How Much Is A Black Walnut Tree Worth? Discovering Its Value

black walnut tree

The black walnut tree is a deciduous tree that is native to North America. This tree is quite useful and it is prized because it can be easily worked with and because a lot of people like the rich brown color of its lumber. Aside from its uses in construction, this tree is also prized for the distinct taste of its walnuts.

There are actually a lot of black walnut tree cultivars. They can either be bred specifically for the lumber they can provide or for their nuts. Today, it can be very hard to find black walnut trees that are in good condition simply because many of the areas where they grow in have the thousand canker disease.

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This disease is causing the decline in the trees population. To assess its value, you need to consider its allelopathic characteristic as well as its slow aging process towards maturity. These trees cannot be easily grown together and it will take decades before you can use them.

Factors To Consider Before Cutting Or Selling The Tree

a black walnut tree

Before trying to cut or sell a tree, you need to consider making sure that it is large enough so that you will be able to sell it for a good price. In some cases, the tree will need to have at least 14in. in diameter before they can be sold for a good amount of money. The bigger the diameter, the higher the worth.

Sometimes the tree will be valued depending on its financial maturity and biological maturity. Some buyers will also grade the tree depending on the quality of the wood. The tree can either be graded as veneer quality or lumber quality. Veneer quality trees are rare, this is why they are more valuable.

black walnut leaves

For a black walnut tree to be given a veneer quality, it needs to have as much as 19 inches in diameter and it should not have defects. Although you can now sell a tree this big, some would suggest that you keep growing the tree until it will have 25in. in diameter so that it will be able to have a higher value.

Some experts also say that as soon as you see a tree that can potentially be graded as veneer quality, you should try to let it grow to at least 24 – 26 inches in diameter. As for lumber quality trees, you might still be able to sell them for a good price because walnuts are known for its high-end lumber.

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What Is The Worth Of A Black Walnut Tree?

black walnut alley

When it comes to selling black walnut trees that have a lumber quality grade, one that has a 14 inch diameter and a 16-feet log can have as much as 50 board feet. Since each board feet has an average value of $1.00, you can get as much as $50 for this specific tree.

For trees that have an 18 inch diameter and the same length, you can get as much as 100 board feet. For trees that have a 24 inch diameter, you can get as much as 220 board feet. The stump value of both trees will be $100 and $220 respectively.

For veneer quality trees on the other hand, they need to have at least 22 inches in diameter as well as an 8-foot log that is in good quality. This tree can make as much as 170 board feet and since it can be sold for around $3.00 per foot, you can get as much as $510 for it.


If the veneer quality tree has a 26 inch diameter, it might fetch as much as $1300 in the market. In some areas, a 19-inch veneer log will only be valued at $700 - $800, while a 25 inch veneer log will have a price of $1400 - $1600 depending on the current market conditions.

If you want to sell the nuts on the other hand, you should know that cultivars that have very high yield can produce as much as 2,000 pounds of walnut per acre. In the U.S., you can sell these walnuts to a Hammons Products buying station for around 13 cents to 45 cents per pound.


black walnut

Black walnut trees are very valuable today because they are known for their quality lumber and for their delicious walnuts. Although they can be worth a good amount of money, especially ones that have veneer quality, you should know that these trees cannot readily give you a return of investment.

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This is because you will need to wait for as long as 10 years before these trees can produce walnuts. You will also have to wait for as long as 30 years before nut production can reach its peak. If you want to sell the logs, you will have to wait for 50 – 80 years before you can get the best value.

In general, black walnut trees are worth a decent amount of money but they are not really that good from a business or investment standpoint. If you want to sell them, you should try to look for veneer quality ones as these trees can fetch a higher price in the market.

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Pat Richter says Aug. 2017

Your article was very informative. We live on a property that use to be a farm. We have 2 very large Black Walnut Trees we would like to remove and sell. Would you happen to know who we should contact? Thank you
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How can I find someone in the CT area that I could sell my walnut tree? Thanks Don

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Wanting to sell about 8 TO 10 trees

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who can I contact in WI. who would buy the tree

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Help my yard

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What is the best time of year to sell a tree

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We have hundreds of black black walnuts that I am gathering. Who would be interested in them besides the squirrels?

