How To Start Stihl Chainsaw In 5 Steps


Stihl chainsaws are known for their reliability and durability. They also have different features that will allow you to easily operate their chainsaws. For first time users however, they might have to go through some difficulties until they are able to get to know their machines better.

Experts highly recommend that before trying to start your chainsaw, you need to get your hands on your users manual. This will allow you to know your chainsaw’s different parts and it will also help you know what materials you will need to prepare so you can safely use it.

You should also keep in mind that different chainsaw models might require different starting methods. This simply means that for your owns safety, you will have to make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s step by step instructions on how to start your specific chainsaw model.

Things You Will Need To Prepare

1. A Flat Surface

starting a chainsaw

To start the chainsaw, you will need to make sure that the machine can be placed on a flat surface without any obstructions. You can use the ground for as long as the area is clear of trees or rocks. You can also put the chainsaw holder between your legs if you know how to do it.

2. The Chainsaw’s User’s Manual

The Chainsaw’s User’s Manual

This will allow you to know more about the chainsaw’s maintenance and usage precautions. This will also help you get precise instructions on how you can safely start your chainsaw. You can go online or call Stihl’s service hotline or retailer if you do not have the manual.

3. Chainsaw Gloves

work gloves

This will be used to keep your hands safe from injuries while you start the chainsaw. You can use work gloves or leather gloves if you do not have one for as long as they fit your hands properly and allow you to wield the chainsaw effectively.

4. Steel-Toe Shoes

Steel-Toe Shoes

This will allow you to protect your feet just in case the chainsaw slips away from your hands especially during a kickback. Your shoes should also provide enough traction so you will be able to stand firmly and maneuver the chainsaw properly.

5. Protective Chaps

using chainsaw

This will help protect your legs from the chainsaw and it will also help shield them from debris.

6. ANSI Approved Eye And ear Protection


This will allow you to protect your eyes from dust and flying debris and it will also help protect your ears from the loud sounds that the chainsaw produces as it starts and as it cuts wood.

7. Hard Hat

Hard Hat

Always wear a hard hat so you can protect your head at all times while using the chainsaw. Some hard hats already have a built-in ear protection so you will not have to buy a separate one. But even if it also has a built-in face screen, you will still have to use a separate eye protection.

How To Start Stihl Chainsaw In 5 Steps

Step 1: Make The Necessary Preparations

Make The Necessary Preparations

Wear all of the protective gear that you were asked to prepare. Read the user’s manual properly and check all of the maintenance and safety precautions that is indicated. You can also try to check if there is a step by step instruction in the manual. Lay the saw on a flat surface and check for any obstructions.

Step 2: Do Safety Checks

a stihl chainsaw

Do not allow any people, children or pets go near you as you are about to start the chainsaw. Make sure that the chainsaw parts are properly screwed or tightened together especially the guide bar and the chain. You should do your best to start the chainsaw without any assistance so you can avoid accidents.

Step 3: Starting The Chainsaw

Starting The Chainsaw

Remove the bar cover and engage the chain brake. The arm switch should be placed on choke. Make sure that you have a secure footing with your steel-toe boots. With your gloves on, hold the handle bar firmly with your left hand. Make sure that your hands are straight and that you press down firmly.

Recheck if there are any obstructions near the chain and guide bar. Do not allow the chain to touch the ground. If the chainsaw has a rear handle, put your right toe inside it and press firmly. Press the decompression valve and the primer bulb. Press the throttle trigger lockout and the throttle trigger.

Make sure that you also press the master control lever all the way. Use your right hand to pull on the starter grip until you feel a resistance and then give it a strong pull.

Step 4: Keeping The Chainsaw Running

husqvarna chainsaw in action

You might have to do several pulls just so you can hear the machine about to start. If the machine starts and then dies immediately, you should put the switch into the fast idle or warm start position. You can also put it in half throttle just to open the choke. Touch the throttle trigger to put it into idle again.

Step 5: Using The Chainsaw

sawing with a stihl chainsaw

If the machine is now properly running, you can carefully lift the chainsaw. Disengage the chain brake until you can hear a clicking sound. Check for lubrication by opening the throttle fully and by holding the bar against a white background. If you see lubricants, you can now start using the chainsaw.


Stihl chainsaws are easy to start and operate for as long as you know how to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or this step by step guide. If you are having a hard time turning it on, I highly recommend that you go to the Stihl retailer and ask assistance from their technicians.

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