How To Store Carrots From The Garden: Crisp And Fresh In 3 Steps

harvest carrots

So you have sown your carrots and cared for them for several months and it is finally time for you to harvest them. While many think that it is a great accomplishment for first time carrot growers to be able to harvest carrots, expert farmers and gardeners know that growing them is just half the battle.

You need to understand that even if you have become an expert in growing high quality carrots, your skill and your hard work will all be in vain if you do not know how to properly store them. Keep in mind that the harvest will sometimes bring in dozens of carrots which can all wilt or rot at the same time.

The main goal of proper storage is to allow your harvest to last for several months. More than just extending its shelf life, this will ensure that your carrots will not go to waste as it will stay fresh. Experienced growers will also tell you that proper storage can help make the carrots much sweeter.

How To Store Carrots From The Garden: Crisp And Fresh In 3 StepsThings That You Will Need1. A Refrigerator2. Saw Dust3. Garden Shears4. Large Plastic Tubs5. Ziploc Bags6. Paper Towels7. MulchHow To Store CarrotsStep 1: Use RefrigerationStep 2: Using A Root CellarStep 3: Store The Carrots Deep UndergroundConclusion

Things That You Will Need

1. A Refrigerator


This will be used to keep the carrots fresh for a couple of days or for several weeks. Carrots that are placed in a cool, dry place are known to stay fresh and crisp.

2. Saw Dust

saw dust

This will be used to help keep the carrots fresh. If you do not have it, you can use sand or just ordinary garden soil.

3. Garden Shears

garden shears

This will be used to cut of the tops of the carrots. You can also use a sharp knife if you do not have garden shears or large scissors around.

4. Large Plastic Tubs

plastic food tubs

This will be used to hold the carrots and the saw dust. If you do not have any, you can use wooden crates or boxes. You can also use food tubs, metal drums or other large containers that have lids.

5. Ziploc Bags

sealed plastic bag

This will be used for storing the carrots inside the refrigerator. You can use ordinary plastic bags if this is not available.

6. Paper Towels

paper towel

This will be used to help keep the humidity of the carrots stable. You can use tissue paper, newspaper or a piece of cloth if paper towels are not available.

7. Mulch


You will need this to insulate the ground. You can use dry leaves if this is not available.

How To Store Carrots


When it comes to storing carrots you have to decide whether you want to store them for several days, weeks, or months. Carrots that are to be stored for several days must be consumed within a week. Those that are to be stored for months are intended for use during winter when vegetables are scarce.

Here’s how you can store carrots:

Step 1: Use Refrigeration

carrots in fridge

Since they are composed mainly of water, carrots can be kept fresh with the help of refrigeration. To do this, you will need to let the carrots dry under the sun for half a day to keep its skin sealed. Do not wash the carrots but remove most of the dirt.

The dirt will help the carrots resist decay. You should also cut the top of the carrots near the root with a garden shear or a knife. Put the carrot in a plastic bag with holes and put a damp paper towel inside. That will act as a humidor. Keep the carrots refrigerated above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 95% humidity.

If the right temperature and humidity is achieved, you might be able to store the carrots for as long as 2-3 months. Make sure that the carrots will not get wet inside the refrigerator, otherwise they will all spoil. This is ideal for long storage but is not useful if you have several dozens of carrots to store.

Step 2: Using A Root Cellar

root cellar

This method is ideal if you need to store a lot of carrots. A root cellar is a domestic cellar that is specifically made for storing root vegetables. You need to put the carrots inside a plastic container and you need to pack it together with damp sawdust. The lids must have holes for ventilation.

After removing the tops, the carrots must then be stored inside the root cellar with a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 95% humidity. This will help you store the carrots for up to six months. You should also check your carrots regularly to see if they have spoiled.

Step 3: Store The Carrots Deep Underground

mulched carrots

This option is ideal for those who do not have root cellars and for those who need to store a lot of carrots through the winter. However, this method can only be used by people who live in areas with strong winters since mild winters cannot keep the carrots from growing and becoming woody.

To do this, you need to use a lot of mulch. Use the mulch to cover the area where your carrots are growing. You need to cover them with as much as two feet of mulch or of dried leaves in order to insulate the ground and prevent it from freezing. You need to protect this area after mulching.

When the winter comes, you can then start to dig up a few rows of carrots for your weekly needs. The carrots will stop growing because of the cold and it will be stored safely in the ground. Dig only what you need and save the other rows for future use.

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pickled carrots

Knowing how to store carrots is as important as knowing how to grow them properly. The true success lies not with being able to grow juicy carrots but in being able to enjoy them for months even through the winter where it is very difficult to get your hands on fresh vegetables at affordable prices.

To store the carrots for several days, you can actually wash them and put them inside the fridge right away. But if you want to store them for several weeks, then you should not wash them. Put them inside a Ziploc bag and put them in your refrigerator. Use a root cellar or mulch if you want longer storage.

Aside from storing the carrots fresh, there are other ways for you to store them for long periods of time. You can actually blanch them and freeze them, you can use pressure canning and you can even pickle the carrots so you will be able to enjoy them for months.

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