John Deere Lawn Tractor Review

There are many different top brands in the lawn care world, but none of them are as well-known or as wide spread as John Deere. The company makes an incredible range of different items, and all of them are of the utmost quality. Their riding mowers are perhaps their most famous product, but their lawn tractors are incredible as well.

The E100 Series, which includes models from the E120 to the E180, will be the focus of this guide. That is because they have everything you could want when it comes to a solid, hard-working machine. Not only are they affordable, but they are also comfortable, operate smoothly, and are simple to use.

A Series that Rises Above the Rest

John Deere Lawn Tractor

For this guide, rather than breaking down each John Deere lawn tractor, we will look at the E100 series as a whole. Though each model is slightly different, they are all similar in their features and specs. There is nothing on the market quite like a John Deere lawn tractor, and we will explore why that is in the following paragraphs. It is not just about picking out one great machine, it is about finding a range of different items that you can pick from.

High Quality of Comfort

Before taking a deeper dive into individual features, we first need to break down the comfort of a John Deere lawn tractor. Any vehicle, regardless of use or size, needs to be comfortable. That is something that many companies overlook, but it is of the upmost importance when it comes to caring for your property (especially when riding around on mixed terrain).

If you’re equipment is uncomfortable it will be hard to sit on for long periods. That then reduces the amount of work you can do and cuts into overall production. A hard or rigid seat can be an annoyance when working for a short while, but if you have a big area to cover or need to be out for extended periods of time, it can be a disaster. Rather than worrying about the toll on your body, John Deere makes sure the ride on the E100 tractors is as smooth as ever. In fact, the series offers some of the most comfortable riding machines out there.

That not only comes from the soft, cushioned seat, but also from the design of the machine as a whole. Rather than being tight or cramped, the E100 series sits out in a way that allows for a wide-set operator station. Having that extra room to maneuver is always a good thing. Such extra room and attention to detail reveals what makes the John Deere lawn tractor such a great investment. That care is something that shows throughout all different parts of the machine.

A Truly Unique Oil System

There are many reasons to love the E100 series, but the biggest draw is the completely innovative oil system. The tractors don’t just cut back on draining oil, they get rid of the process altogether. Every feature in a John Deere lawn tractor is about simplicity. That does not mean they lack essential aspects, but rather they are something anyone can use. The E100 series has a completely redesigned oil filter system known as the 30-Second Oil Change System. That, as the name suggests, enables you to change your oil in 30 seconds without ever having to worry about draining.

There’s just three simple steps. First, lift the hood, check that the engine is cool (always important in terms of safety) and then twist to remove. Next, grab the Easy Change Canister, twist it on, and lock it into place by matching the arrow on the device with the arrow on the engine. One that’s finished, all you have to do is close the hood and you’re good to go. Even better, this process only has to happen once every 50 hours, which gives you more time to work and less time with maintenance.

Never Drain Oil Again

While it may sound too good to be true that you never have to drain the oil, it’s the real deal. This is another example of the technology inside every John Deere lawn tractor, and it’s a thing of beauty for any serious user. The technology in the E100 series is the result of thousands of testing hours. It captures contaminants while also recharging the engine with almost a quart of brand-new oil. To go with that, the system steadily increases the total amount of engine oil by nearly 40 percent.

To further explain that process, the reworked filtration system and filter design each come with a fully synthetic filter media that has a large surface area to hold any harmful contaminants. The media also resists breaking down oil over time. That helps the entire engine run more smoothly, providing you with less issues as the years go on. John Deere also recommends that, when using a John Deere lawn tractor, you should use the special Turf-Guard Oil to ensure you get the best possible results.

The Tractor Series for Everyone

The Tractor Series for Everyone

As you can imagine with any top-of-the-line vehicle, all of the lawn tractors in the E100 series come with special upgrades and new technology that set them apart from similar models. The first of note, and another example of the simplicity that John Deere seeks to achieve, is the improved deck lift level that enables you to easily raise or lower the deck without putting any extra strain on yourself.

Continuing on that train, there is also a completely redesigned steering wheel (another feature that adds to the overall comfort of the machine) as well as brand new operator controls. The controls are especially worthy of note because they are much easier to use than the ones on past models. Being able to quickly get a hang of these tractors is a big part of what makes them so special. These John Deere lawn tractors are not just solid pieces of machinery, they are also solid pieces of machinery that you’ll be able to take advantage of right away.

