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Generac Ix2000 Vs Honda EU2000i: Which Portable Unit Is More Reliable?

Today, it is very important for households to have at least one generator that they can use as a backup just in case there are power outages. You need to keep in mind that although generators can provide a lot of comfort and luxury outdoors, these products are mainly used for emergency or practical purposes.

In most cases, getting a portable generator is a more viable option simply because it is very easy to operate and maintain. Portable generators are also very easy to transport especially when it comes to those that offer a few thousand watts since they typically have very handy dimensions and less weight.

When it comes to generators, Honda would typically be one of the top choices that most experts would recommend right off the bat. But because of its high price, many are looking for other alternatives. One of the makers that I would recommend is Generac. See how these manufacturers fare against the other.

What Can The Generac Ix2000 Offer?

The Generac ix2000 is basically an inverter generator that allows you to get clean and stable electricity with the help of an electronic microprocessor. Generac’s inverter technology harnesses the raw power that the generator produces in order to make energy that you can use to power up sensitive electronics.

This generator is also considered a reliable and convenient power source since it can easily provide you with 2000 running watts as well as 2200 surge watts. This makes the generator ideal not just for power outages, but also for use during camping, road trips and for professional work purposes on the job site.

With its Flex Power feature, the generator now has the capability to decrease fuel consumption as well as reduce the noise that the generator produces. This is because the advanced technology it uses helps control how the unit works. It will no longer have to unnecessarily do a lot of work at minimal loads.

The Generac ix2000 is compact and lightweight as it only weighs 52 pounds. It is also very quiet, this allows you to use it at home or on camping grounds without disturbing your neighbors. It has a control panel on one side and it also has LED indicator lights that helps you see the unit's status with ease.

What Can The Honda Eu2000i Offer?

a small red generator

The Honda eu2000i on the other hand, offers a similarly quiet generator that also makes use of inverter technology. Similar to the Generac model, this generator also has a recoil pull on system. It can also be used at home or on the camp grounds because it only produces 53 – 59 decibels depending on the load.

This generator can provide you with 1600 running watts as well as 2000 surge watts. This is the most significant difference between the two models. However, it can actually run for as long as 8.1 hours at ¼ load while the Generac can only run for 4.7 hours at the same usage, making the Honda more efficient.

The Honda model only weighs 46 pounds and it is slightly smaller than the Generac, this makes the generator ideal for those who are looking to buy a product that they can easily carry by hand. The power output of this product is also good enough for running basic appliances during emergencies or outages.

Since Honda generators are widely known for their durability and reliability, many experts recommend this model for use as a supplemental power source for your RV. Honda also offers its Eco Throttle feature that allows the generator to run efficiently so you can use it for overnight purposes.

Which Portable Unit Is More Reliable?

When it comes to reliability, I think that it all boils down to your own needs. This is because these two units have their own unique features to offer. Though most of their differences are only slight, you need to consider the fact that there is a huge difference between the running and surge watts of both models.

The difference means that the Honda generator will not be able to run appliances that need more than 1600 watts. If you need to run appliances that require more watts during a power outage or in the job site, then this generator is not for you, and you might want to opt for the Generac.

On the other hand, if you want a product that can run overnight or for several hours without the need of refueling, the Honda generator should be what you opt for. The Honda generator is also much lighter and compact, this makes the unit ideal for people who need something portable and easy to store.

If reliability for you means more power to handle larger appliances and more electronic devices, the Generac generator should be your top choice. But if reliability for you means longer usage hours and a durable engine that can last for years, then I highly recommend the Honda generator for your home.


When it comes to choosing between the Generac ix2000 vs Honda eu2000i, you need to know that many people say that they are both decent generators. Both products do offer many positive features and they also have the support and trust of many of their users.

I highly recommend the Honda generator if money is not an issue with you. Although it is more expensive, it is very fuel efficient and you should also consider the fact that Honda has been making them for many years now. Generac on the other hand, has just been making these units recently.

But if you only need a cheap and powerful generator, one that will simply serve as a power backup you will use from time to time, then you should consider buying the Generac. This is true if you do not want to spend a lot of money and have no constant use for a generator.

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