How Much Does It Cost To Clear Land? An Overview Of Land Clearing

Land clearing cost

Land clearing is typically done by using chainsaws, bulldozers and a wide range of different machineries and equipment in order to remove trees, rocks, plants and other obstacles. This is basically done to help make way for road or construction projects which are to be done on that specific area.

Land clearing can also be done to prevent fires and also to help the property owners make a section of their property more manageable. Selective land clearing can also be done to restore overgrown views and to make way for drive ways or even walkways without damaging desirable trees.

If the land needs to be turned into a farmland or pasture, an extensive land clearing project needs to be done since all obstacles have to be safely removed. Depending on what your needs are, the clearing can be quite expensive. Here’s what you need to know about its cost:

How Much Does It Cost To Clear Land? An Overview Of Land Clearing

Typical Costs Of Clearing Land

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One of the biggest factors that can influence the cost of clearing land is the condition of the parcel of land. The contractor needs to know whether the land is sloped or flat. The contractor will also need to know whether the land is grassy, bushy, filled with large trees or just lightly wooded.

Of course, the accessibility, the size of the area that needs to be cleared as well as the local rates and regulations should also be considered when coming up with the land clearing cost. In general, a parcel of land that is flat with light vegetation will cost as much as $20 - $200 per acre.

But if the land is sloping, or if it has a lot of bushes and some trees, the costs can go up to $500-$2,000 per acre. If the area is heavily forested, the cost of clearing land will be significantly more expensive at $3,000-$6,000 or even more per acre. You might also have to pay for the disposal or storage of the trash.


You can also clear land on your own. Although it might help you avoid spending money on the labor, you will still end up having to rent heavy machineries such as bulldozers, excavators and backhoes. Renting them will typically cost $100-$350. Buying them on the other hand will cost $10,000-$100,000 or more.

Of course, you will also have to buy a chainsaw worth $200-$500. Although doing it on your own seems to be more practical money-wise, I highly recommend that you do it only if you have the necessary skills to operate these equipment and machineries safely.

Other Factors You Need To Consider During Land Clearing

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When clearing land, you need to talk to your contractor about how the land will be used after. You need to understand that there are different clearing methods that can be used to fit your needs. You should also think about what type of heavy machinery you will need. The more machinery, the more the cost is.

If you want to clear land for construction, let the contractor know so that the area will be prepped for land grading or land levelling after. In some States, you will be required to pay for a land clearing permit. This can cost you as much as $50-$200 or possibly more depending on the regulations in your area.

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For parcels of land that have a lot of trees, you can actually sell the trees for timber. You can ask the local authorities for permission and for more information about the trees so that they will be used properly as firewood, for construction purposes or for selling.

You can also ask local companies that sell firewood if they would like to buy and cut down the trees in your area. Stump removal on the other hand, will cost you around $2 - $50 per stump. If you are going to use the land for agricultural purposes, the land clearing expenses might be tax deductible.

Land Clearing Cost - Conclusion

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The costs for clearing land will depend on the actual conditions of your property. If it is flat and only need selective or minor clearing tasks, there will be no need for the contractor to get as many laborers and machinery to get the job done.

In flat areas with minimal obstructions, you will only need to pay around $20 -$200 per acre for clearing. But if the parcel of land is heavily wooded, rough and sloped or if it has many obstructions, you might end up having to pay a couple thousand dollars per acre.

So you won’t have problems with your budget, I highly recommend that you try to call a contractor and ask for a price quote. If you have the skills and if the area is not too big, you can actually try to do the clearing on your own so you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

When clearing large properties, try to do it a few acres at a time. Clear only the areas that will be used in the next few months so you can spend your money methodically. Always try to check with local environmental or land authorities before you do clearing projects so you can get the necessary permits.

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Taylor Bishop says Nov. 2017

Thanks for helping me learn more about land clearing. I didn’t know that you can actually sell a lot of the trees for timber. That being said, I’m interested to learn if you should know if the trees are healthy before you sell them, especially if it could affect the type of timber that could be made.

Patricia Wilson says Mar. 2018

I appreciate that you explained that I should be communicating with my contractor about how I intend to use the land after it has been cleared. I wanted to clear our backyard and build a workshop. My mom used to plant greens out back, and the contractor might think I want to do the same. I’d be sure to go over things properly when I get one for this project. Thanks for the advice!

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