How To Get Rid Of Roaches Without An Exterminator In Under $100

dead cockroach

Cockroaches are pests that you need to kill right away. Many of these insects can carry diseases and with the right conditions, they will not think twice about nesting inside the cracks and crevices in your house. If you see one, there is a huge chance that more might be hiding somewhere in your home.

Cockroaches can cause infestations without you knowing about it until dozens of mature ones are ready to emerge. In most cases, the homeowners would need to call for exterminators to help them deal with the infestation. Although it can help, you will have to spend hundreds of dollars for their services.

Fortunately, there are other ways for you to deal with cockroach infestations at home without spending a lot of money. By doing these proven-effective steps, you can actually kill not just the mature cockroaches, but also the nymphs and eggs that are still hiding somewhere in your home.

Gear Up For Battle

In order for you to get rid of roaches, you need to prepare quality insecticides. You can buy commercial ones that are ready to use or you can order professional-grade roach killers. You can also make your own insecticide using simple ingredients. The products I will recommend can be bought for under $25.

1. Borax

borax mineral

This product has been used since the late 40’s as an effective cockroach killer. It is very cheap and it can actually kill cockroaches on contact. You can buy this product online for $10-$20.

2. Cockroach Gel Bait

roach gel bait

This product will be used to kill bait-averse cockroaches. You need to buy professional-grade products for best results. They are available online for $14-$24. If you do not have this product, you can substitute it with baking soda and sugar which are also very cheap to buy.

3. Roach Fogger


This will be used to kill nymphs and mature roaches that are hiding inside cracks, crevices and inaccessible areas in your home. This product can kill on contact and they can be bought online for $5-$15.

4. Cleaning Implements


You need to have a vacuum and you might want to buy commercial house cleaners. There is no need for you to buy expensive products as you can use hot water and liquid dishwashing soap, as well as vinegar and baking soda to remove stains and odors.

If you do not have a vacuum, you can use a broom and a dustpan. You can also use a mop or a clean cloth to wipe the floor.

How To Get Rid Of Roaches Without An Exterminator

Step 1: Clean The House


In the house, clean one area or room at a time. Give special attention when cleaning the kitchen, the dining area as well as the pantry. Make sure that you remove all the clutter and that you get rid of items that are very attractive to the cockroaches. This includes the following:

  • Rotten food
  • Food stains
  • Opened packets of food
  • Trash
  • Unwashed cloths
  • Dirty carpets and rags
  • Old boxes and newspapers

Remove stubborn food stains or caked on food by using a commercial cleaner, or by mixing hot water and liquid dishwashing soap. You can also disinfect the floors by using vinegar and baking soda. Remove dust on the different surfaces of your home and clean the area behind or below appliances.

Disinfect your home and store leftovers or opened packets of food using plastic containers that have lids. Keep in mind that the cleaner your house is, and the more organized the food are, the less attractive your home becomes for cockroaches. Be sure to clean dark, wet and damp areas.

Step 2: Use A Roach Fogger

dead cockroaches

This product is the fastest and easiest way for you to kill cockroaches on contact. Spray it on areas where you suspect they are hiding and try to spray it inside cracks and crevices. You can also use this to kill cockroaches hiding behind appliances, under the bed or inside the drawers and cabinets.

Step 3: Bait Them

roach bait

If the fogger is not able to kill all of the cockroaches, you should use roach baits. Put the bait on areas where the cockroaches usually pass through as they look for food. This product can also be used to kill nymphs especially if the cockroaches will carry the bait to share it with other roaches in the nest.

If you don’t mind spending a couple of dollars more, you can also buy baits with bait stations. Try to look for baits that are very attractive to the roaches. If you want to save money, you can mix sugar and baking soda to make a paste. Sugar will attract the roaches and baking soda will kill them slowly.

Step 4: Use Borax


Borax comes in powder form and it can be used to coat appliances or areas that are very inaccessible. It will kill cockroaches on contact. What is great about borax is that unlike the fogger, it can continue to kill for several weeks. You can use this product to kill the survivors or to prevent future infestations.


Killing cockroaches must be done using a multi-pronged approach. You need to make your home less attractive to them by removing food debris, food stains and other rotten items that will keep them wanting to come inside your home.

There is no need for you to spend hundreds of dollars to hire an exterminator especially if the infestation is only a moderate one. By using the right products simultaneously and making an active effort to kill them, you will be able to significantly decrease their populations in your home.

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