How To Keep Birds Away From Pool In 4 Simple Steps

bird droppings on pool

Having your own swimming pool can be very fun and exciting. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of birds passing by or nesting in your property, you might end up having to do a lot of clean ups. This is because they can leave behind bird droppings on your pool or on the concrete around it.

Birds will often see pools as a natural source of water. They may be attracted to this area because they need to drink, or because they need to cool down especially during a hot day. However, birds can easily contaminate the pool water. This is why you need to keep unwanted birds away from this area.

Having bird droppings in your pool might cause diseases especially if the water is not properly chlorinated and is not regularly filtered. If the bird droppings are found on the railings and on the concrete, you can easily end up having to do frequent or expensive pool cleanings.

What You Need To Prepare

1. A Solar Cover

solar cover

These pool covers are typically used to prevent water evaporation. They can however, be used to keep birds and other unwanted animals away from the pool. This can also be used to keep your pool clean.

If you do not have one, you can opt to buy solar blankets, winter covers or use leaf catchers just to keep the pool water protected against birds that might be attracted at the sight of water. You can also opt for tarp if you don’t have any other pool covers. Be sure to use covers properly so you can avoid accidents.

2. A Motion Activated Sprinkler


This will be used to scare the birds away even before they get too near the swimming pool area. If you do not have one, you can time ordinary sprinklers properly to keep the birds away. You can also use ultrasonic repellents that turn on automatically if birds get too close.

3. A Scarecrow


If you can use a scarecrow to keep birds away from fields and gardens, you can also use it to keep the birds away from your pool. If you do not have one, you can opt to use fake owls or snakes to scare them away. You can also use bird scare balloons on or around the swimming pool.

4. A Dog

dog guarding

Dogs can scare birds away. If you do not have a pet dog, you might be able to use a cat. If you do not have any pets at home, you can try to use strips of foil since they can move with the wind and they can be used as a visual deterrent. You can also wrap them on branches and railings to keep them away.

You can also use pool toys to keep the birds off the pool. You can opt to use ones that look like animals especially ones that can make a lot of movements or create a lot of disturbance on the surface of the water. Put 2 or more of them depending on how big your pool is.

How To Keep Birds Away From Pool

Step 1: Protect Your Pool

covered pool

Use a solar cover to protect your pool from unwanted use. The cover will help keep ducks and other similar birds from swimming in the pool while you are away and it can also help protect the pool from evaporation at the same time. The cover can also help keep leaves, droppings and other debris away.

Solar pool covers can also be used to help keep the water warm. This might help make your pool less attractive to birds or other animals that want to cool off especially on a hot and sunny day. Just make sure that no one will jump into the pool while it is covered so you can avoid accidental drowning.

Step 2: Use A Motion Activated Sprinkler

installing sprinkler

What I like about this device is that it uses a smart technology that can help defend the pool area from birds in a very effective and efficient manner. Although they might be costly, the sudden movement and the impact of the water is a great, yet harmless way of keeping the birds away from the pool.

If you want to use an ultrasonic deterrent on the other hand, please keep in mind that it might also affect the other pets in your property. Also, these devices might not work well against large birds and the birds can also get used to it over time.

Step 3: Use Scare Tactics


Another way for you to scare birds away from your pool without harming them is by using a scarecrow. It can help keep your pool safe from bird droppings especially if you opt to use ones that have moving parts. You can also put fake owls or other predatory animals near the pool or on perching areas.

Step 4: Let The Dogs Out

dog chasing a bird

Dogs can bark or chase after birds especially if they are bred for the task. You can use dogs that have natural instincts against birds to keep them away from the pool. Just make sure that the dog can also swim just in case. Be prepared to deal with dead birds if the dog catches one.


When it comes to keeping birds away from the pool, you need to use your wits and you need the right strategy. Try to check what kind of birds want to hang out near the pool area, and try to use simple methods first before you take drastic measures which are expensive or harmful to them.

You should consider using practical options like getting a pool cover since it can be used to provide you with different benefits. You can also focus on keeping the pool clean or on placing scarecrows near the pool railings or near the trees around the pool so you can deter the birds from getting too close.

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