How To Get Rid Of Dollar Weeds In 3 Quick Steps

Dollar weed

Dollar weed is also known as a pennywort. This invasive plant species can easily thrive in warm areas or in coastal climates. They tend to grow in areas that have a lot of moisture and they can grow fast in soil that has poor drainage. They can easily take over your lawn especially if you have poor soil.

This plant is called a dollar weed because it has small, rounded leaves. Its shiny leaves also look like small coins, hence the name. In some cases, the dollarweed can be used to cover areas where grass or plants will not be able to grow. When kept properly, its leaves can actually add to the appearance of your lawn.

But when it grows uncontrollably, it can easily invade the other areas of your home, making it look like a horrible swamp or marshland. This plant spreads to different areas through its underground roots and seeds. It can be hard to eliminate. If you need help dealing with it, follow these steps carefully.

Prepare The Following To Get Rid Of Dollar Weed

1. White Vinegar


This will be used to kill the weeds directly. You can use vinegar that contains 5 – 10% acetic acid. If you want to kill the weeds right away, then look for a white vinegar product that has a higher acetic acid content.

2. Boiling Water

boiling water

This will be used to deal with heavy dollarweed infestations. When using boiling water, please be careful not to hurt yourself or other plants.

3. Baking Soda

baking soda

This will be used as another dollar weed killer. If you do not have any, you can use sugar instead.

4. A Lawn Aerator

a Lawn Aerator

This machine will be used to help keep the soil in good condition. You can rent one online but you will have to ask someone to help you lift it since this machine is very heavy. If you do not have it, you can use ordinary soil which will be used as a top-dressing.

5. Gardening Gloves

garden gloves

This will be used to protect your hand from irritations when you are getting rid of Dollar weed. You can also use oven mitts or work gloves especially when handling the hot water or when using the chemicals.

How To Get Rid Of Dollar Weeds

Step 1: Kill The Weeds On Contact

pull out weed

To kill the weeds right away, wear gardening gloves and pull the weed out of the ground. If there are too many dollar weed in your lawn, you can use boiling water to kill them right away. Just make sure that you will not pour boiling water on other plants as you might end up killing them as well.

If you do not want to boil large quantities of water, you can opt to use white vinegar. This substance has been used in the past to kill dollar weed. Recently, scientific studies have shed light on this claim. Researchers have shown that white vinegar with 5 – 10% acetic acid can kill the weeds in two weeks.

If you think that it is still not quick enough, then you can buy a vinegar product that has a stronger acetic acid concentration. You can buy super strong vinegars in the cleaning section or in stores that sell imported brands. Do not concentrate white vinegar through boiling since acetic acid is flammable.

Step 2: Sprinkle It With Baking Soda

dollar weed

If the dollarweed is still alive, use baking soda. It can be used as a low impact herbicide. This is highly recommended if the dollarweed is growing near other plants or grass. It can be used to kill the weeds but not the other plants around it. To do this, you need to wet the small, circular leaves on the weeds.

You will then have to sprinkle baking soda on each leaf. Let it stay overnight and it should die a few days later. You can also sprinkle sugar all over the plant. You can dissolve it first or you can water the area thoroughly after spreading sugar all over it. This can be used to kill the dollarweed in a matter of days.

Step 3: Re-Condition The Soil

Lawn Aerator

A great way of killing dollarweed and halting its invasion is by re-conditioning the soil. Dollar weed needs a lot of moisture from the soil in order to thrive. But by using an aerator, you can enhance the transfer of water, oxygen and nutrients within the soil. This can help strengthen the grass in your lawn.

If you do not have an aerator, you can always use more soil. Cover the areas where the dollarweed has been killed or removed with a top-dressing. This will allow your lawn to have better drainage and it can also help strengthen certain areas of the soil that has been depleted of nutrients.



Dollar weed is very invasive and it can completely destroy the appearance of your lawn or garden. Since they thrive in poor soil conditions and in poor drainage, I highly recommend that you keep your plants and grass healthy and that you try to re-condition your soil before they start to appear.

If you see a dollarweed growing on your lawn, kill it right away before it starts spreading itself. Use the quick fixes mentioned above so you will be able to get rid of dollarweed without having to spend a lot of money on buying herbicides or hiring professional gardeners.

Do you know how to get rid of dollarweed effectively? Share your experience and advice with us in the comment section.

About the Author Emily Taylor

My name is Emily Taylor, gardening is my passion and I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone. I know that there are millions of people out there want their backyard and garden be attractive just like their front yard, so I am here to help you create your own backyard paradise.

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Jim Welles says Jun. 2017

Thanks for your good tips. I have small patches of dollar weed on my lawn, and wondered if cutting the petals off with a weed wacker will kill the plant. Thank you.

Steve IVanochick says Jan. 2018

I used some weed killer Weed begone but it did nothing.

Teresa Davis says Feb. 2018

Thank you very much

MELBA RAY says Apr. 2018

Will any of these solutions kill the grass under the dollar weed. I have both san augustine and bermuda. and in places the dollar weed is a thick covering. I am not able to dig it up all is does is break and tear up the grass underneath.

Jeannette says Jul. 2018

This absolutely does not work. Salt, vinegar, dish soap, boiling water and commercial products will kill the top of the plant right away, but is soon as these solutions hit the soil, their effectiveness dissipates completely. So you are stuck with healthy roots and the plants are back in no time flat.

The best reason not to use any of these solutions is that any over-spray will kill the plants that you are trying to save. I have killed way too many plants using these methods. So put on your gardening gloves, kneel on a gardening bench, get a spade out and run the spade slightly under the dollar weed. Take you time and allow the spade to follow the root (it can be up to four feet long). If you hear a snap, you have broken the root. Start there and keep following the root until you get to the little root ball. There is no easy way to do this. Plan to repeat this process couple of months for the rest of your life.

Siobhan rone says Nov. 2018

I have bottle brush Hawthorne camellias olive, etc these are the shrubs around the soil where I need to kill the dollar we’d
Will the white vinegar indirectly kill them under the soil to their root system?

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