The Kubota T2090 Lawn Tractor Review

If you have a large yard, chances are you’ll need a yard tractor to tackle everything needed to keep it in tip-top shape.

When we say large yard, we don’t mean an acre or two. No, we’re talking bigger, as in 5-plus acres of land to maintain.

Some people might gravitate towards a riding lawn mower, and that’s fine. Those machines provide good performance for certain lawn care duties. If all you need to do is mow your yard every now and again, then a mower may serve you just fine.

However, if you’re looking for a piece of machinery that can do it all, you’ll probably need to invest in a lawn tractor instead.

These machines strive to provide more power and capability than their riding mower counterparts. Specifically, with a lawn tractor, you’ll be able to hook up different attachments. Plus, the blades will be bigger.

If you’re in the market, chances are you’ve seen the numerous manufacturers that offer lawn tractors.

It’s a long list, but today, we’re going to look at one brand: the Kubota lawn tractor. Specifically, we’ll be going in-depth with their T2090 tractor.

What Makes the Kubota Lawn Tractor Unique?

If you’re unfamiliar with Kubota as a power equipment brand, there’s little reason to worry much about the quality or dependability of their machines

Before we get into the T2090, let’s get some background information out of the way.

Who Is Kubota and How Are Their Products?

As you’ve gathered by now, Kubota is a power equipment company that focuses on machines built for big jobs. Their company makes devices like tractors, lawn mowers, utility vehicles, large construction machines, and even commercial farming products. The brand is based out of Osaka, Japan and has been running over 120 years

Kubota has net revenue in the billions over the past 5 years, with increasing numbers over that same time frame.

So, why are these facts important? Because their smallest line of products, Kubota lawn tractors, should share that same heavy-duty quality as their bigger siblings, which are making the company a decent chunk of change.

How the T2090 Is Different from the Competition

Power equipment is a fierce industry to be a part of.

There are numerous brands that want your loyalty, and to get it, you must deliver an outstanding product that differs from the rest.

The T2090 Kubota lawn tractor looks to do just that.

One of the first things that stands out about the T2090 is its best-in-class turning radius of 14 inches. This short span can give you superior control of the machine and makes it easy to maneuver around light posts or trees. Plus, when you need to haul the tractor around, it’s not a chore to get it into place.

Most lawn tractors feature a front axle composed of cast iron, and the T2090 is no different.

This material provides a strong and durable part that will stand the test of time for a dependable machine.

In terms of convenience, you’ll be happy to hear that this Kubota lawn tractor features numerous items to provide comfort. One of the unique items that the T2090 has is a 12v power outlet. This outlet allows you to charge your phone or device while using the tractor, which is a nice touch.

Adding to that, the seat provides a comfortable, ergonomic design that gives you great support when operating. It’s a high-back seat design, with thicker cushioning and support on the bottom and back portions.

Plus, there are dual armrests to give your arms a place to lay when needed.

There are a few more things to touch on. The engine is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 650cc V-twin block. This means that the fabricated mower deck below will have no issues moving up hills and through rough terrain.

Also, there is a cruise control feature that you can use, and in addition, the T2090 has a Reverse Awareness System that alerts you if you start to move in reverse. It’s an added safety feature that’s nice to see.

Overall, there is plenty provided here by Kubota that sets their lawn tractors apart from the rest.

Pricing Out the T2090 Kubota Lawn Tractor

Image Source: Pexels

If you’re looking for some of the best equipment around, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that machines such as these request a premium price.

The T2090 is one of those devices.

With a retail price of $3900 for the standard model, the T2090 Kubota lawn tractor is a big investment, regardless of the intended use.

For a lot of prospective buyers, this huge price will be an instant turn-off to owning a Kubota product. While we can understand that, just remember that the Kubota brand is backed by a 4-year warranty, and the tubular frame enhances the T-Series’ durability.

It’s one of the only lawn tractors on the market that uses high-quality steel to enhance their products as much as possible, and Kubota knows you want something that will last.

The price is a hard pill to swallow and rivals that of John Deere as the most expensive in the price bracket.

Whether or not the investment is worth it ultimately boils down to you, but rest assured you should be getting your money’s worth.

Sizing Up the Competition for the T2090

We’d be remiss to mention any of the Kubota’s competitors, as there are other options to consider, most for decent savings.

The John Deere X350 Lawn Tractor

This John Deere model presents a great option for those that still want a quality piece of equipment for their lawn needs.

As with the Kubota, it features a 42-inch cutting deck with numerous, easy-to-change height adjustments. The 3 blades are powered by a Kawasaki FS600V engine, which outputs 18.5hp when needed and is outfitted with a hydrostatic transmission.

