How Much Does A Pallet Of Sod Weight? Transporting It On Your Truck

How much is a pallet of sod

Sod is also known as turf. It is the grass that you would typically use to help improve the appearance of your lawns. But it is not just the grass that is bought when you order sod, it also includes the soil that is being held together by the roots since it can help the grass grow better and faster.

Unfortunately, this can also make the sod weigh more. Sod is not just for residential use, golf courses and sports stadiums will order a lot of sod to keep their facilities in good condition. Other establishments can also use sod to improve their landscaping and the spaces outside their buildings.

Most of the time, sod is sold in pallets. While most people will ask them to be delivered in flatbed trucks, there are those who want to transport them in their own vehicles. So you can avoid having accidents and unnecessary car problems, you need to know how heavy a pallet of sod weighs.

Factors That Can Affect The Weight Of The Pallet

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Not all pallets of sod will weigh the same. This is because some sod are heavier and some manufacturers will make sure that the sod will have as much soil underneath so that it will be able to thrive properly in its new environment. You should also consider how big the pallet is as it can also affect the total weight.

You need to keep in mind that the pallets that are typically used for measuring, transporting or selling sod can have an area of 450 square feet or 500 square feet. In most cases, a full 500 square feet pallet will weigh heavier than the smaller pallet.

You should also take into consideration the moisture content of the sod. Sod that are still wet will weigh significantly more than those that are already dry. By the way, you should avoid buying sod that have dried out. The weight can also vary depending on how many pieces are placed on each pallet.

How Much Does A Pallet Of Sod Weight?

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There are some dealers who say that a pallet of their sod will weigh as much as 1,800 pounds. Many however, will think that this is too light for a typical pallet. Some dealers can easily provide you with a pallet of sod that weighs as much as 2,800 – 3,000 pounds.

So you won’t be shocked at how heavy it can be, you need to prepare a vehicle that can carry as much as 1,500 – 3,000 pounds. However, there are some types of sod, like the Zenith Zoysia, that can easily weigh more than that. As a matter of fact, these can weigh around 3,000 – 3,200 pounds per pallet.

Some estimates depend on whether you are using a 450 or a 500 square foot pallet. A 450 sq. ft. pallet will weigh around 2,000 – 2,500 pounds. While a 500 sq. ft. pallet can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. Typically, the overall weight includes the pallet itself.

Can You Use Your Own Truck For Transport?

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When it comes to transporting sod, I highly recommend that you pay for the delivery especially if you are planning to get several pallets. But if you want to buy just one pallet of sod, you can try to check the user manual of your truck just so you can be sure that it can take the weight.

The average truck can barely carry a ton, but it might be able to carry as much as 2,240 pounds if it has a towing package. You can also weigh them individually so you will know the precise weight that you need to carry. Keep in mind that even a bit of moisture can increase the weight to several hundred pounds.

If the load is too heavy for your truck, you can easily make its frame sit on the axle. This can create vehicle handling problems and it can actually increase your risk for road accidents or vehicle issues later on. You can, however, rent a trailer to avoid getting an unnecessary headache.


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A pallet of sod can basically weigh anywhere between 1,500 – 3,000 pounds depending on a wide range of factors. Most sod will weigh around 35 – 45 pounds per piece and the more pieces in a pallet, the heavier the pallet will be. The weight also varies depending on how big the pallet is.

Other important factors to consider would be the moisture content as well as how much soil each pallet contains. In some instances, the type of sod will also have an impact on its overall weight. This is why I highly recommend that you avoid accidents and ask for the pallet to be delivered instead.

Of course, hauling a pallet using your own truck is possible for as long as you have a truck that is built for carrying heavy loads. To give you a good idea of how heavy it is, you should know that a pallet can easily exert a lot of stress on F 150, F 250 and even Tacoma trucks. In fact, forklifts can also struggle with its weight.

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