How To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool in 5 Hassle-Free Steps


Frogs can be very important when it comes to controlling the population of insects. Unfortunately, they can be very scary especially if they are swimming with you inside the swimming pool. What’s more, frogs can also lay eggs there and you will find yourself having to deal with dozens of tadpoles unexpectedly.

Although in most cases, frogs are harmless, having them constantly in your pool can be a nuisance. These frogs will also typically end up dead especially if they are not able to easily go in and out of the pool. In severe infestations, you will end up having to get rid of floating, dead frogs every morning.

This can be very unsanitary and frustrating. Without taking the necessary steps, you can easily end up losing the pool that you’ve spent so much on to these amphibious invaders. Here’s how you can get rid of the frogs and keep them out of your pool for good:

Things You Need To Prepare

1. Gardening Tools

gardening tools

You will be using these to remove or relocate fruit or flower-bearing plants. You will also have to use a lawn mower to keep the grass near the pool area short. There is no need for you to buy expensive equipment. Depending on how big your lawn is, you might be able to use simple tools.

2. A Pool Cover

solar cover

This will be used to create a barrier of protection for your pool. If you do not have one, you can use a tarp to cover the pool especially at night. You might also be able to use several meters of net or wire mesh depending on how big your swimming pool is.

3. An Electric Bug Zapper

mosquito bait

This will be used to attract and kill insects. You can use this to effectively decrease the insect population in your property. If you do not have one, you can also use ultrasonic pest repellents or insecticides and foggers if you do not have a bug zapper.

4. Wood Planks

wood planks

You will use this to create a fence around the pool area. You can use hollow blocks, bricks and concrete to make the fence. If you want to use a net or wire mesh, make sure that the holes are small enough to keep small frogs out. You will also need other construction tools and materials.

5. Salt And Vinegar

salt and vinegar

 This will be used to deter the frogs from going near the swimming pool. You might be able to replace salt with baking soda since baking soda is known to kill some frog species. You might be able to use citric acid or other chemicals but you might end hurting yourself and damaging your turf instead.

How To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool

Step 1: Cleaning And Maintaining The Area Around The Swimming Pool

Cleaning And Maintaining The Area Around The Swimming Pool

Frogs can be attracted towards the pool not just because of the presence of water but also because of the presence of insects. But by caring for the area around the pool, you can make it less attractive to frogs. You can do this by getting rid of weeds and by cutting the grass short.

This will help you get rid of hiding spots that the frogs may want to use. You should also try to relocate plants away from the swimming pool so that they will not be drawn by the insects or by the shade that it can provide. Use the gardening tools to do this.

Step 2: Cover The Pool

covered pool

Use a solar pool cover to create a barrier against frogs and other unwanted animals. This can help keep frogs away especially when they are used at night. It can also help keep the water in the pool warm, allowing you to discourage frogs from using it because they are known to hate warm water.

Step 3: Use A Bug Zapper

use a bug zapper

Frogs are attracted to insects, so if you want to keep them away from your pool area, you need to turn off the lights there at night since insects are easily attracted to light. You should then install a bug zapper in a different area so that the insects and frogs will be diverted away from the pool.

Step 4: Create A Physical Barrier

create a physical barrier

Use wooden planks to make a fence around the pool area. Make sure that the fence is high enough to keep the frogs from jumping over it and make sure that there will be no gaps or small spaces in between the wood. This will help keep both mature and tiny frogs away from the pool.

Step 5: Create A Chemical Barrier

Create A Chemical Barrier

Get equal parts of salt and vinegar and combine them together inside a spray bottle. Mix both ingredients properly and spray them around the pool area. Let it dry on the ground and form a residue that can irritate the frog’s feet upon contact.


frog in pool

When it comes to keeping your pool safe from frogs, you need to try to eliminate hiding spots, you need to remove potential food sources, you should create hindrances and you should also block their access to the pool. By doing all these simultaneously, you can make your pool less attractive to these animals.

As soon as you start seeing frogs hanging around or swimming in your pool, you need to do something about it right away before they will lay eggs. Keep in mind that without taking the right measures, you will end up having to deal with dead frogs or an infestation of slimy tadpoles sooner or later.

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