How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds In 3 Simple Steps

a mocking bird

Mockingbirds are nice and lovely creatures that can look entertaining especially if you see them collecting food. Unfortunately, these birds can get annoying especially if they live near your home. This is because they are known to mimic the songs of other birds or the sound of other animals.

As nice as that might sound, you need to understand that if they make sounds, they will typically do it loudly and in succession. This is why there are a lot of people who say that mockingbirds drive them crazy. Especially if they stay near the windows to their bedrooms, making them unable to sleep at night.

If you have experienced this, you might be tempted to ask how to kill a mockingbird. You should know however, that these birds are under the protection of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. So if you want to know how to legally get rid of them, prepare the materials and follow the steps carefully.

water gun

You will need a large water gun so you can drive the mockingbirds away. If you do not have one, you might be able to scare them off using a Nerf gun with foam bullets. You can also use a hose with a head that can shoot up for a couple of meters high. Do not use a bb gun or pellet gun.

2. Water


You will need water to power-up your super soaker. If you have an exterior faucet, find one that is nearest to the tree that is “owned” by the mockingbird. If you are using a Nerf gun, be prepared to let loose and probably also lose some bullets. Use bullets that are made of foam, especially those that have soft tips.

3. Binoculars


You will need this so you will get a better look at the bird from below. If you do not have one, you can use a telescope or make your own spyglass. If you have night vision goggles, you can use this whenever you need to make your move at night.

4. Flashlights

flash light

You can use this to check where the bird is hiding, you will also be needing it to make sure that you will not be hitting power lines or any dangerous obstacles especially if you are going to use a hose or a water gun.

5. A Cardboard Cutout Of An Owl Or Hawk

owl cutout

This will be used to scare the mockingbird away. You can also use ultrasonic animal deterrents or a strong magnet. These options might be able to scare the bird away from its territory but they might not work very effectively.

6. Pruners


This will be used to prune trees. You can use a saw or pruning shears to remove branches and foliage.

7. Earplugs


This will be used so you can finally get some peace and quiet at night.

How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds

Step 1: Launch And All-Out Attack


When getting rid of a noisy mockingbird, try not to let anger get the best of you. You should consider using water instead of shooting the bird or killing it. Arm yourself with a super soaker, or with a long hose. Put a powerful head on the hose so you can shoot water far into the tree.

Before you shoot the bird with water, try to use binoculars or a flashlight so you will know exactly where the bird is perching. You should also try to check if there are power lines nearby or if there are other dangers. As soon as you are ready, load up the super soaker, turn on the faucet, or load your Nerf gun.

Step 2: Using Scare Tactics


Another way for you to get rid of the bird is by placing cardboard cutouts of predators like owls and hawks. However, you need to keep in mind that this bird is very territorial and it will not shy away from a fight if necessary. You can try to scare them off by taping the cutouts or by nailing them to the tree.

If you think that the cutout is not enough, you might want to use outdoor ultrasonic bird repellents. This device can produce noise that can help keep most birds away. You can also use strong magnets to disrupt the bird’s flying capabilities since they are said to rely on magnetism for direction.

Step 3: Avoiding All Contact With The Bird

putting earplugs

If you find the previous steps too harsh for the birds, you might want to give up and use earplugs instead. This will allow you to sleep peacefully at night, and it can also help the bird to thrive without the presence of any threats. Keep in mind that the mockingbird is protected by law for a reason.

If you do not want the mockingbird to specifically target the trees in your property, you can prune trees, cover berries and fruit-bearing plants in your property by September or February, before mating season. This will make your property less attractive to them, forcing them to look for other sustainable areas.



If a mockingbird is looking for a mate, it can sing day and night tirelessly. They are also very territorial and will show aggression to other birds. They are also known to “dive bomb” on people. Some people will end up having sleepless nights especially if the bird creates a lot of noise late at night.

But before you start flailing in anger or try to kill the mockingbird, you might want to restrain yourself. These birds are protected by law and it is illegal, not to mention cruel, if you try to get rid of them by killing them or unleashing your pet cat to eat them.

Fortunately, you can try to scare them away, or use not-so-deadly force to get rid of them. You can also try to use more-peaceful means by making your property less-attractive to the birds especially when they are in the lookout for potential nesting areas or for areas that have easy access to food.

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Robert says Jan. 2018

We have shrub on the other side of our property fence. He has a nest there I believe. He chases all birds away from our feeders even after I have spread them further. I will try a couple of owl decoys on the fence first. Thank you for your informative information. I will let you know how thing go.

Bill mcmillan says Feb. 2018

Get rid of mockingbird at bird feeder—driving other birds away

Greg says Apr. 2018

I have a lovely bluebird couple living in my birdhouse and the mockingbirds attack them. I want to scare off the mockingbirds not the bluebirds. Suggestions?

Ryan says Apr. 2018

Fully auto airsoft rifles work great!! They aren’t lethal unless you’re that kind of person and in that case its you thats the problem. The birds also start to recognize the sound it makes and take off after the first shot, after that they eventually just stop coming around. Ive been battling them for years and this works the best.

killem all says May. 2018

looney tunes like yourself are the reason the country is in the shape we’re in, kill all the noisy bastards the sooner we’re rid of them the better

David says May. 2019

Mockingbirds have nested in a small cultured ficus near my front door. The male dive bombs us every time we leave and come home. It hasn’t hurt us. I don’t want to hurt them or their nest but what can I do to ward them off? Thanks.

Liv says May. 2019

I can’t decide whether the suggestions in article are serious or not. Even our outdoor cat who sleeps on the porch isn’t a deterrent for the mockingbirds. They perch on the back of my furniture while the cat lounges.

Mike says Jun. 2019

I used a leaf blower to literally blow him out of my tree. Haven’t heard him since. Must have scared the heck out of him.

carrie says Jun. 2019

The raddest thing ever happened year before last (so 2017)
A mockingbird made itself home in a neighbors huge tree in their front yard in our cul de sac which is on a hill so the noise really echos which makes it even more annoying to hear.
Anyhow, we also have a wise old owl around and he was or seemed like he was gone but then one night , just as the mockingbird was about to start going off real loud with his stupid song all night, i kid you not, i heard what sounded like huge winds swoop in through the leaves on that tree and i heard one little peep out of that mockingbird which sound was cut short and I am sure it was that awesome owl who choked that birds neck and then …..peace…dead silence… most awesome sound i ever heard in my whole entire life.
Didnt hear another mockingbird until this year and now there is not just one of them. I can hear several echoing all over the place. Its sooooooo fricken bad.
My only hope is the owl is still around but waiting until that mockingbird thinks its safe here before he will take care of this nuisance of a bird.
Owls are my hero! 🙃

Dellis says Jul. 2019

It appears that mocking birds somehow removed 3 cardinal eggs from nest.. still 1 egg remaining, but cardinals have not come back… found broken eggs on lawn.

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