Honda EU7000is Review: Is The Price Worth It?

Generators are very powerful tools that you need to consider buying especially if you live in an area that does not have stable electricity. You should also consider getting a generator if you are going to go out on an outdoor adventure especially if you plan on taking the kids along with you for several days.

When it comes to buying generators, most experts recommend that you try to look if there are any Honda generators available in your area first. This is because their products are widely known for their durability. To help you know more about their generators, take a look at my Honda eu7000is review.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Honda EU7000is Generator

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The ideal generator buyer is one who is serious about making a good investment and when it comes to getting good returns. You need to understand that most generators cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and it would be such a waste if you are going to spend it all on a product that will not last long.

This is why for serious buyers who have a true need for products that are very reliable, I recommend that you take a look at what the Honda eu7000is can offer. This product is ideal for buyers who need a lot of power and for those that need a top of the line generator.

This product however, might not be ideal for those that do not know how to operate or maintain a generator properly simply because it costs a lot of money. But if money is not an issue, then I suggest that you try to see the Honda eu7000is generator’s specs so you will know if it can meet your needs.

Other things you need to consider includes:

  • Knowing whether you need an inverter generator
  • Checking what type of fuel the generator will need
  • Knowing how much load can the generator handle

The HondaEU7000is

The Honda eu7000is is basically a generator that has been rated for 5500 watts. This generator is quite unique simply because even with its huge power output, it still uses inverter technology. It should be noted that most generators in its class are not actually inverters and they cannot provide clean power.

Many people recognize this generator model as one of the quietest generators around despite its size. It also showcases unique features that are meant to make the generator work better to accommodate your needs. This generator can be used at home or outdoors for recreation or for many work purposes.

Instead of just for powering up a few appliances, this generator might actually be able to run multiple large appliances at the same time. It is designed not just for camping, but also for powering up your RV. And instead of just powering up outdoor grills or lights, it can be used to help you do outdoor events.


  • It is a very powerful generator
  • It is designed to be quiet
  • It has unique features


  • It is quite expensive
  • It is large and bulky
  • It is not ideal for trips where you need something light and compact

What Can The Honda EU7000is Offer For Interested Buyers?

The Power Output Of The Honda EU7000is

The Exterior Features Of The Honda EU7000is

The Controls Of The Honda EU7000is

The Fuel Tank Of The Honda EU7000is

Other Features Of The Honda EU7000is

The Alternatives

The DuroMax XP5500EH

This is a great alternative to the Honda generator simply because it can also provide you with as much as 5500 watts of power. The main differences that it has with the Honda model are as follows:

  • It is significantly cheaper
  • It can run on gas and propane
  • It cannot provide the same level of surge watts allowance
  • It is not an inverter generator

The Westinghouse WH5500

This is another option that you can select if you think that the Honda generator is too expensive. This generator can provide you with the same level of power but it is not an inverter generator. The other differences that it has with the Honda generator includes:

  • It is also much cheaper
  • It has a 6.6 gallon fuel tank

The Generac 5939

This is another decent alternative to the Honda generator since it can also provide you with 5500 watts but without the cost. This generator however, is also not an inverter generator and it is not as efficient or as powerful. The main differences that it has with the Honda model are as follows:

  • It only provides 6875 starting watts
  • It is cheaperIt is not an inverter generator


The Honda eu7000is is basically a very powerful, fuel efficient and reliable generator that has been properly designed and built to last. Despite the fact that this model is quite expensive, I highly recommend it simply because it can offer so much for your electricity needs at home or outdoors.

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