How Much Does Trugreen Cost? Knowing If It Is Right For You

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The lawn can be a very difficult part of your property to take care of. However, it is also one of the very first things that people will notice as soon as they go into your home. This is why many homeowners will want to make sure that they get a great looking lawn by trying out different lawn products.

Trugreen is a company that offers a lawn care fertilizing service through a local lawn company. This company prides itself as being backed by agronomists that are able to know exactly what your lawn needs in order to flourish. The services that they offer usually includes various lawn management plans.

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Trugreen actually provides a lot of services such as the Trusignature lawn plan, the Truhealth lawn plan and also the Trumaintenance lawn plan. But what most people are interested in is the Trucomplete lawn plan that will allow you to get a package deal of lawn services designed to help you improve your lawn.

How Much Does Trugreen Cost? Knowing If It Is Right For You

TruGreen Lawn Care Business History

Since 1990, TruGreen Lawn Care and its esteemed team of lawn-care professionals have helped customers enjoy the lushest lawns, the most vibrant plants, the healthiest trees, and weed-free outdoors. What's more is that TruGreen Lawn Care services have consistently been offered to clients at affordable and accommodating prices. In short, there's a reason so many individuals—over 2.3 million annual customers—trust TruGreen to provide fair and high-quality outdoor work.

This commitment to fair and high-quality lawn care services is what led to TruGreen's 1990 founding. At that time, few lawn care companies, whether they specialized in landscaping, fertilization, plant and tree care, or another lawn-care sphere, provided reliable and fairly priced work. Customers were dissatisfied, and the appearance and health of lawns across the country suffered because of lackluster efforts on the part of other companies. To be sure, not all the lawn-care work of the time was flawed, but much of it was, and a recognizable, consistently excellent brand of outdoor care simply did not exist.

And then, thanks to some initiative, careful planning, and a thorough understanding of the public need, TruGreen came along. Memphis, Tennessee headquarters were set-up, the process of training lawn care professionals to go above and beyond was initiated, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, TruGreen boasts thousands upon thousands of lawn-care professionals in its ranks, as well as more than 200 TruGreen locations across the United States; each location's team of lawn-care experts specializes in helping grass, plants, and trees thrive in their state's climate. Wherever one lives and whatever his or her lawn-care needs consist of, TruGreen is standing by to provide assistance—starting with a helpful phone call and an in-person quote.

The Trucomplete Lawn Plan

The Trucomplete lawn plan offered by Trugreen is one of the most controversial services that you can find in the lawn care industry. This is basically because it offers you with as much as 8 applications of the Trugreen Company’s product as well as one very useful and beneficial aeration service.

Trugreen considers this service as one of their most comprehensive services available. This is because it allows your lawn to get vital nutrients, amendments with the help of organic soil, as well as adequate protection for your lawn. PhD certified specialists will also be the ones to tailor your lawn plan.

If you decide to avail of this plan, the company will have to assess your lawn by finding out the climate in your area, the grass type that you are using, the condition of the soil and how the lawn is being used. This will help the company figure out what your lawn needs so it can grow properly.

To ensure client satisfaction, the company will even be willing to adjust your lawn so you will be able to get what you want. If you get this plan, you will also be able to protect your lawn from weeds that grow throughout the year with the help of pre-emergent herbicides as well as target weed control products.

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, Trugreen utilizes a slow-release product that will allow your lawn to get the nutrients that it needs during important times in each season. This will not just help the grass to thrive, it will also ensure that it gets constant stimulation so that it will grow properly.

TruGreen's Marketing and Advertising Strategy

Potential TruGreen customers often indicate their surprise with the relative individuality and specific nature of TruGreen's advertisements and marketing efforts. To be sure, TruGreen does run some nationwide adverts, but many local promotions and marketing initiatives are spearheaded by TruGreen professionals and are meant to appeal to nearby customers. In this way, a degree of personalization that is rarely found in other commercials and advertising is a hallmark of TruGreen's style of operation and philosophy. It's about the customer and his or her wants and needs.

Besides many local advertisements and promotional programs being developed by individual TruGreen representatives, special deals and sales are localized. This allows as many clients as possible to become interested in and join Team TruGreen. Moreover, it affirms the unique, person-to-person connection that has long served as the foundation upon which TruGreen's business practices and care measures are based.

How Much Does Trugreen Cost?

Amazingly, all of Trugreen’s plans are actually very affordable. While each of them will include different services, you can actually avail their first applications for as low as $29.95. And while many are truly excited about availing Trugreen’s offer, there are actually a couple of things that you need to know first.

In order for you to get Trugreen’s application offer, your lawn actually has to qualify. If you do qualify, then you will not have any problems whatsoever simply because Trugreen will definitely let you avail of it for that amount. But is it really that easy for you to get such a great deal for your lawn?