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How. Much is a black nut 16 long 33 in diameter

John says Dec. 2017

Wow what is all the fuss for such minimal return? What is the inclusion of these prices? Is it for the entire tree trunk? How tall is the trunk have to be? Or are these the prices per sections and how long do the sections have to be

willphule says Feb. 2018

This data is very inaccurate and/or badly outdated and anybody selling walnut at the prices mentioned, in 2017 (the date on this post) or today, is giving away gold for the price of dirt..

Deborah says Feb. 2018

Thank you so much Emily Taylor I like to know more about gardening

Scott A Wasik says Mar. 2018

Mature black walnut tree for sale at least 80 years old perfect condition do you know anybody wanna buy it

Bea Stevens says Mar. 2018

Want to know a contact for selling black walnut trees that are older than i am. Produce lots of walnuts and unfortunately only the squirrels have been fattened with them. Thank you for a reply.

Charles Leathers says Mar. 2018

I have one large walnut tree about three stories tall and about 25 inches in diameter that I would like to sell. Can you recommend someone that would buy it and remove it from my property?

Susan says Apr. 2018

Do you know of a Michigan harvester of Walnut trees who could give estimate of value. Trees are well over 70 yrs old. Still produce walnuts. Thanks

Selena says Apr. 2018

I have dozens of mature black walnut trees in various sizes. I would like to sell these trees but am not sure how to go about it

    Mahlon Libby says May. 2019

    Call a forester. If you want to sell your trees

Rickey says Apr. 2018

I am in the process of cutting a large black walnut tree it is 123 inches around the base need to know what’s the links that I need to cut these pieces in that are straight to get the most out of them need help with this

Denise says Apr. 2018

Hello, we are looking to sell two, very large black walnut trees. Does anyone know how we’d go about that?
Thank you!!!

Jud Vogt says Apr. 2018

after recent fires in our native pastures we are going to loose some of our much loved black walnut trees. I have an idea what the trunks and stumps could be worth, but we have a few “characters” with trunks around 5′ diameter. then branches split off of the main into large branches [18″ to 30″] starting around 4′ +/- from the ground. trees are very well protected by canyons and land. not a big problem for me to doze in a road the last 1-200′. I have always wanted a few table tops so I would consider full or partial trade on the big fat stump.

Bev miller says May. 2018

I live near bowling Green Ky do u lknow of any people locally, that I could get to harvest my Walnut trees?

Willie Stembridge says Jun. 2018

Hello Emily I have a question I’m moving to Georgia in 2 months and I have a government I wanted to know where can the seeds to plant a few black walnut trees? … I have brought myself 2 acres of land.If you have Any information it would help me greatly .. Thank you..

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We have a black walnut tree that is over 100 years old. We want to have it harvested. Where do we begin?

Teresa says Jun. 2018

I have a walnUT tree to sale how can I find the right buyer in Arkansas

Paul says Jul. 2018

Dumb ? I know – but here it is:
Is it possible to determine if a black walnut tree is of veneer quality prior to cutting?
I recall 70 years ago as a teen having a 4-H tree project and drilling the trees for age. Could this work if done out of reach of log areas to be used – like very low? Thanks! Paul

Kathleen says Jul. 2018

We have acres of walnut trees. Where can we sell walnuts in the Midwest?

John Birthisel says Jul. 2018

I appreciate your advice. I live in Union Grove, NC 28689 about 40 miles from Charlotte, NC. I have a very large Black Walnut Tree and would like to sell it. If you have someone I could contact please email me. Thank you Loved your article.

Sally Sandry says Aug. 2018

Do you know the current price per ft on the Black Walnut? Is there a good website to ck in Indiana for current pricing on all trees.

Darrell Williams says Sep. 2018

I Have a 60ft walnut tree in my front yard, that’s been here for since 1968. It’s producing aprox.1000 walnuts per year. I’ve been looking for a buyer for this tree because I need it out of my front yard but, I don’t want to just have someone cut it down and use the wood for firewood. I believe it’s veneer quality wood and I would rather it be used for that purpose. If someone would know of someone who would buy this tree I would greatly appreciate it.

Cyndi says Sep. 2018

Thank you so much for the information on the Black Walnut Tree.

Robert L Thompson says Mar. 2019

I have a black walnut tree 63 inches in diameter. is anyone interested? also, 2 smaller trees

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