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How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Blade With An Electric Sharpener In 5 Steps

chainsaw sharpening

Chainsaws are quite important when it comes to maintaining lawns, making firewood as well as trimming or felling trees. This is why it is crucial for buyers to make sure that they are able to purchase one that is made with high quality materials so that they will easily last for years to come.

But no matter how well-made your chainsaw is, you will have to make sure that you are going to give it enough care and attention from time to time. You need to make sure that your chainsaw will be able to have the proper maintenance checks and services to help you keep its proper running condition.

Oftentimes, maintenance will require you to give the chainsaw a thorough cleaning. But aside from that, you should also consider sharpening the chainsaw blades so that it will be capable of cutting trees efficiently. To sharpen the saw blade with an electric sharpener effectively, follow these steps carefully:

Things That You Need To Prepare

1. Work Gloves

work gloves

Since you will be handling the chainsaw blades, you will have to make sure that your hands are properly protected so you can avoid injuries. You might be able to use leather gloves if you do not have work gloves or chainsaw gloves.

2. A Workbench

A Workbench

You will need this so you can use the electric sharpener properly. This will also allow you to make the precise measurements and adjustments so you can easily sharpen the blades without worrying about damaging the other parts of the chain.

3. Goggles


You need this to protect your eyes from shards of metal that might fly off as you sharpen the blades. Make sure that the goggles are clear and that it provides full protection for your eyes especially on the sides.

4. An Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

a chainsaw sharpener

You will use this device to help sharpen the chainsaw blades. You need to make sure that the sharpener has all the right fixtures or accessories so you can make the proper adjustments. If you do not have one, you will need to use a file and follow a different how-to guide.

5. The User’s Manual

The Chainsaw’s User’s Manual

For your own safety and the chainsaw’s protection, you need to follow the guidelines and instructions found on the chainsaw and the sharpener’s manual. You need to make sure that you follow them carefully since some sharpeners have their own unique accessories.

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Blade With An Electric Sharpener

Step 1: Preparing The Chain

chainsaw chain

Read the chainsaw’s specifications and make sure that it is observed so that the machine can function properly. Read the user’s manual for both the chainsaw and the sharpener. Disassemble the chainsaw with your work gloves on so you can remove the bar and take out the chain for sharpening.

Step 2: Securing The Sharpener

sharpening a chainsaw

Put the sharpener on the workbench and make sure that it is on a flat but rigid surface. You need to make sure that the sharpener will not be able to shift or move easily for your own safety. As soon as the sharpener is secured, you can then install the sharpening stone. Use the correct width to avoid damage.

Step 3: Secure The Chain

chainsaw bar

Most sharpeners have a chain holder or a vise that will allow you to put the chain into place. Make sure that the chain is secured so that it will not fly off during sharpening. Use the miter gauge or the swivel angle to position the blade properly. You should also adjust the depth to avoid damaging the chain.

Step 4: Sharpening The Blade

chainsaw sharpener

Wear the protective goggles and turn on the sharpener. Make sure that the chain is clamped in place and slowly lower down the sharpening stone. Do it slowly so you can see if it has been positioned properly and so you can see the results. Look out for the sparks and re-adjust everything if necessary.

Step 5: Sharpening The Rest Of The Blades

chainsaw sharpened

You need to sharpen the teeth or the blades by set. After sharpening one set, you will have to change the angle to the exact opposite by adjusting the miter gauge. For example, if the first set used a +30 angle, use a -30 angle for the next set that needs to be sharpened the other way around.


Sharpening the chainsaw blades can be quite easy for as long as you are using an electric sharpener. Just make sure that you are going to use the proper protective gear and that you are going to follow the instructions carefully so you can sharpen the saw blades effectively and safely without any problems.

Have you ever tried to sharpen the chain on your own chainsaw? Tell us more about how you did it in the comment section.

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