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How To Use A Box Blade Effectively In 5 Simple Steps

tractor on farm

When buying tractors, a lot of those who know how to maximize its potential will opt to buy a box blade. Although a box blade may look simplistic, it is very useful when it comes to levelling the ground. It is also a must have if you want to make sure that your gravel driveways are in good condition.

When buying a box blade, you need to make sure that the metal underneath is thick enough to deal with hard or rocky soil. I also recommend that you purchase ones that have curved and replaceable edges since these are more practical and they can be used to flatten the ground surface easily.

To use a box blade effectively, you will need to make sure that you read the user manual carefully and that you test it out a couple of times before starting using it on the work site. Box blades are expensive and you need to be very careful so you won’t end up damaging it.

Things You Need To Prepare

1. The Box Blade User Manual

user manual

This will help guide you on how to use the specific type of box blade that you have. In some cases, it will provide you with a step by step instruction on how you can attach the different parts of the box blade.

If you do not have one, especially if you are just borrowing a box blade or if you bought an old one, then I recommend that you go online so you can download the user manual for that specific model. You can also try to find instructional videos online so you will know how each part fits together.

2. The Scarifier


This will be used to break up the ground that you want to flatten. In most cases, the scarifier will be used first especially if you need to deal with a pile of dirt that is made up of hard soil or gravel. If you do not have this attachment, you can use a pick mattock but it will take a lot of time.

3. The Top Link With The Cutting Blades

top link with the cutting blade

This will allow you to level the ground with ease. You can also opt to use a curved blade which is good for levelling ground but very ideal for digging ditches. If you do not have this or if you do not want to damage expensive blades, then buy cheap cutting blades that are flat.

4. A Tractor


This will be where you will attach the box blade. A tractor needs to be the one that drives the box blade because they are very heavy and you might not be able to drive it using other vehicles. Most of its attachments are also designed for the tractor.

How To Use A Box Blade Effectively

Step 1: Read The User Manual

reading the user manual

Try to avoid damaging your box blade or your tractor by reading the user manual. It is imperative that first time users will try to teach themselves how to properly install it and how to properly use the different settings or attachments of their own box blades.

Some box blades are unpowered, but there are models that use hydraulic systems so you will not have to leave the tractor for different tasks. You should also know that if used or installed incorrectly, box blades can be very dangerous and it can cause serious harm or damage.

Step 2: Install The Box Scraper

use box scraper

Attach the box blade to the hitch of the tractor. Use the 3 hydraulic attachments if you have a large box blade. For smaller units, you will only need to attach one hitch. You can check if the hydraulic system works but never lower the blade, the teeth or shanks until you will reach the proper work area.

To make sure that the box blade is properly levelled, the two lower arms should be attached to the upper link and then it should be adjusted carefully. As soon as everything looks good, try to double check the hitches so you can avoid accidents.

Step 3: Analyzing The Work Site

analyzing site

As soon as you reach the work site, try to check if there are any obstacles such as pieces of wood, trees and large rocks. These will need to be removed first before you can start working on the ground. Try to check whether the area needs to be leveled, scarred or dug up so you can adjust the settings.

Step 4: Start With Scarifiers If Necessary

start with the scarifier

Most of the time, box blades are used for flattening the ground. Instead of trying to flatten it right away, try to use the scarifier to break the hard ground first so that it will be more manageable later. You can try to remove bumps or large bumps in your property or in your driveway with the scarifier.

You can also use it on the hardpan so that it will drain properly. To do this, you should put the scarifier down and then lock it. Angle the box blade forward by adjusting the top link and then move over the hump to loosen the soil properly.

Step 5: Scraping Or Smoothening The Ground

smoothing the ground

To scrape an area so you can make a small ditch, you need to use the curved cutting blades of the box unit. Use the top link so you can easily place both the front and rear cutting blades near the ground. If you want to scrape deeper, you can shorten the front blade and angle the box blade forward.

To smoothen the ground, you need to lower to box blade and make sure that it is level with the ground. Try to extend the top link and angle the box blade slightly upwards. Put the box blade on the 3-point float mode and let it hover over the ground while the rear blade will smoothen the soil.


Box blades are very important especially if you own or if you need to look after a wide area of land. Box blades can be used to make the ideal golf greens, to level dirt racing tracks and to maintain pathways or dirt roads. At home, you can use it on driveways, for construction projects or for leveling ground.

Since box blades are quite expensive and because they can be very heavy, you need to know how to properly install and use it. The key to this is to simply know the box blade from a technical standpoint and try to practice using it for different tasks as much as you can.

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