Beyond those features, there are a couple other choice upgrades. The separate forward and reverse pedals make it much easier to control where you’re going, while the cast iron front axle is a welcome upgrade across the entire series.

Solid Advancements, Inside and Out

In furthering our discussion of the incredible features on each John Deere lawn tractor, it is important to mention the E100 series’ battery. The battery is not only long-lasting in a way that ensures you will be able to work for extended periods of time, but it also ensures your tractor will always be able to start regardless of how long it sits dormant.

That last aspect is particularly useful for those who live in areas where they need to store their tractor for extended periods of time. It is good for people who only need to use it every now and then as well. The unique deep deck design is another great feature. The lift lever raises and lowers the deck, and you can change the height selections from 1-inch to 4-inch increments. Not only does that give you more control over your tractor, but it also helps you lift grass and get the best cut possible. Another great feature of the design is that it works to keep the underside smooth and prevents grass buildup.

To complement that, the company provides the machines with a wash port. This is an small, but important bonus that enables any user to easily clean the underside of the deck with little hassle. The engine also has an extended life expectancy that goes on much longer than similar models on the market.

Unmatched, Long-Lasting Quality

Going back to the idea of quality, the E100 series is built with the same excellent make you would expect from any John Deere machine. That means the tractors are all made to last. Everything about the line is durable. They have special fade resistant hoods created from a tough composite material to prevent both dents and rust, as well as unique openings on the side of the hood that let cool air in.

Both of those ensure that your machine is not just something you will have for a short amount of time. They are features that help you know when you buy a John Deere lawn tractor you’re getting an investment that will be with you for years and years. As an added bonus, the cooling features built into the machine keep the entire tractor quiet. Even if you don’t have neighbors, less sound is always a good thing for both the environment and your health.

Access to John Deere Accessories

John Deere is a brand you buy because it is well-known. Though some small companies do make solid products, there are some less-obvious drawbacks that come with going small. Perhaps the biggest is the lack of ample accessories. When you purchase a John Deere lawn tractor, you not only get access to the device, you also get access to all of the different E100 series accessories the company offers.

This is a great touch, not only for people who want to make their tractor their own, but who also like to specialize their work. Though there is a seemingly endless list to pick from when it comes to accessories that John Deere offers to its customers, some of the most interesting are the sun canopy, single bucket holder, weather enclosure, and cart foot pedal kit.

However, those are just a few of the accessories available to you. If you want something else, or if there are additional ones that catch your eye, you can go that route. Of course, your tractor will work fine without any of these add-ons. All of those features are purely optional, but they all work to give the user more options.

Even if the above list of features and aspects does not entice you, the extras are a great reason to go with John Deere over other lawn tractors. Even having access to one choice item can be worth it.

John Deere: A Company You Can Trust

John Deere A Company You Can Trust

Going off the above note, every John Deere lawn tractor is dependable. Not just in their make and durability, but also in the company’s guarantee. The tractors come with no secret surprises or any fine print. Rather than blindly making a purchase, you are getting a machine that has the best comprehensive warranty in lawn tractors. That may seem like a small deal, and it is easy to overlook, but it is really important on two fronts.

First, it shows how much John Deere believes in their products. That reassurance is important and goes a long way towards knowing you’re making the right decision when getting something from the E100 series. Second, it also shows that you’ll always be able to protect your investment should anything happen or any accident occur down the line. Tractors are out in the elements, so it is good when you can keep them safe and protected.

Finally, the last part of this assurance comes from the 10-point pre-delivery inspection. All John Deere lawn tractors go through rigorous and in-depth testing before being delivered. That is one last step to help solidify their quality and add to the overall appeal.

A Lawn Tractor Unlike Any Other

A Lawn Tractor Unlike Any Other

The E100 series shows what makes the John Deere lawn tractor so special.  They are strong, tough, technologically advanced, and vast improvements over past models. When looking at the above tractors, it is easy to see why so many people love to own them.

There are some minor differences here and there, and you can look into those when choosing your purchase, but overall when you go with E100 series you know you’re choosing a strong machine. It does not matter how much ground you need to cover or where you work, if you’re in the market for a new lawn tractor this is your best bet.


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