How To Get Rid Of Ground Squirrels In 3 Practical Steps

Squirrels can look cute and although they are often portrayed as fun and friendly animals, you should make no mistake about their capacity to destroy. Squirrels can cause a lot of problems especially in agricultural areas. As a matter of fact, some state authorities demand a high kill ratio for its control.

Considered as pests, they can actually cost thousands of dollars in damage, especially in farms that grow cash crops or in vineyards. Aside from damaging the bark and eating the fruits, squirrels can also dig underground and wreak havoc on your plant’s root system. They can also damage irrigation lines.

Some experts also say that ground squirrels can do more harm than large rats. This is why getting rid of them must be a top priority. As soon as they infest your home, they will start chewing on your doors and they can start making tunnels. Here’s how you can get rid of them in 3 easy steps.

What You Need To Prepare

1. Squirrel Trap

You can purchase squirrel traps online or in hardware stores. You can choose ones that will kill the squirrels or no-kill traps. There are also advanced models that will make use of electricity to kill them. If you know how, you can also make your own squirrel trap at home.

2. Baits

In order to attract ground squirrels towards your trap, you will have to use baits that are highly attractive to them. You can use peanuts, sunflower seeds, fruits and even dog food. You can also check what they have been trying to eat in your property so you will be able to use something that works.

You can also use poisoned baits if you want to kill them. Just keep in mind that most of these poisons will work during the course of several days. You might also have to deal with the carcass or the odor of the squirrels especially if they die underground.

3. Cleaning And Gardening Tools

cleaning tools

This will be used to get rid of items that can attract ground squirrels in your property. You will need to clean and disinfect areas that are used for eating or storing trash. Use the gardening tools to remove tall grass, thick shrubs and dead trees.

4. A Fence


This will be used to keep squirrels away from your plants or from important areas in your home. You can use sheet metal, hardware cloth or fencing mesh. You might also be able to use wood, metal or a combination of any of these materials.

Making a fence can be time consuming and costly. If you do not want to create a physical barrier, you can opt to use deterrents such as cat or predator urine, cayenne pepper, mint or ultrasonic repellents so you can keep these pests away from your property or from strategic areas inside your home.

5. Gas Sticks

gas pipes

This will be used to kill or flush out the ground squirrels that are hiding underground. If you do not have any, you can use fumigators or water through a hose instead. Water, however, might not be able to kill the squirrels and they might just pop out and return later.

Getting Rid Of Ground Squirrels In 3 Practical Steps

Step 1: Making Your Home Or Property Less Attractive To Ground Squirrels

emptying trash bin

Squirrels can carry diseases and they can do serious damage to your home. As soon as you notice squirrels in your property, you need to consider why they are burrowing near your home and what is drawing them in. In most cases, they are the availability of food, water and good hiding spots.

If this is the case, you need to consider disposing garbage properly and making sure that the eating areas outside your home are always clean. Try to keep the grass low, remove any rotten or dead trees and get rid of any pile of junk or leaves in your property.

If you have fruit-bearing plants or vegetables in your property, you should consider making a fence around them. Make sure that the fence is deep enough to stop the squirrels from digging underneath it and make sure that the mesh is small enough so that they will not easily slip through.

Step 2: Dealing With Minor Ground Squirrel Problems

If the squirrels are still in your property, you should consider using traps and baits before they begin to rapidly reproduce or infest your property. If you are concerned about having to deal with the carcass or the odor of a dead squirrel, then you should opt for a catch and release trap.

Set up the trap in areas where the squirrels frequently pass through or near the holes that lead to their tunnels. Keep in mind that in spring, squirrels will only consume fresh nuts or vegetables. If you want to use baits to kill them, place bait stations in your garden after May or after hibernation for 5-8 days.

Step 3: Use Gas To Eliminate Serious Infestations

ground squirrel

If there is a dense ground squirrel infestation in your area, I recommend that you take desperate measures and proceed to use gas or fumigation to flush the squirrels out of their tunnels. The amount of gas you need to use depends on the plasticity of the soil. More gas is needed for soil with sand or loam.

Using gas can be very dangerous. You should avoid using carbon monoxide from your car before doing this. You can purchase products online that allows you to inject into the ground. The gas will displace the oxygen and suffocate the squirrels that are hiding in their tunnels.


Through practical methods, you can keep your property safe from squirrels. Although they are not aggressive, these rodents can carry diseases and their gnawing behavior can lead to a lot of damage to property. Your first line of defense is to make your home less attractive and your garden inaccessible.

If this will not deter the squirrels, you need to consider trapping them or using baits to reduce their numbers over time. If you want to use a non-lethal trap, you will have to find areas where you can release them safely. If you want to kill them through baits or gas, check to see if you need a permit first.

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