when does lavender bloom

When Does Lavender Bloom? Waiting For The Purple Blooms

Lavender is definitely one of the best herbs that you can grow in your lawn or garden. This amazing plant can fill your house with a unique aroma when the flowers are in bloom. Bees and butterflies are

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Best Rooting Hormone

Best Rooting Hormone To Use For Any Plants

Ever heard of the word ‘rooting hormone’? Did it ever cross your mind that this is actually an effective solution in stimulating plants’ growth? If you’re someone who is dealing with growth problems

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The Best Stain Sprayer to Get the Job Done Right

Image Source : pexels Quick Navigation How to Properly Stain a DeckThe 7 Best Stain Sprayer PicksStain Your Deck Today Staining a deck is something that requires the right tools. You don't want

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Homemade Mouse Poison Baking Soda

Homemade Mouse Poison Baking Soda: How To Make It In 3 Steps

How can you make mouse poison at home? When thinking about making homemade mouse poison, baking soda is typically not what comes to mind first. This is because we all know that baking soda can be safely

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Can You Cut Wet Grass

Can You Cut Wet Grass? Trimming Your Lawn During A Rainy Spell

Mowing the lawn is best done during sunny days when the grass is dry. But during a rainy spell, you might not have a choice but to mow the lawn. Otherwise, you will end up having to wait until the rain

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Looking to Plant Tomatoes? Here Is What the Experts Suggest

Looking to Plant Tomatoes? Here Is What the Experts Suggest There are many great reasons to consider growing your own vegetables. Gardening is not always a relaxing pastime, but it offers many benefits

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