Unfortunately, you should know that this offer is only for people who have a 5,000 square foot lawn. If you have a bigger lawn, you will not be qualified for the offer. You should also know that the offer is only good for new customers or for the first application.

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After the first application, you will have to continue the rest of your remaining applications at the regular price. You should also know that Trugreen’s offer is only for those who are going to purchase an annual plan upfront as well as provide payment through easy pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does TruGreen offer services besides lawn care?

A: Absolutely. Although TruGreen is perhaps best known for its lawn-health and fertilization services, the company provides landscaping (depending on the local office), weed control, disease (plant, tree, and lawn) control, detailed lawn-health reports, disease protection, and much, much more. Virtually all aspects of the yard, including the lawn, trees, plants, and flowers, are covered by TruGreen's diverse services.

Q: I'm looking for a single lawn-care service. Does TruGreen offer single-service packages?

A: Yes, TruGreen does offer single-service lawn-care packages. The client is always in charge, and although TruGreen professionals may suggest additional services while they're providing a quote, the customer's preferences will be followed. Fertilization, landscaping (subject to packages offered by local TruGreen branches), watering, weed control, and more can be customized by the customer. Feel free to review TruGreen's various lawn-care packages to select the most suitable variation, and bear in mind that some services are much more effective when administered along with other services.

Q: Is there a TruGreen office near me?

A: If you live in the continental United States, there is a TruGreen office near you. TruGreen maintains more than 400 branches across America, and more than 2.3 million customers are served by these branches annually. To find the TruGreen location that's nearest to your home, navigate to this map and click on your state. A list of TruGreen locations will then appear.

Q: How often does TruGreen provide its lawn-care services?

A: TruGreen's lawn-care services are tailored to the unique geographic needs of the lawn, plants, and trees at-hand. Some fertilization measures may need to be administered more frequently at certain points in the year in certain states. Again, it's all about the climate of the state and the time of the year, and local TruGreen professionals can provide more information over the phone and/or during an at-home consultation.


While Trugreen’s plans are truly amazing, and the prices are very enticing, you should know that what they are doing is actually a marketing strategy. If you are interested in having your lawn cared for by professionals, and if you qualify for the offer, then by all means, contact the company right away.

But if you are conscious about how their strategy works and about your money, you should know that the $29.95 price tag is only for the first application and not the entire plan. Although some people say that their services do work well, you should understand that it will actually be quite costly.

As a matter of fact, some people say that depending on the lawn technician who calls you, you might have to pay for as much as $49 - $69 per application. And if the technician recommend that you get as much as 7 applications for your lawn, you will have to spend as much as $343 - $483 for everything.

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Rose Ricks says Oct. 2017

Interested to have a nice lawn next summer.

Betty says Jan. 2018

In your experience what will be a good fertilizer for the lawn?
I’ll really appreciate your help.

Harvey Mullis says Feb. 2018

I looked at your web page for the total cost of a years service and could not find a cost other than the first application! What is the total cost for a years service. 843 761 4868

Randall Dixon says Mar. 2018

I agree their offer is pricey. For my 2+ acres is about $0.07 / square foot. $3000 / year.

Brighter Image says Apr. 2018

Great article. I recently started using their service and so far have been very happy. I love cutting my own lawn but when it comes to maintaining it…I simply just do not have the knowledge on what weed control and fertilizers to use. I really like that they also offer insect treatments. My yard is rather large (2 Acres) so I did not qualify for the $29 initial fee.

Tam Huynh says May. 2018

I have a contract 1 year. The trucomplete lawn plan. I pay over 700 hundred
But the weeds and died a lot. …I not happy. I pay to much ….do not work properly contract…I want nice grass field. my grass died
A lot….

harry says May. 2018

Still don’t know the cost! A waste of space. Put you on my public list of places to avoid.

Robert E Lawton says Jul. 2018

Have Japanese beetle grubs on my bushes andon my lawn. Called for grub control. quoted $159.00. Seems high. we have had your service, yearly for some years. Beautiful lawn…Beatles swarmed over bushes and lawn recently. Lawn area swarmed with Japanese Beatles 2 weeks ago. No rain lately. Afraid of loosing lawn, but price seems high.. Had bushes sprayed last week..THANKS..good job good price…

Doris Godfrey says May. 2019

I am a 71 year old retiree. My yard is 1.3 acres. I have someone that cuts my grass but no one to keep it fertilized. Because of the extremely wet spring there are round areas that have a fungus. I have purchased the liquid to be sprayed but have no way to spray. Would your company consider a contract to fertilize and spray my yard in a contract for 1 year. Can you give me an approximate cost. Thank you. You csn reach me by email.

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