Generac IX2000 Review: Searching For Something Powerful

Many of us have a need for a good generator that will last for years. This is especially true if we tend to go out on camping trips and other adventures without missing out on most comforts. Generators are also important if you want to make sure that certain appliances are kept on running on a daily basis.

As for me, the area where I am located in suffers from very bad power outages and I have been looking for a reliable generator for quite some time now. This has led me to write this Generac ix2000 review so I could share with you what I think about it and so you will know if it would be ideal for your needs.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Generator

a small generator

Generators can help you get electricity mainly during a power outage, or when you need to run some appliances and even gadgets at a location without access to electricity. And although you might think that it can only be used as an outdoor luxury, there are actually many practical benefits of having one.

Ideally, you should consider buying a Generac ix2000 generator if you need to keep medical equipment running at home or if you need to keep sensitive gadgets running even during a power outage. You should not be buying this generator is you want something that can take on a lot of punishment.

If you need one that can take on heavy duty use, I highly recommend that you opt for something that has more wattage. You need to also understand that this device uses inverter technology and it is more ideal for sensitive gadgets.

You should consider buying one for the following:

  • If you want to go outdoors frequently with kids
  • If your area constantly suffers from power outages
  • If you need to run electronics, or appliances on a constant basis

The Generac IX2000

The Generac IX2000 is basically a lightweight generator that uses inverter technology in order to provide users with clean and stable electricity. According to the manufacturer, this type of generator is ideal for those that need to use sensitive electronics and appliances during power outages or in remote locations.

This makes the generator ideal for families that need to bring along kids during trips, for engineers who need to use laptops and computers in the field, and for those that need to run expensive appliances and devices. It is also built with toughness and it is a great companion for tailgates and during outages.

With this generator, you will not have to waste a lot of time and effort taking it with you even in remote locations where there is no access to electricity. This is because it features a compact design that you can easily carry with you in your RV or in your car. And because it is a Generac, it is also very quiet.


  • It is quiet, compact and lightweight
  • It uses inverter technology
  • It can be used outdoors and on sensitive gadgets


  • Its power output is limited to 2000w
  • It might not be able to power up large appliances
  • It might not run multiple appliances at the same time

The Features Of The Generac IX2000

A 2000W Running Watts And A 2200W Starting Watts

A True Inverter Generator

A Generator That You Can Take With You

It Has User-Friendly Features

It Is Very Quiet

It Has The Unique FlexPower Feature

Alternatives For The Generac IX2000

The Champion Power Equipment 73536I

It is a great alternative to the Generac model simply because it does not cost as much and it also offers almost the same features. These are what makes it different to the Generac IX2000:

  • It only weighs 50 lbs
  • It only has 1700 running watts

The AmicoPower 2000W

You can also use this generator in lieu of the Generac model. It is also very quiet and it is mainly built to power sensitive electronic devices. These are what makes it different to the Generac model:

  • It is much cheaper
  • It can only produce 1600 running watts

The Honda EU2000I

It is another super quiet generator that can also provide enough wattage during power outages or for camping trips. This product is ideal for those that are willing to spend more for durability and for quality. Here’s what makes it different from the Generac generator:

  • It is much more expensive
  • It can run for as long as 3.4 hours on a full tank
  • Instead of a pull on, it has a recoil starting system


The Generac IX2000 is basically a dependable generator that you can rely on during an emergency. It can be used to provide critical back up power so you can easily turn on appliances at home such as refs, heaters and air conditioners. It can also be brought with you on the RV for camping or outdoor trips.

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