How Many Pieces Of Wood Are In A Cord? Getting Enough Firewood

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Firewood is not just used as a source of heat in the countryside, there are also a lot of suburbs that have a high demand for firewood. People in these areas use them to make both indoor and outdoor fires. Aside from providing heat, the wood can also be used for cooking, especially if it’s from hardwood trees.

Those who are looking for firewood need dealers who can provide high-quality products. The firewood has to be of good quality since you will not be able to use rotten pieces. They should also be cut to the proper size and of course, should be delivered in the right quantities.

When it comes to quantity, wood is typically sold by cords. You can buy either a face cord or a full cord depending on your needs. One cord actually contains a lot of wood, so if it is your first time buying firewood, you might want to know how many pieces of wood are in a cord so you can get the right amount.

What Is A Cord?

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When buying firewood, you need to understand that they have to be stored properly and that they need to be stacked a couple of inches above the ground. In some cases, you will just tell the dealer where to put them and the dealer will be the one to stack the wood you ordered into cords.

A cord is actually a measurement of volume. There are two types of wood cord, the face cord and the full cord. The face cord is basically 4 feet high, 8 feet long and 16 inches deep. A full cord of wood on the other hand, is basically three face cords that have been stacked together.

A full cord can also refer to a stack of wood that is 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. In most cases, the full cord can have a volume of 128 cubic feet. But the wood within the full cord will only have a volume of 85 cubic feet since the rest will be made up of empty air spaces.


To help you order enough firewood, you need to have adequate space outdoors where you can stack and store them. Since ordering them is done by cord, you need to know that 1 cord is enough to last 1 whole season for as long as you burn fires minimally. Around 1-2 times fires per week.

If you make fires several times per week, you should consider getting 2 face cords or better yet, a full cord so that you will be able to have enough firewood for the entire season. If you are not using firewood as your main source of heat indoors, a face cord can actually last for an entire year.

How Many Pieces Of Wood Are There In A Cord?

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Since the cord refers to volume and not quantity, the number of wood in one cord can vary depending on how the wood is cut and it will also depend on what type of wood is being used. On average, a face cord is made up of 220 – 240 pieces of wood.

In most cases, the full cord can have around 700 pieces of wood since it is around three times the size of a face cord. However, you need to understand that there is never a set number of pieces in a cord. And if you truly want to know how many pieces there are, you might as well count them one by one.

Why Should I Buy Firewood By Cord?

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Cord is the official measurement for firewood. This is why you need to buy them using this way. The price of the firewood is also calculated by cord, so it is best that you buy face cords or full cords so you will know its real value right away.

Some dealers can sell firewood by truck loads and even by station wagon loads, but it does not mean that you are getting more value from buying units that cannot be related to the standard cord. As a matter of fact, you can actually end up paying more but getting less if you are not careful.



If you want to get enough firewood, I highly recommend that you start designating a storage area, and that you begin buying two or three face cords just so you can start seasoning them for winter. Please remember that you cannot use freshly bought firewood right away since these usually don’t burn well.

As soon as your seasoned stack is ready, calculate how much you need by checking the average number of pieces you are using daily and by multiplying it by the number of days that you are planning to use firewood. Typically, 1 face cord is enough to last a whole season depending on climate and your needs.

How many pieces do you usually get in one cord? Tell us more about your firewood buying experiences in the comment section.

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