Ryobi Chainsaw Review

ryobi chainsaw

It’s hard not to own a chainsaw if you’re located in a rural area.

If you live in an area with countless trees, shrubs, and branches, chances are you need a chainsaw.

It’s an essential tool for anyone that needs to clear out said debris. Plus, if you have a wood burning stove, you can use the cut rounds for firewood.

As with all power tools, though, there are countless brands and models to choose from. The chainsaw can be found in low and high-end models, each made for a different purpose. Depending on the job that you’ll need it for, picking the right saw can be crucial.

One budget-friendly brand, should you only need a saw for occasional recreational use, is Ryobi.

The Japanese company has been around since 1943 and has since grown into an equipment giant. They manufacture a variety of tools, but today, we’ll be focusing on one specific Ryobi chainsaw: their RY3716 model.

How does this 37cc 16-inch chainsaw stack up against the competition? Let’s find out.

What Is the RY3716 and How Does It Work?


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To start, the RY3716 is a Ryobi chainsaw that is made for low- to medium-duty jobs.

The engine is a 2-cycle, 37cc gas-powered motor, featuring a CARB Compliant design. You’ll find that the 16-inch bar can accommodate 14- and 16-inch chains, and the recommended chain pitch is 3/8 inch wide. The fuel tank is rated at 20 ounces, giving you a decent cut time when properly gassed.

Like we mentioned before, this chainsaw isn’t something for professional jobs. In fact, the maximum cut diameter is rated at 16 inches in length. This doesn’t mean it can’t complete the average homeowner job, however.

As for the weight, this piece of equipment comes in at 10 pounds, giving it an average portability rating. Basically, it’s a mediumweight machine, not too heavy, but not light enough to mistrust its capability.

There’s an automatic oiler that’s used to keep the chain and bar good to go while in use and output a smooth operation. This nifty feature also extends the overall life of the bar and any chains used.

Speaking of prolonging use, the tool-free air filter and side-access chain tensioner provide easy and quick access for adjustments when needed. This allows you to safely and adequately service the machine when necessary.

How This Ryobi Chainsaw Works

Much like other gas-powered chainsaws, this tool runs on gasoline and oil mixture to function properly, and understanding the chainsaw is crucial to operation.

Thus, before every use, you’ll want to make sure and check all the fluids have been topped off and are ready to use. In addition, readying the owner’s manual of your power tool is always a good idea.

After this phase, you are ready to find some wood or shrubs that need cutting.

As with any chainsaw, you’ll need to make the right cut for this Ryobi chainsaw to truly be effective in cutting wood. There are four different types of cuts you can make: felling, limbing, trimming, and bucking, for those unfamiliar.

Each is self-explanatory but knowing the type of cut to use beforehand will make the job easier and using the RY3716 more efficient.

At this point, your chainsaw should be properly topped off with fluids and well-oiled, you’ve determined the type of cuts you’ll be making, and you’re familiar with the device.

Now, you’re ready to cut something.

When making the first cut into any piece of wood, all you’ll have to do is lay the blade while operating the trigger at full depression, down, and let it make the cut for you. There’s no need to force the blade down.

If done correctly, the blade will slide through the wood due to the force of the chain and motor.

Should something go wrong after or during use, Ryobi power tools carry a 3-year limited warranty. Finding a service center isn’t too hard, either.

What Makes the RY3716 Chainsaw Unique?


Image Source: Unsplash

Other than being a Ryobi chainsaw for under $140, this medium-sized saw has a few tricks up its sleeve to deliver a good equipment experience.

For starters, Ryobi has packed in an antivibration handle. This may be a feature that’s often overlooked with more powerful machines, as large vibrations are always a concern for bigger models. But with smaller-sized devices, having antivibration measures can make a difference.

Rather than constantly stop using the RY3716 due to fatigue, the handle aids in displacing the overall vibrations of cutting through you to the ground, as well as to other parts of the saw.

Also, the chain brake at the end of the bar’s tip further enhances the likelihood of tiredness kicking in.

A chain brake, this one made of steel components, is a great way to keep big, jolting vibrations at bay when getting into the bigger-sized cut jobs. Plus, it helps maintain the chain’s performance over time.

In addition to the chain brake, there is a Safe-T-Tip installed, too, protecting you from any rotational kickback from the saw. This is a big deal to anyone who isn’t very familiar with chainsaws, as kickback is a real, and deadly, force.

Since the chainsaw is CARB Compliant, California residents are free to purchase one to use around their homes.

Pricing Out This Ryobi Chainsaw


Image Source: Pexels

The retail price of the RY3716 is on the lower end, coming in at $139 retail.

For a gas-powered, decently strong chainsaw, this is a very good value. Ryobi makes quality, budget-friendly tools, and this saw has the making to be just that.

You won’t find their tools on sale too often, mainly because they’re already priced so low, but the competition is fierce in the lower-end bracket. As such, Ryobi includes a heavy-duty case, scabbard, and engine lubricant upfront with this model, providing a lot of value to the purchase.

Overall, it’s a good price point to be looking at for the average homeowner, while also being competitive enough for manufacturers to bring their best models forward.

