How To Start Husqvarna Chainsaw In 5 Practical Steps

a stihl chainsaw

Chainsaws come in many different types and sizes. While many people will opt for expensive ones to ensure that they have a product that stays true, the price will never guarantee that you will have a problem-free unit. In fact, owners know that most chainsaws will fail to start from time to time.

This includes chainsaws that are made from widely recognized companies such as Stihl and Husqvarna. This is simply because while they are built with durability and power, these units will need to be properly maintained so that they can start easily. Without it, starting problems are bound to happen.

Once this happens, you will need to follow a few proven-effective steps before you come to a conclusion that the chainsaw should be repaired or decommissioned. These steps might be able to help you avoid having to spend on unneeded repairs. To help you out, here is how to start a Husqvarna chainsaw.

Things You Need To Prepare

1. A Workbench

A Workbench

You will need this so you can work on your chainsaw properly. You need to keep other items away so you can take a good look at the details and problems. You can use a sturdy table if you have one or the ground. Just try to avoid putting the chainsaw on expensive floors and tables.

2. Chainsaw Gloves

work gloves

If you want to start the chainsaw you need to properly protect yourself from harm. You need to understand that the chainsaw chain can be very sharp and you will want to make sure that your hands are properly protected before fixing the tool.

You can opt to use leather gloves or work gloves if you do not have chainsaw gloves. However, you need to make sure that the gloves you use are capable of protecting your hands from the fuel or oil in the tank or on the chain.

3. Clean Rags


This will be used to clean up the mess. You can also opt to use old newspapers or clothes so you can easily absorb any spills and dispose of them right away. It will also be used to help you keep the chainsaw clean.

Other things you might need include:

  • A new air filter
  • A new spark plug
  • A new ON switch
  • A funnel for draining the fuel
  • A disposable plastic container for the disposal of the fuel

How To Start Husqvarna Chainsaw In 5 Practical Steps

Step 1: Use The Proper Starting Techniques

Starting The Chainsaw

With chainsaw gloves on, you need to either start the chainsaw on the ground or using the leg technique. If the chainsaw is hot, it can easily run without you have to use the choke. If the engine will not start, you can opt to use the half throttle. But keep the chain brake activated before doing so.

If the engine needs to run cold, you will have to activate the chain brake first and then try to press the decompression control if the unit has one. Press the air purge bulb until the fuel enters the carburetor and activate the choke. Position yourself so you can do the leg technique or start the unit on the ground.

Pull the starter handle with your right hand until the engine starts. You can also try to push the choke at half throttle before pulling the rope. If the saw starts, accelerate it and allow it to idle before you try to release the chain brake.

Step 2: Check For The Spark Plug And Air Filter

spark plugs

These two parts of the chainsaw needs proper care and attention. If these two parts are dirty or damaged, the chainsaw will not start. Using the workbench and clean rags, take a look at the air filter and clean it if it is dirty. Make sure that it is always dry. Install a new one if it has been damaged.

Test the spark plug if it can still produce spark. You can clean the spark plug if you know how to do it properly without damaging it. If it has not been replaced for a long time, you will need to buy a new one for your chainsaw. After these parts have been cleaned or replaced, try to start the saw once again.

Step 3: Check The Fuel

pouring oil into saw

Always check if there is enough fuel in the chainsaw’s fuel tank. If the fuel is old, you can drain it with a funnel and plastic container first before you put new fuel. Use clean rags to wipe off the fuel. Keep in mind that the fuel needs to be in the correct 50:1 gasoline and oil mixture for gas powered chainsaws.

Step 4: Check For Flooding

a spark plug

If you smell gasoline every time you try to start the chainsaw, you need to put it back on the workbench and try to check the spark plug for moisture. If it is wet, you need to drain the excess fuel through the spark plug hole. You will also have to replace the wet spark plug with a new one.

Step 5: Check The On Switch

starting a chainsaw

If your chainsaw is powered by electricity instead of gas and oil, you will need to check if the saw’s on button has been switched before starting it. If the On button does not stay in place each time you try to start the saw, it might be broken and you will need to have it replaced.


If your Husqvarna chainsaw does not start right away, you need to check the simple things first. Make sure that you are starting the saw properly using the right techniques and always use the choke for cold starting. Before you decide to throw it away or have it fixed, you can inspect the chainsaw first.

Try to check the air filter and the spark plug for any damage and make sure that these two parts are working properly. Always give your saw fresh fuel at the correct mixture and amount. If the chainsaw will still not start properly after these steps, you can opt to have it checked by the service center.

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