How Much Do Landscapers Make? Preparing For A Landscaping Career

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Landscapers are also known as landscape technicians. Their jobs are mostly performed outdoors and they are tasked with maintaining the grounds of various residential or commercial properties. A career in landscaping is actually quite physically demanding since ground maintenance is done manually.

But aside from all of the manual work, there are instances when the landscaper needs to sit in an office especially when he or she needs to meet clients. Most landscapers in the U.S. are males and most landscapers also say that they are very satisfied with their jobs.

There are instances when a landscaper is hired full time by a company. There are also landscapers that can schedule multiple clients in one day. Doing so will require a lot of effort from the landscaper, but it can allow them to earn more money. Read on and get information on how much they earn.

What Does A Landscaper Do?

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The landscaper’s job is basically to make lawns, gardens and grounds look nice and beautiful. He or she may be required to grow trees, plants and flowers. This is why the landscaper needs to be educated and trained when it comes to identifying plant species that can grow well together.

Landscapers should also know how to keep the plants and trees healthy. They should be knowledgeable when it comes to using fertilizers as well as when it comes to using herbicides and pesticides if necessary. He or she should also know how to use basic gardening tools such as rakes, hoes and shovels.

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The gardener should also be able to use equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers and other similar devices. This professional should also know how to plan for the long term. They need to put saplings in strategic locations so that it will add to the beauty of the property when it grows.

Golf courses will hire landscapers and they are likely willing to pay a lot of money for someone who can make plans for the entire property or maintain the quality of the course. There are also homeowners who are willing to hire part time landscapers to help them increase the curb value of their property.

How Much Do Landscapers Make?

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In the United States, landscapers can earn as much as $12.05 per hour. According to official data, the lowest salary that a landscaper can earn is around $9.61 per hour and the highest salary is $17.74. Some of them are able to get tips of $.05-$2.00 per hour. They can also get paid $13.43-$25.41 for overtime.

The annualized data also shows that landscapers can earn as much as $20,141 to $42,182. They can also earn bonuses from $196.68 to $3,041 per year. The tenure of the landscaper as well as the specific company that hires the professional also has a huge impact when it comes to the landscaper’s salary.

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In previous years, New Mexico paid the most amount of money for landscape architects at $86,460. Columbia ranked second by paying as much as $83,130, and California came in at third place by paying $78,220. For groundskeeping and landscaping, Washington D.C. paid an average of $35,110 per year.

The bureau of Labor Statistics says that the employment of landscape designers will increase by 16% from 2010 to 2020. They are also expecting that there will be a continued increase in job growth for landscapers and groundskeeping laborers. Landscape laborers are expected to get good job prospects.

How Can You Pursue A Career As A Landscaper?

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There are many ways for you to work as a landscaper but it will be up to you if you want to become a landscape designer or a landscape laborer. You can opt to go through apprenticeships and certified training programs, or you can choose to get postsecondary degree and diploma programs.

Some people can also become an expert landscaper even without getting a formal education. They do this by learning the skills of the trade from other people. The landscaper can study or train for years in order to become landscaping architects, landscaping managers, retail horticulturalists or technicians.


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Being a landscaper is a great job that will allow you to get a good salary to support your family. A lot of people love being a landscaper simply because they enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors and because their work can be rewarding. Many people aspire to be landscape architects because of higher salaries.

There are those on the other hand, who want to become landscape laborers simply because it will allow them to work on different plants and because it can help them get enough money while they are trying to improve their skills as a landscaper and while they are trying to get the certifications.

In most cases, a new landscaper will have to do a lot of manual labor. As the landscaper gets more experience, the work may shift from the outdoors to the office to handle both paperwork and clients. Aside from being a landscape architect, he or she can also manage a landscaping business later on.

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