The Public Perception of the RY3716 Saw

cutting tree

Image Source: Unsplash

As with any power tool, finding something that’s universally praised means it holds its weight.

Luckily enough, this Ryobi chainsaw is one such tool.

It’s hard to make a product that is positively regarded across the board, such as the RY3716, due to manufacturer and user errors that cause problems for the device. When these issues pop up, consumers can be quick to blame it on the company and never try out their products again.

Yet the RY3716 seemingly bucks this trend.

Most people that used this Ryobi chainsaw realized before purchasing the limitations of the saw (medium-duty, 16-inch diameter cutting max), and that helped keep reviews positive.

There are plenty of mentions of the size and weight ratios, along with the quality construction of the machine. Likewise, users found the features to be a great addition, especially for anyone operating the saw as a first-time user.

Of course, there are always problems, with the most common one stemming from a loose oil line, but Ryobi is quick to fix any of these defects should you encounter one.

Overall, it is hard to find too many negative experiences with this power tool, which is great to see.

Let’s Compare: How the RY3716 Stacks Up to the Competition

There are plenty of manufacturers of chainsaws these days, and it would be hard for anyone to walk into a hardware store and just blindly pick a model to use.

As such, we’ve found three different models of saws that are, roughly, on par with the Ryobi chainsaw. There are two gas-powered models, as well as one battery-powered variant, to show you the variety found in this market.

Let’s see how they stack up to one another.

The Electric Choice: Greenworks Pro 60V CS60

If you’re looking for a reason to get rid of your gas-powered equipment, starting with an electric chainsaw may work.

Enter the Greenworks Pro CS60.

Greenworks Pro 60-volt Lithium Ion 16-in Brushless Cordless Electric...
  • Chainsaw only, battery and charger not included
  • High efficiency brushless motor engineered to provide more power, torque, quiet operation...
  • 16-in Bar and Chain

It’s a lightweight saw that will run quieter than a gas-powered device and can slice through wood up to 16 inches in diameter.

As for the features, you’ll find that it shares many with the RY3716, such as having an automatic oiler and chain brake, while also housing a cushioned grip for added comfort.

The real drawback to any battery-powered power equipment comes in battery life and overall power. It’s hard to discount the savings and hassle that a battery can save you, both in time and money, but you’ll find that there are other sacrifices to be made.

In terms of battery life, you’ll only get about 20 minutes of total use. Now, this may be enough for a light job, but for bigger work, you’ll need two batteries to finish most jobs.

That said, at $150 (without any battery) on sale, this chainsaw is an enticing option. Greenworks provides a 4-year limited warranty on their products, and overall, it’s a feature-packed device.

Gas-Powered Option One: Husqvarna 240

Husqvarna is one of the biggest, and better-quality, names in the power equipment business, and they offer a few chainsaw models to consider.

Husqvarna 240, 14 in. 38.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

The one we’re concerned with is their lowest-end model: the 240.

Even though this is their lowest-priced version, it’s still not exactly cheap, as the saw starts at $180.  

Power- and weight-wise, it’s very familiar to the Ryobi chainsaw, as it’s 38cc engine and the 10.3-pound weight are almost identical. The engine features X-Torq technology, which is Husqvarna’s way of spitting out cleaner air when using the saw. It’s rated for a 16-inch cut diameter, just like the RY3716.

We talked about Husqvarna at the start, but ironically enough, the 240 seems to have a slew of reliability issues. There are many instances of starting issues, with people concerned about the chainsaw’s performance.

Also, it seems like the performance over time is a concern. Notably, many people saw a decrease in power and capability after a few uses.

Overall, it seems here that the RY3716 has the edge against the 240.

Gas-Powered Pick Number Two: Stihl MS 170

Another big name with generally quality products, Stihl has its own light-duty chainsaw to offer.

The Stihl MS 170 is a 30cc, 16-inch, 8.6-pound chainsaw that isn’t designed for long jobs but is a good choice for those that need very occasional use. Everything is built in the U.S.A. and features an anti-vibration engine, as well as an automatic oiler to keep things easy when you’re using it.

One of the main drawbacks of this machine is the fuel tank, as it only holds 8.5 ounces of gas at a time. This means that long jobs aren’t its forte, but small woodcutting tasks are its bread and butter.

Another issue is with Stihl’s warranty: They only provide a 1-year limited warranty. Once that’s up, you’re on your own.

You’ll be able to find the MS 170 at your local hardware store, and it carries a retail price of $180.

What We Think of the RY3716

At the end of the day, this Ryobi chainsaw is a great option.

For those that need a light- to medium-duty chainsaw, there isn’t much out there that compares on a value, and performance, standpoint to the RY3716.

It’s packed with everything you’d want to see and is a great choice for anyone who’s never worked with chainsaws before. There’s not much working against the saw, either, and if there is, finding a service professional to work it out isn’t an issue.

In today’s world, it’s hard to find a power tool company that you can truly stick to for certain needs.

Luckily, it seems like Ryobi knows what they’re doing in the budget chainsaw market.

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