This is the same type of transaxle found in the T2090, and the engines are close together on performance. Of course, the T2090 has slightly more power.

If mulching is a concern of yours, the X350 comes standard with a MulchControl feature that isn’t found with the Kubota.

Speaking of power, the whole chassis is made from premium components, much like the T2090. The front axle is cast iron, and the chassis is composed of heavy-duty steel.

The X350 features a cruise control feature, just like the Kubota, and can travel up to 5.5 mph when necessary.

Overall, the biggest differences you’ll find between the two are the seat back height, armrests, turning radius, and color schemes. Other than that, these two powerful tools are almost on the same level.

The retail price for the X350 starts at $3200.

The Value Pick: Craftsman Pro 27042

If spending big isn’t in your best interest, then the Craftsman Pro 27042 presents a decent option to consider.

It’s hard to knock what Craftsman has accomplished with their 27042 model.

The machine features a good, powerful 725cc Kohler engine that produces 24hp. It, like the other lawn tractors on our list, uses a hydrostatic transmission, making it easy to operate for the long run. This means the Craftsman shouldn’t have any issues progressing through uneven terrain.

The blade, at 46 inches, beats out both the Kubota and John Deere, covering more ground than either of them.

Further, you’ll find a great limited lifetime warranty for certain parts of the machine, giving you peace of mind when operating and owning.

You can find the Craftsman Pro 27042 for $2000 at Sears, proving a good value.

The Middle Ground: Cub Cadet ST54 FAB

If you’d rather have something in between the top models and lower-end budget picks, the Cub Cadet ST54 FAB fills that void.

It’s a 3-blade, 54-inch cutting width lawn tractor that features a 24hp V-twin Kohler engine. In terms of constructing to pair with the engine, you’ll find the same cast iron front axle portion in the Cub Cadet and 11-gauge steel for the deck.

The turning radius is set at 16 inches, and the machine is shorter than all the other tractors at 68 inches long.

Just like the Kubota lawn tractor, there are numerous attachments you can hook up to create the ultimate lawn service machine. Plus, if you want it, the ST54 is smart-enabled, allowing you to track your tractor’s performance and maintenance through an app on your smartphone. The app is buggy but works well enough that some might enjoy that feature.

The downsides are shorter warranty at 3 years, worse turning radius, and the decent-but-not-stellar Kohler engine.

That said, it’s hard to truly knock the ST54, as it’s the most powerful, on paper, lawn device on our list. You can find it through hardware stores at a price of $2500.

How the Kubota Products Rates Among the Public

Kubota is a hard brand to rate from a public perspective, as the biggest issue adopters face are the costs of owning one of their machines.

Because everything is made in Japan, the parts can take a while to arrive for any issues being worked on, and this also translates into a higher cost to own. While these are of excellent quality, the wait times were often found to be long for anyone that needed work done on their tractor.

On the flip side, most of Kubota’s newer models are manufactured and built in the U.S.A., at their manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Georgia.

Of course, the parts themselves are still sourced from Japan.

The public is divided on the performance and customer interaction of Kubota authorized dealers, as well as their products themselves. There are instances of people having issues with a dealer or service center.

For every negative experience, though, there seemed to be a positive one. Many of the problems stem from their true riding mowers rather than lawn tractors, too.

What We Think of the T2090 Kubota Lawn Tractor

While the collective public may not be able to make up their minds regarding their feelings on Kubota, we believe they’re a quality brand.

It’s hard to find much to dislike here, save for the price, and we think it’s among the best lawn tractors around.

Really, Kubota has thought of almost everything that you’d want, or expect, from a premium-quality lawn device, and as such has spared no expense in bringing that vision to life.

The T2090 is one of the best built lawn tractors on the market, meaning you won’t have to worry about a part breaking over time or a screw coming loose.

There are numerous attachments to outfit this Kubota lawn tractor, such as the two-stage snow blower, snow blade, or grass catcher, allowing for numerous uses from the machine. This is something we like to see with any tractor, as versatility is key for any lawn equipment.

We think the warranty is solid at 4 years, as most carry 2- or 3-year plans.

Of course, the real pill to swallow is the price, and we think the best course of action is simply by doing a payment plan. There’s no substitute for quality machinery in today’s world. Getting something that will last can lead to less headaches down the road.

At the end of the day, the T2090 presents one of the best made products in this equipment field. You’d expect that from the price, but ultimately, there’s little to rival the device around.

Hopefully orange is a color you like.

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