Ryobi Generator Vs Honda: Which One Should You Invest In?

Generators are huge investments that each homeowner should consider getting especially if they want to make sure that their families can stay safe and comfortable during a power outage. A generator can also be quite useful during an emergency as well as during outdoor trips or outdoor parties.

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This is why it is crucial for buyers to consider the true value of the generators that they want to buy. However, with all the generator models and manufactures today, it can be very difficult for the average buyer to find the right one out there. This is true if you also consider the budget and other factors.

While most people would automatically recommend the Honda, there are also others who would say otherwise. In fact, there are those who will say that getting one from makers like Ryobi is a much better investment. To help you decide which one is better, here is a comparison between the two brands.

What Can Honda Generators Offer To Potential Clients?

When it comes to Honda generators, you should know that they are basically no-nonsense models. Simply put, these generators are not known for having the latest features and the LED indicators or displays. However, these products are well known for their superior build, design and quality.

When it comes to their basic models like the Honda EU2000I for example, you can expect to have a unit that is going to be very quiet and dependable. In fact, its 2000 surge watts and 1600 running watts are all backed by a large 98.5cc engine so that it can easily maintain the power that it was meant to provide.

Unlike the new ones that have an electronic starting system, this model uses the traditional recoil starting system. But it does have very compact dimensions and it also has the record of being one of the quietest generators in the market today. Amazingly, despite its large engine, it is very light in weight.

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter
  • 2000 watts, 120V
  • Ideal for TV/DVD, satellite, fridge, coffee pot, and more
  • Super quiet

Although it only has a 0.95 gallon fuel tank, this generator can actually run for as long as 3.4 hours at a rated load and as much as 8.1 hours with a ¼ load. This particular Honda generator is very portable and it actually has a 3-year warranty for residential as well as commercial users.

While you might say that there is nothing remarkable about the Honda generator, you need to know that its real value lies in the way it is built and designed. In fact, there are many owners who say that their generators are very durable and have never shown wear or tear with continued use over the years.

What Can Ryobi Generators Bring To The Table?

Ryobi is a generator manufacturer that is known to provide products that are said to be able to match or go beyond the specifications of leading brands. In fact, if you take a look at their generator models that are of the same class as the Honda EU2000I, you would be amazed to know that they’re more powerful.

The Ryobi RYi2200 can actually provide 1800 running watts instead of just 1600 watts and it can also provide 2200 surge watts instead of just 2000 watts. This generator is also parallel ready allowing you to combine two Ryobi generators of the same model in order to get more power for your own needs.

As for the engine, the Ryobi generator has a larger 4-cycle or 106 cc engine that features an automatic idle technology. This is what allows the product to easily decrease the noise level that it produces as well as its gasoline consumption. It also has transport wheels and an extending handle for better portability.

Ryobi Bluetooth 2,300-Watt Super Quiet Gasoline Powered Digital...
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

One of the best features that Ryobi generators can offer is its price tag. This is because they are almost $400 cheaper than Honda models. This makes the generator very ideal for people who are on a budget and for those that are just looking for a product that they can easily use when the need arises.

Which Of The Two Is A Better Investment?

2000 watt generator

When it comes to knowing which of the two is the better investment, I think that it will all depend on your budget and your preferences. People who do not have the money to buy a Honda should stick to products that are more affordable but can still provide the same level of performance.

I think that the Ryobi is a decent alternative to most expensive brands. You should at least try to look into what it can provide especially if you are short on budget. On the other hand, if the term investment for you means getting more use, I recommend that you spend more to buy the Honda.

You need to keep in mind that although they are very expensive, these products can serve you properly for years. This is the main reason why avid adventurers and campers would never want to buy ones that are made by less known makers. You should also know that Ryobi cannot outmatch Honda’s reputation.


When it comes to choosing between a Ryobi generator vs Honda, you should try to check your budget as well as your preferences so you can make a good investment. You should know that on paper, both of these products can provide you with almost similar features, power output as well as specifications.

While Ryobi generators are more powerful and affordable, the Hondas on the other hand, offer proven and tested quality. If you are looking for a simple backup generator, I recommend the Ryobi models, but if you are looking for a unit you can use continually, then you should invest in the Honda.

Do you own a Ryobi or a Honda generator? Tell us more about what you think about their products in the comment section.

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