How Many Bags Of Mulch Are In A Yard? Knowing How Much You Need

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Although you might think that mulch is not necessary, you should understand that mulch actually plays a vital role when it comes to gardening and landscaping. It is very important that you understand what mulch can do whenever it is placed on the ground especially around the base of your plants.

The main purpose of mulch is to help the ground retain its moisture. This will allow plants that need a lot of water to grow steadily and this can also help fruit-bearing plants to develop blossoms in season. Mulch can also be used to kill weeds by suffocating them and stopping them from growing.

But before you call a dealer, you need to know that mulch can have a weird odor. This is why you might want to make sure that you are going to order the right amount of it so you can avoid creating a nasty smell at home. Mulch is typically bought per yard or by bag, and here’s what you need to know:

How Many Bags Of Mulch Are In A Yard? Knowing How Much You Need

The Different Types Of Mulch


There are different kinds of mulch that you can buy in gardening or landscaping supplies and stores, with each type serves a specific purpose and has a different price.

The first type is the brown mulch. It costs around $33.50 per cubic yard and is typically dyed to produce a natural appearance. This type of mulch is mainly used near water features and flower beds.

The economy mulch on the other hand is ideally used for large lawns to create pathways. It is made from aged tree chips and is a practical option for those looking for mulch that they can use in gardens. It costs $19.95 per cubic yard.

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Red mulch is mainly used to help provide a burst of color on your lawns or yards. It has a $33.50 price tag per cubic yard and it is a must have if you want outstanding landscaping. You can also buy Playfun mulch at $27.50 per cubic yard. It is made from wood pulps or small woodchips.

This type of mulch as well as the long-lasting mulch, is ideally used for pathways and play areas. For landscaping or for use around plants, you can also buy black mulch, gold mulch and even the most expensive type of mulch, the red cedar mulch which costs $38.50 per cubic yard.

How Many Bags Of Mulch Are In A Yard?

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One cubic yard of mulch can be used to cover an area of 324 sq. feet with a 1-inch depth. It is a very large quantity and it might be too much especially if you only need to put it on flower beds and small gardens. This is why instead of buying mulch by yards, some people prefer to buy them by bags.

The number of bags of mulch in a yard actually depends on what bag you are using. If you are using the standard bag, which is the 2 cubic feet bag, then 1 cubic yard of mulch will contain as much as 13.5 bags. If you are using a 1 cubic feet bag, then there will be as much as 27 bags of mulch per yard.

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If you want to use a 1.5 cubic feet bag, then 1 cubic yard of mulch will contain as much as 18 bags of mulch. If you want to use a 3 cubic feet bag, then there will be as much as 9 bags of mulch per 1 cubic yard. Knowing how many bags 1 cubic yard contains is very important since it can actually help you save money.

There are instances where dealers will sell mulch in bulk and they will give you a lower price if you buy them by yard. So if you need large quantities of mulch and you want to know which is cheaper, just multiply the price of the standard bag by 13.5 and compare it to the price per yard.


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There are a lot of different kinds of mulch that you can use on flower beds, lawns, gardens and even on walkways and play areas. Although most of them are sold by yard, you can actually buy them by bag if you do not need a lot. Mulch that are sold by bag however, can be quite expensive.

So you can avoid paying too much, try to check the square footage of the different areas where you want to use the mulch. Multiply it by how deep you want it in inches, then divide it by 324. This will allow you to know how many yards of mulch you will need to order.

You can then check the price of the mulch per yard, and multiply the price of a standard bag of the same type of mulch by 13.5. This will allow you to see whether you can save more money by buying it by the bag or by the yard.

Do you buy mulch for your lawn? Tell us more about how many yards or bags you need for your area in the comment section.

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