How Many Ears Of Corn In A Bushel? Understanding The Bushel

If you drive around the countryside in August, you will see many farms that are bustling with activities. During this time, many farmers are trying to get everything ready for the harvest. This includes prepping the machineries and of course, it also means creating yield estimations for the corn fields.

Creating yield estimations can actually help farmers prepare for how big or how small their corn harvest is. Farmers who want to process their corn into different products will also need to know how many bushels of corn they can collect during the harvest.

For farmers who want to produce starch, corn oil, fuel or sweetener, they should also know how many ears of corn they will need to collect to make up a bushel. This will allow them to prepare for the processing of the corn and it will also allow them to move towards the production smoothly.

How Many Ears Of Corn In A Bushel? Understanding The Bushel

Why A Bushel?

A bushel is basically a unit of measurement that is typically used by farmers especially when measuring produce. It is basically the equivalent of 8 gallons of a dry product. That will actually tell you how heavy and substantial a full bushel is. Not all bushels of different produce weigh the same.

This is because the weight of the bushel is regulated by law since in the past, people had their own ideas of how a bushel is supposed to weigh. To give you an idea, a bushel of shelled corn is supposed to weigh 56 lbs. But a bushel of ears of corn should weigh 70 pounds.

But why use a bushel? The bushel is more commonly used today to help keep up with tradition. Although it might not be common for those who are not in the farming industry, you should understand that a lot of farmers, vegetable or fruit growers and even sellers are still actively using this unit today.

Since corn, as previously mentioned, is measured in a bushel, utilizing it to make different products will require that you know how many ears of corn should be in a bushel. Aside from all of the other products previously mentioned, a bushel of corn can also be used to make as much as 1.5 pounds of corn oil.

You can also use a bushel of corn to make enough sweetener to sweeten as many as 400 cans of soda. If used as feed, it can help you get 6 pounds of beef, 28 pounds of catfish, 20 pounds of chicken or 13 pounds of pork.

How Many Ears Of Corn In A Bushel?

To answer this question, you need to understand that the number of ears that you can fit inside a bushel will actually depend on how big or how small the individual ears are. If the ears of corn are big, you might have to put only 40 ears of corn to make a bushel or at least 70 pounds in weight.

If you are going to use medium-sized ears of corn, you might need to put in 50 ears to make a bushel. And you will also have to put as much as 60 ears if you are using small ears of corn. The standard number of ears of corn per bushel for genetic corn is 48. The same number applies to sweetcorn.


As you can see, it can be quite difficult to get a definitive answer for this question. In general, the average would have to be somewhere between 40 – 60 ears of corn. Since there are different varieties of corn available, you will have to factor in its hybrid since it will be what determines the size.

In some cases, you will also have to factor in how well the growing season was. This is because the abundance of water or rain can help make the ears of corn bigger and heavier. While a drier season will give you smaller and sometimes lighter ears of corn.


If you want to know how many ears of corn you can put inside a bushel, you need to factor in the variety of the corn that you are going to use. In most cases, you will need to use around 48 ears of average-sized corn to make a bushel. But if you are going to use smaller varieties, you might need more.

A good estimate is around 40 – 60 ears of corn in a bushel. But if you want to be more precise, you need to consider the weight of each ear of corn since a bushel is also used to measure mass. If the growing season was excellent, the ears can be heavy and you will not have to put too much to reach 70 pounds.

Do you grow or sell corn? Tell use more about how many ears of corn you put in a bushel in the comment section.

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