Generac Iq2000 Vs Honda Eu2000i: Which One Should You Choose?

Nowadays, there are so many generators that you can choose from. There are generators that can provide you with a few thousand watts as well as portability. There are also those that can offer you with a large power output. However, these products tend to be too large and heavy for most users.

While all these generators available, it can be very difficult for one to choose the right product for their own needs. This is especially true once you begin to understand the fact that most generators of the same class, will have almost the same power output, features and the same external characteristics.

If you are looking for a generator that can power up the basic appliances, chances are, you will be able to see products like the Honda eu2000i and the Generac iq2000. While these products might offer almost the same features, they do have some differences. Here’s how they fare against each other.

Generac Iq2000 Vs Honda Eu2000i: Which One Should You Choose?

The Generac Iq2000

Generac’s IQ series is actually one of the models that this manufacturer has been spending a lot of time working on. This is because it features their inverter technology and they have been working on making a line of generators that can stand up to the ones that Honda has been making for the past years.

With that said, the Generac iq2000 prides itself for being much quieter, smarter and more capable of running longer hours than the Honda generators. What’s more, there are users who have actually tested this product in the field and who are now saying that Generac’s claims are actually proven to be true.

Another significant feature that this generator can offer is its price. This is because it is actually $200 - $400 cheaper than the Honda. This product can provide you with 1600 running watts as well as 2000 surge watts. This is more than enough to cover the basic appliances that need to be used at home.

This product weighs only 46 pounds and it has a dimension of 16.9 X 20 X 12.6 inches. It has a 1.06 – gallon fuel tank and it can also run for 5.7 hours at 50% load. It has an 80 cc engine that has a recoil starting type. It also has the Power dial feature for easy start as well as other gauge and display features.

The Honda Eu2000i

The Honda eu2000i on the other hand, has been dominating the market when it comes to generators of this class for years. And they have been doing so simply because this generator is very durable and it is also very quiet. This model is used by homeowners, outdoorsmen and even professionals on the job site.

It can also offer as much as 1600 running watts as well as 2000 surge watts. But what makes them more popular is the generator's performance and reliability. This is because it can function for as long as 8.1 hours at ¼ load. It also features a 2-tiered system that dampens the noise it makes for a quiet operation.

a small red generator

Although the unit does have an auto shut-off system that activates whenever the oil goes down beyond the safe levels, this unit does lack other user-friendly display features. It does not have a power bar, run time display, or the Power dial which are all present in the much cheaper Generac iq2000 generator.

But it does have the Eco Throttle feature that allows the model to easily conserve the fuel as well as decrease the noise that it produces when minimal load is required. This generator weighs only 46 lbs. similar to the Generac model and it is also slightly bigger with its 19 X 21 X 12 inches dimension.

Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to figuring out which one you should choose, you need to assess your own needs first. This is because both generators have the same rated power outputs and because these generators also have the same weights. This means that your generator needs or preferences will be the deciding factor.

At most, the differences between the two generators are very minimal. While the Honda offers time and tested durability and reliability, this model is quite difficult to start because it still uses the recoil pull on system. It also difficult to see the status of the generator because it lacks the LED displays and gauges.

On the other hand, because the Generac iq2000 is a newer model, it contains all the fittings that can help make you easily use, operate and maintain the generator. The power bar lets you know how much electricity is being used, and the gauge can also help you know how much fuel is still inside the unit.

This is why most first time generator owners or buyers prefer to have it rather than getting a Honda. This is especially true when they already know for sure that they do not have enough technical know-how when it comes to manually finding out what the generator’s needs are for proper operation.


When it comes to choosing between the Generac iq2000 vs Honda eu2000i, you will have to find out which product works best for you by analyzing what each model has to offer. If you do not have any problem spending money, then I highly recommend that you opt for the Honda eu2000i product.

But on the other hand, if you want the same power output without the high price tag, then you should opt for the Generac iq2000 instead. This is because it can match almost all of the features in the Honda model with the addition of its own features while still making sure that it does not cost a lot of money.

For serious buyers however, who are looking for proven and tested quality since they want their generators to last for several years, then I recommend that they opt for the Honda because it has already been tested. The Generac model however, is fairly new and it is still hard to assess its durability.

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