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Kohler Vs Generac Generators: Which Standalone Generator Should You Buy?

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A lot of people today who want to buy a generator pay close attention to what many of the products available can provide. In most cases, these serious buyers want to compare the different popular brands by taking a close look at what their models of the same generator power class can offer to their users.

One of the newcomers in the generator manufacturing industry is Generac. Although they are fairly new to the production of this equipment, many of their generators have earned the trust and respect of many buyers. This is because their models are known to be able to match those from trusted brands.

Kohler on the other hand, is also another big name in the industry. This is especially true when it comes to standalone generators. Both of these manufacturers have many proponents who say that they are both reliable, but to help you decide which one to buy, let’s compare what each one has to offer.

Why Are Generac Generators Ideal For Home Use?

Generac’s standalone generators are actually powered by OHVI engine that is known for its power as well as its extended life span. This engine is also what they use for products that are intended for commercial establishments. This type of generator engine is known to amazingly last 3 – 4 times longer.

This company also has a nationwide dealer network, this makes it very easy to order one and have it delivered to your home. Generac also offers a wide range of products allowing you to select one that will fit your needs better. In fact, their products range from 6 kilowatts all the way to 50 kilowatts.

Their generators also feature a quiet test technology that makes the products very easy to maintain. With the help of this feature, the unit can do a self test without making too much noise. It also features their G-flex technology that allows the engine to work depending on what your energy demands are.

With this feature, their generators do not have to run on a constant speed and they have the capability to consume less fuel and produce less noise. Their products are also known to be very friendly to the environment since it produces fewer emissions. In fact, it received the Good Housekeeping SOA.

What Can Kohler Standalone Generators Offer?

Kohler on the other hand, is a much respected brand because it is one of the first makers to offer their products to the market in order to bring electricity to farms. They have been making ones that are intended for residential use in the 1980’s and their portable models were released in 2013.

When it comes to their standalone generators, you should know that they actually provide a five year or 2000 hour warranty for all their standalone models. Also, their 14 kilowatt and 20 kilowatt models are known to have enclosures that can resist corrosion, making them more durable and long lasting.

As for their engines, their generators are powered by a Kohler command pro engine that can be used at home or for industrial purposes. Their engines actually have integrated oil coolers that allows the engine to require very few or seldom oil changes. It also has other features that can help extend its lifespan.

What’s more, the standalone generators made by Kohler is also known to have an automatic transfer switch that allows the unit to monitor the electricity from the grid. It also has a power indicator that can help you determine where the power is coming from. The ATS can also transfer power in just seconds.

What Are Their Differences?

One of the main differences between the two models is that Generac only uses either steel or aluminum enclosures for their products. While Kohler does provide corrosion resistant enclosures to some of their products, these are actually made from plastic. This means that they are flammable and very dangerous.

Another difference between the two is that Generac uses the Evolution controller that allows you to have a USB port on the control board. This helps you update the unit easily without having to remove the whole board. Kohler on the other hand uses a DC2 and an RDC2 controller with no USB port.

In terms of power output, the Kohler products are known to maintain the power output with only +/- 1 percent deviation. On the other hand, Generac’s products can have significant deviations even with a stead load. Ideally, a generator should be capable of maintaining its rated output and not fluctuate.

Aside from all these differences, you should also know that Kohler generators can have a strong 26.9 pound engine block, while the Generac models only have 19.66 pound version. Kohler is also known to have more durable parts. This includes the crankshaft, the hydraulic valve filters and cylinder valves.


When choosing between the Kohler and Generac generators, you should know that both of these manufacturers can easily provide you with an array of reliable products. Both brands are well respected in their own rights and can both offer unique features for their clients.

When it comes to their standalone generators, both of these manufacturers are known for their generator engines with features that can help increase its lifespan. Generac is known for having a wide range of products to help clients get the right unit as well as for their unique G-Flex technology.

Kohler products on the other hand, are known for their 5 year or 2000 hour warranty on the products that they provide. They are also known for having corrosion resistant enclosures as well as for being able to maintain their power outputs. Their parts are also more durable and robust than Generac’s models.

When it’s time to deciding which standalone generator you should buy, I think you will have to take into consideration the size of your house and your budget. If you have money, I highly recommend that you go for Kohler products since they can provide a stable power output as well as durability.

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