fire pit kit its own personality.

With a reflective metal octagonal insert, your fire will shine brighter and hotter than it would otherwise.

Nantucket Pavers Ledgestone 47-inch

This Ledgestone 47-inch fire pit kit is under 500 dollars and a good option for people looking for easy setup and a little extra customization. It is also available in four different varieties; Brown, dark gray, light gray, and tan.

The interlocking concrete pieces are very durable and do not require adhesive to stay put. Plus, each block only weighs 40 pounds, making assembly less laborious.

You can also purchase extra layers for the kit if you would like it to be taller than 14-inches.

Not only does this fire pit kit include a steel ring insert, but it also contains sand for pouring in the bottom of the pit.

Concrete Romanstack High Back 58-inch

At 58 inches, the Romanstack High Back is quite large. With an inner ring of 42 inches, it has more room for building a fire than almost any of the other fire pit kits on this list.

As the name suggests, the asymmetrical design of this kit recalls Roman architecture (such as a Roman theatre) and looks very nice.

This fire pit kit is a great pick if you only want people to sit on one side. It also provides plenty of protection for kids if you seat them on the tall side.

The concrete blocks are as durable as ever and the variation in their size and shape enhances the pit’s appearance.

Random Stone 44-inch

This Random Stone fire pit kit has an inner ring of 44 inches and an outer ring of 66. It is available in gray or brown.

Although it’s the most expensive kit on this list, it is also the largest. Customers report being very satisfied with the value, size, look, and ease of assembly that this fire pit kit offers.

The randomness of the variously sized blocks gives it a natural appearance that is more interesting to look at than uniform blocks. This sort of design is hard to replicate on your own without a fire pit kit.

And, of course, the Random Stone fire pit kit contains a steel ring insert for protecting the inside of your pit from scorch marks.

This fire pit kit does not include adhesive, so be sure to buy some. Natural Concrete Products also sells a grill for this kit, allowing you to cook food with your fire pit.

Stonehenge 58-inch

The Stonehenge fire pit kit is a large and visually unique kit that is reminiscent of the ancient wonder Stonehenge, located in England. With an inner ring of 43 inches, this kit offers plenty of space for building a large fire.

Gaps in the ring allow more heat and light to escape the pit, making this pit very nice during colder times of the year. Just be sure that nothing flammable is nearby and that kids know not to stick their hands in there.

This fire pit kit does not include adhesive, so be sure to buy some. It also does not come with a steel ring insert, as that would ruin the aesthetic.

The Best Kit For You

Now that you have seen so many excellent options for fire pit kits, the choice comes down which one calls to you.

Which fire pit kit did you pick? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels

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