Ryobi 2200 Generator Review: Is The Unit Good For Me?

Most generators cost a lot of money. And although you might think that all brand new ones will work perfectly, you need to understand that there are a lot of products that do not work well at all. In fact, there are some generators that will not work properly within a few months after continued use.

This is why I highly recommend that people who are interested in buying generators should do their research first. They need to know what type of generator they are looking for and they need to check the reviews of certain models. To help you out with the search, here is my Ryobi 2200 generator review.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Ryobi 2200 Generator

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Since the Ryobi 2200 generator is an inverter generator, it is ideal for those that are looking for a product that can provide you with clean and stable electricity. People who need to use the generator to power up sensitive appliances and electronic devices should consider this product for their own needs.

Ideally, the buyer of this product should be someone who is looking for something portable. Since this product is a compact and lightweight generator, it can be used to help you make your camping trips a lot more enjoyable and safer. It can also be used at home for emergencies or during a power outage.

The Ryobi 2200 generator however, is not ideal for those that are looking to buy a product that can easily handle very high loads. It is not recommended for powering up large appliances, RVs as well as heavy duty electronics. Although it can provide thousands of watts, overusing it is not recommended.

For people who are looking for a product that can take a lot of abuse from continued heavy duty use, I do not recommend this generator at all. Instead, they can look for products that are not necessary inverter types. They should also consider using one that has a wattage of more than 5000 watts.

The Ryobi 2200 Generator

The Ryobi 2200 generator is basically a generator that uses inverter technology in order to provide as much as 2200 starting watts. It is a very portable generator that people can use at home, for outdoor adventures, as well as for the job site. It can easily power up basic appliances and a few power tools.

Since this generator uses inverter technology, it is much quieter and it can also be used for charging laptops as well as smartphones. The 2200 starting watts that it can provide is more than enough to help accommodate the surge demands of most home appliances, but it might be too low for power tools.

The Ryobi 2200 generator is also capable of accommodating a parallel kit, this can help you get more power without having to buy a bigger and costlier generator. You can simply buy the same Ryobi generator model, attach them together, and get more watts to power up 2x the number of appliances.


  • It is an inverter generator
  • It does not cost as much as the other high end models
  • It provides a decent amount of power


  • The generator manufacturer is not really well known for quality and reliability
  • This generator might not be enough to take on heavy duty tasks
  • It cannot be used for a prolonged amount of time

What Can The Ryobi 2200 Generator Offer?

The Ryobi 2200 generator’s Power Output

The Ryobi 2200 Generator’s Inverter Technology

The Weight And Dimensions Of The Ryobi 2200 Generator’s

The Ryobi 2200 Generator’s Control Panel

The Other Features Of The Ryobi 2200 Generator’s

The Alternatives

The Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200

This is a great alternative to the Ryobi model if in case you are looking for generator from a more recognizable manufacturer. This unit can also provide you with 2200 watts. The main differences are as follows:

  • The engine is a 111 cc engine
  • It can provide 1700 running watts
  • It is a bit cheaper on amazon

The Generac 7117 GP2200i

This is another decent generator that can provide the same power output as the Ryobi generator. The main differences that this product has from the Ryobi model is as follows:

  • It is slightly cheaper
  • It boasts of more fuel efficiency
  • It is much lighter than he Ryobi generator

The Powermate 10000001790

This generator is another portable generator that can provide you with 2200 watts. It is a great alternative that many who are looking for more affordable products can opt for. The main differences are as follows:

  • Its inverter technology can provide less than 3% harmonic distortion
  • It is much cheaper
  • It has USB ports


The Ryobi 2200 generator is a product that has all of the basics covered. As an inverter generator, it is ideal for those that are looking for fuel efficiency as well as low noise. With its 2200 starting watts, you can easily use this generator to power up most of the basic home and outdoor appliances.

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