How Many Potatoes Per Plant? Having A Good Harvest

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Potatoes are typically grown from seed potatoes. A lot of gardeners love to try growing them at home since they can provide you with an abundant harvest in exchange for your hard work. There are also a wide variety of potato cultivars that you can choose from for planting.

Potatoes are known to be very versatile, as a matter of fact, some cultivars might be able to grow in “mars-like” conditions. Depending on what variety you choose to plant, you will have to make sure that you meet the potato plants requirements for growth so that it can produce as much crops as possible.

If you are trying to grow potato plants, you need to know how many potatoes each plant can produce. If numerous plants are growing, you will have to look for a good means of storing your harvest. Otherwise, you can easily end up allowing dozens of them to spoil, putting all your hard work to waste.

How Many Potatoes Per Plant? Having A Good Harvest

How Many Potatoes Per Plant?

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Potatoes are ready for harvesting as soon as the vine dies off. Depending on what variety you are growing, the potatoes can be harvested early, mid or late season. Of course, the potato plant will also need the right conditions so that it can properly produce the crops on time.

Potato seeds are typically planted by pound and in most cases, a 2 pound bag of potato seeds can be planted to produce anywhere between 15-60 pounds of potatoes that are ready to be harvested. This means that one potato plant can produce as much as 5-10 potatoes after a couple of months.

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Of course, there is no definite number when it comes to the yield. This is because different factors are at play. If the plant does not get the optimal conditions for growth, or if it gets a disease, the number of potatoes you can harvest will go down to 3-6 regular-sized potatoes as well as few small ones.

In some cases, you might not get as much potatoes as the estimate suggests, but instead, you will be able to harvest a few large and heavy ones. Typically, a harvest of 10 pounds per plant is considerable and a 14-pound harvest per plant is considered a good yield.

How Can I Make My Harvest Better?

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After seeing your harvest and finding out how much each plant was able to produce, you will then be able to know whether or not your growing technique worked. If the plants were able to produce an average of 10 potatoes, then you will know that you did something right.

On the other hand, if the potato plants were not able to produce an acceptable yield, you will have to change your methods. This can be very frustrating for a lot of people, especially when they only get two small potatoes from beautiful plants that looked perfectly healthy.

So you can get more potatoes per plant, experienced gardeners say that you should never try to grow them in containers such as towers, pots and bins. This is because plants that are grown this way are subjected to higher temperatures. And if the plant is subjected to heat, they won’t make as many crops.

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To get a better yield, you need to consider planting potatoes in a garden. This will help their roots stay cool and it will also allow the potato to continue producing tubers. Hot temperatures will halt production. You should also avoid planting them too close to each other to avoid the dwarfing effect.

You should also consider variants that are more accustomed to growing in the climate and temperatures in your area. Ask experienced growers if you should grow early potatoes or maincrop potatoes, and plant the potato seeds in fertile soil that has good drainage.


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Potatoes can be really fun and interesting to grow. As long as they are given the right conditions and ample space to grow and make tubers, you can easily get an abundant harvest. Depending on the cultivar used and on your growing technique, you can get as much as 5-10 potatoes per plant.

Potatoes are prized for their nutrient-content, this is why if you have the time and space, I highly recommend that you try to plant them. Do your first round of planting as an experiment. Try to meet the growing needs of the potato plant as closely as you can and see the results during harvest.

If during harvest, a plant can provide you with as much as 10 pounds or more, you most likely did a good job caring for them. But if the plants are only able to produce a couple of potatoes with low weights, you should definitely consider doing changes to make your harvest better next time.

Do you grow potatoes in your garden? Tell us more about how many potatoes can each plant produce in the comment section.

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