Poulan Pro Chainsaw Review

Chainsaws, like any power tool, are all about quality. Not only do they take a lot of abuse while cutting, but they also are meant to handle a lot of big projects.

Though quite a few different brands make great chainsaws, Poulan Pro is one of the premier companies around. That is because their machines are high quality, durable, dependable, and, most importantly, can easily be used by just about anyone.

What Makes a Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Poulan Pro has been around since 1946. Since that time, they have worked to provide their customers with the highest quality tools. Their chainsaws are some of the best power tools on the market, perfectly blending toughness and make with top-of-the-line features. Just about every single Poulan Pro Chainsaw is a great tool.

However, as with any company, there are a few that rise up over the others. It is those three stunning models that we’re breaking down in this guide.

Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020
  • With the OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power for virtually any task....
  • Effortless pull starting system reduces pull force 30% for easier starting and reduced...
  • The combi tool is integrated into the rear handle, it's always there when you need it for...

Every single Poulan Pro chainsaw uses a blend of excellent features to create a strong power tool. While there are various examples of that in all of their models, the PR5020 is especially great for people who want an easy-to-use machine. First off, this chainsaw cuts down on emission levels (a 70 percent fuel decrease) and has incredibly low fuel consumption. Those aspects are not only good for both the environment and your health, but they also help save you money by eating through much less gas that other saws.

All of that also comes without sacrificing any extra power. It is easy to see decreases as negatives, just as it is easy to assume this Poulan Pro chainsaw is for more casual users, but that is simply not true. Even with the cut backs, the 9,000 RPM engine is more than enough to power through most materials or larger tasks. That also makes it so that the device can be used by everyone.

Above Average Starting System

To do a full review of the PR5020, you have to take an in-depth look at each and every part. First, it is key to analyze the starting system. While starting systems should always work in theory, you will run into problems from time to time. It is the goal of any company to reduce those hiccups, and that is what Poulan Pro does here with this model.

This chainsaw comes with a special pull starting system that decreases the general force needed by roughly 30 percent. That is important because, not only does it make it much easier to get cutting, but it also reduces the wear and tear on the starter mechanism. That is not a bonus you’ll see right away, but it will pay off over time.

An Excellent Bar and Chain

Following up the excellent starter system is the 20-inch bar and chain. These features, which come from the Oregon company, are just as high quality as the rest of the saw. The chain can hit a maximum speed of 27.8 m/sec. That incredible power, which furthers the amazing specs noted in the above paragraph, reveals the strength of this elegant Poulan Pro chainsaw.

If for some reason that is still not enough, you also have the option of equipping the saw with stronger bar and chain models. That type of adaptability is critical and enables you to work with the amount of power you want. The PR5020 also comes with a tensioning wrench (stored at the back of unit) to handle chain tension.

Every Upgrade You Can Imagine

Another fantastic bonus of this model is that it is a synch to use. The entire device comes ready right out of the box, and all of the features are designed to make the user’s life easier. There is a comfort system that lowers vibrations to reduce fatigue and take away general soreness, and the entire machine is lightweight. That makes it easy to carry or wield for extended periods of time.

Continuing with that trend, the hard-molded plastic cover makes it easy to move the saw around from place to place. This also protects the tool from general damage and more serious threats like weather, further solidifying it as a fantastic investment.

Tying back into the above paragraphs, there is even a unique air cleaning system to save the air filter from debris. All of those different characteristics, mixed with the general upgrades, work together to create a solid machine that goes above and beyond other similar saws on the market.

Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, Case Included
  • 42cc, 2-stroke engine with 18" Bar
  • Ideal for medium-duty storm clean-up, cutting firewood, and felling trees
  • Includes: Carry Case, Extra Chain, Built-in Scrench, 2-Stroke Oil

Where the PR5020 is an excellent and dependable Poulan Pro Chainsaw for both casual and more experienced users, the PP4218A is a machine completely focused on strength. This device is easily one of the strongest chainsaws out there, making it a perfect choice for those who need a strong engine for big jobs.

The model is not something you just pick up and use. It is also not a good choice for those who only cut occasionally. Rather, it is for those more serious users who know how to handle a stronger tool and who have the ability to make use of its incredible OxyPower engine. This is the perfect way to cut through firewood or easily take down trees. It also does those tasks with lower emissions thanks to the Super Clean Air Filter System and Automatic Oiler. However, do not assume that this is just an engine with a blade. There are a high number of great features and accessories here as well.

Chain, Bar, and Nose Sprocket

When looking beyond the PP4218A’s engine, there are quite a few interesting things to find. First is the 18-inch steel bar combined with the pro style chrome chain that has 40 percent more cutters. In addition, there is a nose sprocket and small radius tip on the reversible guide bar that work to reduce kickback qualities.

