How To Keep Ducks Out Of Pool In 4 Practical Steps

bird droppings on pool

A lot of people will have their swimming pools visited by ducks at least once a year. And although it might be fascinating to see wild ducks staying in your pool area as if they were on a short weekend getaway, seeing the aftermath of their poolside stay can actually be very heartbreaking.

This is simply because ducks will poop in the water, on the railings and even on the concrete around the pool. Ducks can also harbor parasites and harmful bacteria which can contaminate your pool and put your family at risk for serious diseases. Allowing them to use the pool can also cause swimmer’s itch.

Aside from contaminating your pool water, these ducks are also known to extend their stay if you will not try to chase them away. In fact, they will lay eggs in your yard should they ever find your property very accommodating. To make sure that this will never happen, follow the steps carefully.

Making The Necessary Preparations

1. Bird Netting

bird netting

This will be used to help protect the pool from ducks who want to make a landing on your swimming pool. The bird netting will make it hard for them to go directly into the water, and it will also make it harder for them to escape should they be able to find a different way towards the pool.

If you do not have bird netting, you can use a fishing line to create aerial obstructions around the pool area. Fishing lines are very hard to see especially when it is placed directly above the swimming pool. You might be able to use a long thin rope or cords if you do not have a fishing line.

2. An Automatic Pool Cleaner

An Automatic Pool Cleaner

This device will be used to create a disturbance inside your swimming pool. This can be used to scare them away or to deter them from going near the water. If you do not have any, you can use a very loud pool vacuum instead.

3. Tall Shrubs

tall shrub

You will need to plant them around your pool so that it will be less inviting to ducks and other birds. If you do not have this, you might be able to create tall fences, temporary hiding spots, obstructions or you can put blankets near the pool area.

4. Use Floating Toys

floating toy

This will be used to discourage the ducks from going near the pool. You will have to use toys that resemble predatory animals such as crocodiles, snakes and dolphins. If you do not have any, you can opt to use scare eye balloons to keep the ducks off of your pool area.

How To Keep Ducks Out Of The Pool

Step 1: Keep Your Pool Clean And Well Protected

Keep Your Pool Clean And Well Protected

One of the best ways to help keep ducks away from your pool is to make sure that it looks clean and well maintained. You should try to avoid making it look like a swamp, and you should not make it into a bird sanctuary by keeping bird feeders far from the pool. Install bird netting to keep leaves and ducks away.

Bird netting can help deter birds from going too close to the pool especially if it is placed directly above the pool. The netting will snag the ducks or create flight obstructions. You can also opt to use swimming pool covers or to make your own obstruction by crisscrossing a fishing line above the pool area.

Step 2: Use An Automatic Pool Cleaner

Use An Automatic Pool Cleaner

Another way for you to keep ducks away is by using an automatic pool cleaner that should be turned on whenever the ducks are nearby. This device can look like an underwater predator and it can easily scare the ducks away. This will allow you to keep your pool clean and duck-free at the same time.

Step 3: Plant Tall Shrubs Near The Pool Area

Plant Tall Shrubs Near The Pool Area

Ducks will not go near your pool if it senses danger or trouble. By placing tall shrubs, you will be able to get some shade for the pool area and you will be able to make your property look more relaxing. It can also make the pool area less inviting to ducks since they will see the shrubs as hiding spots for predators.

Step 4: Use Floating Toys

using floating toy

Floating toys can be loads of fun in the swimming pool especially if you have kids around the house. Large ones can also help you relax under the sun and it can also be used to keep children safe. These toys can also help you scare ducks away especially if you use ones that resemble large animals.


ducks in pool

When it comes to getting rid of ducks, there is no need for you to take desperate measures unless there is a severe problem. You can actually use practical tools to keep the pool clean, to make it more fun and relaxing, as well as to keep the ducks away from the water or from the pool area.

I highly recommend that you use products or devices that have dual purposes so you will be able to get the most out of your money. If possible, I highly recommend that you try to use all of the steps together so you will be able to keep the pool water and the pool area free from contamination.

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