How To Keep Wasps Away From Pool With 3 Simple Tricks


Wasps are very dangerous insects. Although they are often mistaken for honeybees, wasps are not friendly and they can also be fiercely territorial. The most common wasps are the yellow jacket and the hornet. These insects are very aggressive and they have the ability to sting targets multiple times.

It is one thing to share your pool with birds or with frogs, and it is an entirely different story for wasps to be there. This is because if they are not dealt with right away, they can cause serious harm to you and your family. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can attract wasps to your swimming pool.

Wasps can visit your pool temporarily if it is attracted to the splashing of water, or if there are fruity foods and beverages near the pool area. They can also be attracted to the cool temperatures in your pool or because you have a landscaping that is attractive to them. Here’s what you need to do:

Preparing The Materials

1. 2 Brown Paper Bags


This will be used to trick the wasps or to try to discourage them from staying in your property. If you do not have paper bags, you can use old newspapers and brown paint. You will also need to use duct tape or glue.

2. Insecticide


You will need to use this to kill the wasps that are already nesting in your property. If you do not have an insecticide, you can opt to use foggers that can kill a wide array of insects or you can try to purchase professional-grade products that will specifically target hornets or yellow jackets.

3. Diesel Fuel

diesel fuel

You will use this to attract the wasps away from the pool. This will also serve as bait so you can kill the wasps that are staying in your area. If you do not have this, you can try to use raw meat or honey since both food items are very attractive to wasps.

4. A Large Plastic Soda Bottle

big bottles

This will be used to store the diesel fuel and to trap the wasps. If you do not have any, you can use a large basin. Just add water and some liquid dishwashing soap so you can still trap them in the water just in case they fall down or touch it.

Keeping The Wasps Away From The Pool

Step 1: Create A Decoy

decoy wasp nest

As mentioned earlier, wasps are fiercely territorial. They are also known to aggressively defend their nests. This is why by making a decoy nest, you can easily discourage other wasps from going near your home. You can do this by using 2 paper bags and some duct tape.

Make sure that the paper bags are large enough. Crumble the first paper bag and put it inside the second one so you will be able to give the second one a bit of girth. You should then crumple the second one and shape it into a wasp’s nest. Place the decoy nest near trees or in areas that lead to the pool.

If you want to make it bigger, you can always add more paper bags or you can put old newspapers. You can also use the duct tape to put more decoy nests around your property. As soon as the wasp thinks that there are other wasps nesting in your area, they will try to avoid it from now on.

Step 2: Deal With Nests Right Away

deal with the nest right away

As soon as you see a wasp in your pool, you need to try and follow it so you will know whether these insects have made a nest nearby. If you see a nest in your pool area or in your property, you need to keep your kids and pets away from it. You should also try to check if there are important plants nearby.

You can cordon the area and also cover the plants with a tarp if necessary. You will have to wait for nightfall to be sure that all the wasps are inside the nest and that they are no longer active. Use the insecticide and spray the nest. You should also spray it inside the nest through the entrance.

Step 3: Bait And Trap

bait and trap

Aside from water and those mentioned earlier, you can actually use diesel fuel to attract the wasps away from the pool area. If there are no nests in your property, you can get rid of the wasps by placing baits and traps near the pool area or near places that they frequent.

Add diesel fuel halfway inside a large plastic soda bottle. Do not close it and make sure that it is out of the reach of pets and children. The hornets will try to go inside the bottle to reach the fuel. They will then end up trapped and drown over time.


wasp in pool

Wasps are dangerous and you should avoid trying to hit it with an object if you do not want to end up in the hospital. These insects are aggressive and it would be wise for you to take a subtler and smarter move against them. Think about killing one indirectly or killing the nest in one fell swoop of insecticide.

Instead of using brute force, use the tips so you can get rid of them without putting yourself at risk for severe and painful stings. When it comes to using insecticides, make sure that you deliver a good dose in one application. You can also try to hire professionals if you do not want to take the risk.

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