That is then complemented by the chain brake, which stops the saw anytime there is a large amount of kickback. If you wish (or need) you can activate the brake on your own by pushing the front hand guard into the forward position. The nose sprocket also reduces friction around the bar, cutting down on the general damage that comes with constant use.

Advanced Chain Oil System

Continuing with the features that help complement the incredible engine, the PP4218A has a great chain oil system to ensure you never run into issues. All chainsaws need to stay lubricated in order to work to their full extent, but that is especially true of something as strong as this model.

The fixed flow oiling system ensures that everything stays lubricated and moving at all times. That is a nice feature because it means you can focus on your work without having to release the oil. In fact, you can’t adjust the flow of oil at all. Just get to work and let the saw do the rest. This is great for people who cut in low temperatures because the oil is much less likely to freeze.

Accessories and Safety Features

As mentioned, the biggest reason to purchase this Poulan Pro Chainsaw is its wide range of accessories. First are the safety features. Beyond the reduced kickback, there is a chain catcher that sits on the bottom of the saw and stops any slipped chain from hitting your hands. That is then furthered by the throttle lockout switch, which prevents you from accidentally pressing the throttle trigger.

In addition, another handy safety feature are the front and rear hand guards. Both protect your hands from hitting anything dangerous, including spray or debris from whatever you’re cutting. If that’s not enough, this model comes with gloves so that you never run into any accidents. There are a few different extra accessories past those that help create a fully functional package. You get a carrying case, a scrench tool for extra maintenance, and a fully in-depth operator’s manual that ensures you’ll be able to take advantage all of the different parts of the device.

Poulan Pro PRCS16i, 16 in. 58-Volt Cordless Chainsaw (Battery...
  • 16" Bar & chain
  • Battery power meter for monitoring power usage
  • Handle-mounted, easy-to-view battery power level indicates when it's time to recharge, so...

The third Poulan Pro chainsaw on this list is the PRCS16i. As with the above two, it is a well-made power tool capable of handling even the toughest tasks. However, that is where the general similarities end. This saw is completely battery-powered, but has the drive and force to match any of the popular gas-powered models on the market.

That is thanks to the 58-volt, 5.2Ah, lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides you with ample strength and reduces common setbacks, such as extra emissions. The tool also comes with a 16-inch bar and chain, which ensures that it will be able to tackle jobs of every single size. If you need a bit of extra oomph to handle a big job, you can do that. If you need the finesse to handle something delicate, you can do that as well.

Power Now and Later

As this model is battery-powered, it needs to be able to last for a long while. Luckily, it does. The special technology inside the saw enables it to run for an extremely long time, which of course ensures you can work without interruption.

To help you know when need to charge, there is a handle-mounted battery power level indicator clearly within view. That keeps you on top of the amount of juice you have left. With that much control, you’re never going to suddenly lose power while at work. Another bonus of the battery, besides the extended life, is that it makes the saw relatively quiet. Noise can be a big issue with power tools, for both you and those around you. Reducing sounds cuts those issues off before they ever begin.

Glowing Bells and Whistles

Every Poulan Pro chainsaw sets itself apart by providing the user with a mix of fantastic features and excellent accessories. The PRCS16i falls right in line with that rule. This tool not only comes with a highly visible battery power level indicator, but it also has an LED chain brake alert notifier so that you always know when the chain brake is on. That small attention to detail is why this purchase goes above and beyond other similar saws on the market.

There is also a push button-operated boost power mode. This allows you to control the burst of air output, giving you even more ways to use the tool to your advantage. All of that is then further backed by a seemingly endless list of impressive features, including an automatic bar and chain oiler, brushless motor, high power-to-weight ratio, and onboard metal buckling spikes that actively reduce chances of kickback.

Controlling Tension Through Technology

The last aspect to breakdown in terms of features is the chain tension assist technology. This handy feature furthers the machine’s ease of use by making it so that anyone can adjust the chains as needed. Not only does it indicate if your chains are too tight or too lose (allowing you to know when to fix them) but it also allows for tensioning without tools. This is a great boon for those who don’t want to spend too much time constantly fixing and tweaking their tools.

It is also worth mentioning that the PRCS16i is backed with a 5-year limited warranty. That reflects how much Poulan Pro believes in the machine, as well as how protected your investment will be.

A Chainsaw for Every Job

A Chainsaw for Every Job

Every Poulan Pro chainsaw on the market is reliable in its own way. The three above models all have something that makes them unique, and they are all for distinctly different tasks. Whichever suits your life, as long as you’re buying from Poulan Pro you’re getting a quality saw that will be in your garage for years to come. That is the most important fact to remember, and the one that should guide your purchase. If you want results, there is simply no better way to go than with Poulan Pro.


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